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a poem by Shubhanshu Shrivastava

Time was floating as swift as lightening,
No melody of love entered my mind,
Until I met you, my love,
It was frightening, of the unholy past I left behind.

Your face I found wherever I was,
In my deepest dreams or the day ‘twas,
Long lost and awaiting, amazed I found,
My destiny in you, to you I am bound.
I was always divided, hollow and grave,
Feeling, half alive and half below the ground, engraved.
In that stoic silence you came to me,
Freeing from those broken chains that were meant to be,
My stony heart of the vehement cold, incessant,
Found your warmth, melting and repentant.
I look back at the recent times that passed,
Breathing, thinking of you persistent, starved,
Filling my heart with passion, and love,
To the drowning ecstasy of unspoken words.
Hence I say it, give you my word,
That I would love thee forever, O beloved.

Passion of the Fruit

a poem by Anand Bose

Your orchard is a
passionate house
full of sweet seasons…..
Seeing, touching, tasting,
smelling your fecund
body … Oh my soul
would delight…
Yes my love…
I’ll receive your
love in passion
Oh gentle lover
I offer my body
to you… to be
loved, cared
and loved…
All our nights
will be like
a passion flower…
Bursting with
molten juices
of honey…