Poems published in October 2018


a poem by Prisha Zephan

It’s been a while
Since I’ve smiled
Within the four walls
I sit like a doll
Watching through the window sill
Dormant and still
Appearing to be addicted in meth
Came the shadows of death
As I open the door
Thinking I’ll find more
Seeing the empty room
Wish I would resume
Beneath my fears
There’s a lot of tears
ceasing to be visible
I know I was inexplicable
Though I lost my posterity
I held back my integrity
Like a lost cat I sit
Presumably building a pit
The fresh smell of orchids
Reminded me when I was a kid
Through the rushing tide I see
What has changed in me
The rustling grass causes pain
Proving all my efforts had gone in vain
So pale so blue
With memories I flew