Poems by
Abhishek Sahay

War and Remorse

a poem by Abhishek Sahay

In the security of my peaceful home I think,
into the depths of my swirling mind I sink,
the images of blood gore and violence flash by,
a war is being raged, against the darkening sky.

War brings pain and pain brings sorrow
will the skies be any clearer tomorrow?
The cries of an orphaned baby chill me to the bone,
jets soar in the sky filling it with an endless drone.
Cast ‘n’ creed what is the big deal,
aren’t we all humans, don’t we have the same zeal?
Did an Israeli kill a Palestinian or
did a Serb kill a Bosnian?
To me a human killed a human.

And to what end do we fight?
A mirage is the victory,
on a carpet of bodies.
One does not make history.
To love, is a boon to mankind
to fight its doom,
but on the ashes of dead trees
fresh flowers will boom.

Make love, not war is what I say,
and to this end I will forever pray.