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Let’s Just Be Friends

a poem by Adam

Take this raw rage
from the intangibility of thought to paper
the ineffable strikings of anger boil inside
batting bloodied wings against the metal confines of this cage
you come to me when you’re all alone
I come to you like a dog to a bone
inscrutability omni present
like a cape on a scared child
trick or treat (halloween).

For what did I dress up?
so I could be mocked like a tiger
estranged from home
in a zoo.

I feel
so alone
I feel
so ashamed now.

Let’s just be friends
I’d rather be friends with a worm but you
would cut it up into tiny little pieces,
hoping the smaller ones would grow back new bodies,
you, like a child experimenting with life.

You, so much better than I
you, so much higher like a bird in the sky
and what you give me is stained on the hood of my car.

That’s bullshit, pure ……. bullshit
I gave my heart to u and u ripped it out
put on an Indian headdress
screamed aloud and did your Indian dance
on my faltered heart.

Now what do u ask?
Am I mad? Am I sad?
I could give u a stare, and claim I don’t care
and insinuate that we can be friends, if that’s the best I can get.

But before I am wrought with the incessant onslaught
of reconciliation and feeble resignation
take this message to thought,

Fuck you!