Poems by
Adam Kainati

The Diamond Sestina

a poem by Adam Kainati

Of that first, holy darkness that was all
There was before all else,and of that light
Which God called forth to set afoot the play
Of world’s creation, I have had a dream
Here as I lay in earth’s great secret heart
Protected like a sacred mystery.

Yes, I am that I am, a mystery
That pulls and draws for ever, one and all,
Women or men; transmitting from my heart
Quick intimations of an unknown light
That weaves around their hearts a powerful dream,
And all time’s dullness turns into a play

For me the fate of man is but a play
Scripted in chambers of my mystery
That, on the stage, progresses like a dream,
Making the actors and the audience all
The secret sharers of that eerie light
That glows for ever at creation’s heart.

The signals that I send are for the heart
That ever yearns with mysteries to play;
And I put forth for man the play of light
That, though revealed, remains a mystery;
Think of it what you may and, then, see all
Your thought dissolve into a mystic dream.

For most of men and women I’m a dream
That lends a joyous radiance to their heart;
Some treat me like a stone; however, all
In history of time have a role to play-
For them, for ever, a dark mystery,
For me, a coded message from starlight.

From earth’s dark chambers I was brought to light
By skill of man supporting his wild dream;
Old Time is witness to the mystery
Of fulsome passion springing at my heart;
Of crowns and thrones I often make a play,
If only to proclaim that play is all.

I’m called a diamond,and to play and dream
Is what I teach men, from my heart of light,
Where all is silence, all a mystery.