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a poem by Abhilekh

Deep in my thoughts, I strode along the lane,
Perplexed a bit, a query seemed to sustain,
My strange little mum makes me rest in her lap
Now I’m grown up, I want these mysteries to unwrap,
What makes her so happy, when she listens to my stupid tunes,
Waiting on me always, while I use to sleep every afternoon,
What’s the string that bonds her with me,
Thinking all this, I sat under a tree,
I saw a bird there feeding her kids who looked so naughty,
There came those tears, how could I be so haughty!
I took a lump of clay, made a statue of me and a statue of mum,
I realised its her, that’s why I am what I have become,
Pieces of me in her and pieces of her in me,
Oh! Muma! Forgive me, I was all at sea,
I now understood you are so precious, I thank the Thee,
Be with me mother, I can’t be you, I wish I could,
Now I know that special bond of motherhood,
The confusion that stayed for so long was swayed away,
Provide me your lap mother, I wanna play.