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An uncanny Love Story

a poem by Raghav N

We came into this World together.
Although born separately, we were always there for each other.

We went to the same school, college, and workplace.
Whilst there were many like her, something said
She deserves a special place.

I don’t know how She saw the strengths and flaws in me.
But, she was exactly like me.

We would easily break to the tantrums of the World.
Yet we wished to prudently grow old.

I thought we would always be together, like a paper and a pen.
Until I saw him looking at her like a wild beast from his den.

I dreaded if God started to hate me, for this can’t be true.
The thought of not being with her left me blue.

I gathered all my strength, held her tightly, clutched to her arms,
And assured her “I won’t let this happen, come what may!”
All he needed was just a little more effort and he snatched her away.

For all that I was, I could do nothing but see him, vandal.
My life became dark, like a room without candle.

He took her to his bed, and I was half-dead.

My mind became numb, as everything started to concur.
My breath went off, as he chocked her throat and drowned her.

I always knew this would happen sometime or the other.
Is it too much to ask for? All I wanted was a kiss together.

As a half of her body went off, he ate her other half.
The whole world seemed to fall, as she lay dead in the hall.

My world was destroyed.
But, the beast seemed to have enjoyed.

I wanted to run. As now, it was my turn.
Also, I wanted to stay and kill him in the same way.

I could imagine her suffering,
And wanted to save what was remaining.

As it had to happen,
Half of my body went off, and he ate the other half.

My heart melted when I met her deep down in the Ocean of Milk,
She said this to me, while I played with her hair like silk.

“Although he is the reason we are dead.
Now, we shall always be together.
Isn’t it the only thing that we ever wanted?”

(Love Story of a Drowned Biscuit)

My confession

a poem by Rajat Maske

I’m here to confess
My life is a mess
And it chases my way
I see ’em, few faces staring at my face… with a disgrace!
Wondering what this twenty year old has to say?
Nobody knows a cold story he has to share
Shame, guilt and regret… suffocating my air… don’t stare…
Let me say it… let me spit it out here
Then pick a doubt and I promise, I’ll perfectly make it clear.
So what happened is a story I’m living in still,
I’ve been dealing with the pain, lovin’ a selfish girl,
Selflessly going in, giving up my everything and
Then ending up nill, don’t you worry my pal I’m keeping it real

Keeping it shorter as much as you can bear,
Tripping the orders of the borders of my page
Coz I felt like a living thing being trapped in a cage
Crying out is better and easy nowadays
Writing a letter for myself coz I’m crazy as always

Well ask yourself
How can you be perfectly perfect without faking?
How can you destroy something before making?
Its like they asking have you …. the girl before dating?
Hey tell me have you loved me enough before hating?

My life is like a coin, flipping turns, and the God must be enjoying
Killing me every second and
Every first second is so annoying,
Playing with the words I’m just allowing,
Allowing God, to push me through the toughest points

No it ain’t the problem that hurts, its the life itself…
I’m writing it down
Feeling it right even if it may be wrong for the rest


Circularity of Life

a poem by Vidya Kudva

Moving from a big city
Escaping the banality
The bellicosity and brutality
Wanted some normality
Tired of perpendicularity
Settled in rurality.
Missing my connectivity
Party activity and affinity;
Met a personality
Who offered nuptiality.
Hoping for sincerity,
Security and stability.
Thrown by reality,
Demanding conformity
He shun eccentricity.
Needing congeniality
Agreed with serenity
Realized with fatuity,
He mistook equanimity
For timidity and docility
People lacking density
Attacked my credibility.
Surprised by depravity
Immorality and disparity,
When faced with duplicity
Shrugged off tranquility
Fought off with tenacity
Oh, where is humanity!
Losing my sanity
Took me an eternity
Claimed my identity.
Staked a solidarity
With sisters in totality
Bond with toxicity
Or Hanging in adversity
We live with audacity
Enjoying spontaneity
Work for prosperity
Demand equality.