Poems published in October 2018

Just One Call…

a poem by Pushpendra Chouhan

The one call, Ohh ya just the one call
You were just one call away from me

It’s a coincidence, Ya Pretty Coincidence
That now you be with me

It’s strange, Ya truly strange
That you responded that day to me

It’s an pleasant surprise, Ya awesome surprise
That you always keep in touch with me

I never thought, Ya really never ever thought
That you meant to me like that

A call, A SMS, Ya some initial message
And then a long long overnight chat

Some few words, Oh ya few words of emotions
Later don’t know when word turn in emo expressions

The sweet love journey begins, Ya it begins
Don’t know how and really how that all this is running

We didn’t meet each other
Amazing but true we didn’t meet each other

But it feels like we were never apart for long
Like the water from the ocean

And the love is same as ever
Today, Tomorrow and Forever