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Passion – A big driving factor in life!

a poem by Priyal Narang

Passion is something which drives you,
To the sky on high.
“Follow your passion” this is really true,
Because it forces you to try and try!

Your passion is a giver of many things,
It gives you peace, joy and contentment.
It is like a heavenly brink,
Which gives you eternal fulfillment.

People are passionate about different things,
It could be small or big,
It doesn’t matter what others think,
Just follow your heart and desires,
Internally it will take you higher and higher!!

People who are passionate are generally enthusiastic,
They don’t find life monotonous.
Cause they know how to make it fantastic,
Because for them their passion is very precious!!

It motivates them to work hard,
And do something worthwhile in life.
Passion gives them a great start,
Thus their mind is free of any conflict or strife.

So all I am saying is this,
It’s your life.
Make it large.
Don’t let that tiny ball of light die.
Listen to your heart and follow it,
And stay inspired.
Cause if you make your passion your profession,
Then you will find a lot of happiness!

What my heart says

a poem by Aditya Sharma

Follow it and you will achieve great;
Have to know first what it says, to follow;
Confused itself, know not what to say;
Whisper sometimes, says something.

Take this path, fly in your own direction;
Fly hard, do not rest;
Desire in eyes, will get there if got passion.

Passion, yes! Passion or wish, what it is?
But wait, you tell me that, loud and clear;
And he whispers sometimes, says something.

Not clear in foggy mind, stumbles upon that;
Take that path, hit the fortune;
Paint other side of yours,
With the picture in me you desire.

Wandering now, nothing is clear;
Clear is this, that I am lost;
Lost in thoughts like a dot;
A dot that is lost in middle of a line;
Each and everyone followed by millions of dots lost in each other.

Hope I soon find that dot he agrees with;
Which will lead me to my next curvy line;
With charming turns and life that fulfill my wish;
Wish or passion, know not what it is!
And he whispers sometimes, says something.

Song of Songs II

a poem by Anand Bose

My Darling…
My lips are warm, intimate
And long to soak your lips
And get drunk on the wine
Of your intensity…
My arms open wide
Like a eager gate to
Hug you and caress
You and remain clung
For a passionate melting
Of time…
Yes my lover I long
To drink in your lyrical
Yes I would like to
Yield myself to you
As tenderly as I write
A poem, as softly
As a stream that
Trickles along
The mountain slopes…
Yes my darling,
I would love to feel
The mounts of your
Rich passionate fruit…
Taste them like nectar
With passionate hunger…
Yes I long for your sweet lilies
That have awakened meadows…
How I long to graze on their
Pastures loving and hearing
You sound the music of ecstasy…

For Her

a poem by Anand Bose

I have found you a blossom,
A flame of many orchards…
Of Passion and love for you,
I would like to be a river,
Devoted and flowing for
Your fullness, harmonizing
Your streams to a rich ocean…
Flowing forever, renewing time
In celestial whispers and echoes
That ring the music of dawn that
Would echo of some ethereal mystery…
A soul I have found in you…

Lover’s Wish

a poem by Anand Bose

Love lingers
In the heart
Like a fire burning
As flames in the mantel piece
Every embrace, every kiss
Every whisper of the heart
Wakes all the flowers from
The body feels so cold
In the bed without you.
It remembers how
Beautiful it is
To make love
Forever like swans
Flowing in the lake of life.

For Ms. Mignonette Reposar

a poem by Anand Bose

Let me embrace you
As tenderly as I hold a rose;
Let me wet your lips
With passionate kisses
Let me caress you and
Whisper the music of
Love in your delicate ears.
Let me see you as Eve
In the garden of Eden
Let me feast my eyes
On the rounded shapes
Of your contours
Let’s mount on to the bed
As lovers in feasting.
Let us rock ourselves
With the cradles of passion
Let us surge in the rhythm of
Let’s moan and coo our
Passions to sublimity
And lets submerge
Our poetry to the hearts of love.

Passion of the Fruit

a poem by Anand Bose

Your orchard is a
passionate house
full of sweet seasons…..
Seeing, touching, tasting,
smelling your fecund
body … Oh my soul
would delight…
Yes my love…
I’ll receive your
love in passion
Oh gentle lover
I offer my body
to you… to be
loved, cared
and loved…
All our nights
will be like
a passion flower…
Bursting with
molten juices
of honey…