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a poem by Aditya

Bellicose ten heads–
ten tops of a mountain dark,
shatter, thou lives to shreds
as a wrath apocalyptic stark.

Raavan with a whoop
trampled the troop
of robust apes and mighty bears.

Undaunted Sun-Scion,
dashed! Slaying despairs

Swift, infallible, arrows divine
devour demonic grisly gore
‘Mercy! Mercy!’ myriads pine,
skulls depraved, clog ashore.

Aflame, agile
arrow- missile
upon a chariot Raghu-nayak cast

Demon- debacle!
Raavan ramshackle,
stumbled to floor fore a blast!

Tyrant Ten heads
Ram beheads!
Pares Dashanan‘s arms a score!

all in vain,
arms, skulls slain
Revive! aloud, the demons roar.

Again, again Raghu–nayak strives
again, again Raavan revives!

Lord of Lords, ineffable Ram
treasure trove of bliss and charm,
tussles! as a man, manifest
puts Vibhishan’s creed to test

Anguished, Raghunath grimaced.
beheld Vibhishan, Ram in plight
unto God the devotee raced
Shankar mulls – “What a Sight!”

“At stomach-knob O’ Ram thou aim
dwells elixir divine within
Ram the bolts agile, aflame!
Vanquish Ten abodes of Sin.”

The string of Time
bridging the ends of Nature’s arc
pulls cerulean being sublime
gainst the realm-demonic dark!

Bolts voracious serpentine
shattered Dashanan’s knob divine!
turned demonic heads to crumbs!
Fore Shri Ram, Raavan succumbs.

Rumbles the troop- Hail Shri Ram!
Shesh, Mahesh Bramha with Sam-

“Crown atop of locks unkempt
big lovable eyes that tempt
long lithe limbs leonine
who wields a dazzling bow divine

Frame cerulean smeared with gore
who slayed the mighty brutes of yore.

‘Tis Ram! Whom Shruti eulogized,
Primeval, Brahm personified.