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My second love

a poem by Abanah

One unexpected day, love walked into my life again,
And asked for my cell number, to begin
I obliged casually and unprepared
I got the first SMS dart that very night

I was surprised, bewildered and curious
To know that love recognized me in this simple attire
Unprovocative, dark shades, low profile and plain language
If love found me, then it must be true

Once again, a stint of meaningful life
Inspiring and touching another passionate soul
But, my set logical mind could not marvel my heart
I couldn’t indulge in any romantic commitments

Love was young and fresh, and it wanted the best,
An old maid, as I am, didn’t offer like the first,
Love was confused, doubtful and later suspicious,
Then, love found his reason to misunderstand.

Love drifted away into solitude
Solitude yearned for rebirth – ambition
Ambition killed love and pursuing lifetime goals,
Galloped away to the other world, discarding the carcass of love.