Poems published in July 2015

Grieving for a Noble Soul

a poem by Shanthi Rexaline

Somewhere deep down a sense of pain,
Inexplicable, given the lack of any gain,
An ingenious flame flickered away,
After igniting many a mind.
The tears that rolled down,
Like having lost one’s own.
What makes him a standout?
Not the one to have clout,
Or trappings of wealth that speak loud,
Neither a prince charming,
Nor an imposing figure that’s alarming,
A standout all the same!
By his peculiar coiffure,
Childlike mind,
Infectious smile,
Burden and vision for the nation,
Humble beginnings,
Made in India label,
Faith in the youth,
Relentless pursuit of knowledge,
Blemishless public life,
Love for children.
Mere sharing his birth month,
Brings smile to my face,
As though the connect vests,
All his commendable virtues.
How he would’ve wished,
To lead India into 2020,
As a nation that boasts socio-economic equity,
Crossing over the threshold,
Into a developed nation,
Integrating the best of all time and places.
This humble Octogenarian from Rameshwaram,
Effusive in his credits to teachers,
Never missed an opportunity to be with students,
Left the world being among them,
He took off with wings of fire from Shilllong,
Only to leave behind millions inspired for long.