Poems published in April 2016

Bhima… A lone warrior

a poem by Arya .

The mightiest among the Pandavas,
Yet scornfully called ‘Blockhead’ by kith, kin and enemies alike
The one whose moments of triumph were snatched away
Unrecognized, unrewarded…
His mother saw glory
In Arjuna’s skills, in Yudhishtira’s wisdom,
Yet, nicknamed him a ‘Vrikodara’
The one who possessed archery skills that beat his brother,
Yet, was given a mere mace and spear for combat…
The one who journeyed miles for months
to get his beloved a flower she craved,
Yet, she had eyes only for another…
The large hearted man who sacrificed his eldest son for ‘the greater good’,
But never once failed to disguise his bitter and forlorn feelings
The one who ultimately killed
The evilest and the darkest force of the Kauravas,
bringing the ‘Great War’ to an end…
Oh Bhimasena!
The second son,
Always second in line,
You remain the greatest warrior of all times…

(inpired by MT Vasydevan Nair’s Randaamoozham)