Poems published in September 2019

Conversation with Allah

a poem by Sasa Milivojev

The Ruler
The Master of Worlds
I praise and pray
Before my I eyes I had a veil
Grave suffering captured in my body
I waited
In the lines of fake believers
I did not get
A painkiller for my soul

I turn to You
For help
Take my sight and sense of hearing
If I sinned
Because I wandered
And trusted non-believers
Believed in truth and lies
You are all-knowing
I kneeled before my people
With my head down I walked everywhere
Warm words I spoke
I gave my heart
Like a mosaic to everyone
I did good deeds
I loved
Though I was never taught how
That’s why I turn to You
Accept my penitence
And this book as a testimony
About those who strayed
People seem to think
The only beauty is in that for which they yearn
Mounds of money
Gold and silver
Cars and beautiful horses
And I would rather go to your Jannah gardens
Through which a lovely river runs
There I will be your servant
And write poems
The way You tell me
When you put my heart together like a mosaic
My soul disentangle
Like knots
Intertwined rivers
Oh, sea of pain
I float
And beg you to open your dams
And mercifully
Free me from evil