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The Wheel

a poem by Abanah

News spread like fire
The wheel has come to town;
Down went the chic arkee girls
In quest of fun ‘n’ frolic.

I was one among them
And you were another
Together we climbed the twister wheel
To taste the spice of adventure.

I was confident and excited
As the wheel set into motion in a rumble;
The unseen gain of sudden drastic momentum,
Set my panic, explode in an outrageous scream

The whole world collapsed as in a dark centrifuge
My body was toasted into the air
My tummy churned; my heart pumped
My identity broke; my true colour exposed.

I lost self in that violent race
I closed my eyes tight in deep shudder
I cursed aloud, as my mind went blank
I prayed for the tremor to end in peace

Then, came the soothing voice of my companion
I felt the pressure of her reassuring arms
I woke to her urge to bring me back to fun
I sensed her being, breathing strength to my soul.

My self responded with awe ‘n’ admiration
The flow of energy; a feeling of togetherness
The dawn of wisdom; a sense of security,
My thanks for offering your support, my friend.