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Writing again…

a poem by Shailesh .

Took years to pen down
Looked many places of town

Found nothing to crown
Earth is still brown

Trying to keep day slow down
Sleeping is became really grown

Took years to pen down
Looked many places of town

Winter is not forever

a poem by Sunil Rajagopal

Weary clouds are nearly spent
Painting the vault in even blues,
Soaking days in honeyed hues;
Myriad birds from where they went,
Sing that Winter is not far.

Tang of old in the morn chill-
Devil’s flowers shed on the streets,
Dying leaves spread in sheets,
Last night’s fires burning still;
Smells like Winter is nearly here.

Swiftly swooped in the cover of night,
Silent winged like a great gray owl,
Shrouding the world in a dusky cowl;
Knight of Day too has lost his light,
Looks like Winter is here to stay.

Snapping jaws bite to the bone,
Road and morrow mired in gloom,
Feet and mind snug in woolly womb,
Hearing dogs howl and moan;
Feels like Winter will never leave.

Sombre shadow gently yields,
Spring bound wings heading home,
Gay are those that stay and roam,
Grain and straw in sunlit fields;
If Winter comes, then Winter must go.


a poem by Swati

The wind felt blistering, in ways I have not felt in a long time
As always, the roads remain empty this time of the night
I should have known better that to traverse this far
And yet the pull of snowy grounds
Called out to me in ways that anything else ever could

My fingers move gently across the broken fence
And the old memories of laughter and smiles twist in the wind
That had been such a long time, I think wistfully
Childhood that faded into wisps of smoke
So quickly

Winter, is of course, a constant
Like an ancient friend it greets me
The cold embrace felt foreign yet familiar
I took a deep breath, and chuckled to my self
Even after all this time, Winter- You are still the frozen beauty

I kneel down beside the fences, and run my fingers idly through the snow
The cold bites and stings, and I relaxed after a long time
The trees were naked and brittle- exposed
And the sky was a large canvas with diamonds
The snow- like an endless white desert before me

I bit my lip and drowned in silence
And enjoyed my time with my frozen beauty