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The Tempest

a poem by Swati Krishna

I weep as I feel the tempest rage
All bleak and dark and ever reaching
The numbness in me spreads
As you go far beyond my reach

It’s dark and forbidding, my love
A guillotine hangs upon my neck
Your smile erases the pain by bit
Your absence is just keenly felt

It hurts my love, where do I start
I can’t see the light anymore
I wish to scar and rage and die
But the numbness burns more than scars

I wish you were beside me now
I imagine the whispered comforts
I cry myself to the lull of sleep
You seem so far and far out of reach

I cannot take it anymore my love
You’re not here and I can’t take it no more
My demons drown me and I lose my breath
Even as I die I think of you

I think of your laughter and your gentle hands
I do not have the right to think of them
And yet I want now more than ever
In the crowding darkness I float away

I am next to you in this little peace of heaven
We carve for ourselves our own my paradise
Mine is as I listen to your words
Your cadence and laughter and your hesitance

I am a sinner and a broken one
God and Devil exist in my head
They wage their wars and I feel my blood
Upon my dying breath I weep

In the end, the Sea

a poem by Sunil Rajagopal

Where goes the sun at
long day’s end? To douse his red
flames within the Sea.

Where goes the monsoon
and her clouds after their dance?
To drink from the Sea.

Where goes the river
after meandering course?
To sleep in the Sea.

Where goes the Hilsa
tired from swimming up the flow?
To die in the Sea.

Where goes the sailor
who returned with his bounty?
To live in the Sea.

There may come a time
when I too shall return home,
to be with the Sea.

Lovers turning strangers

a poem by Bhavii

It was all normal
Going in the flow
I was holding tight
All the pieces of mine
Hole of my heart
I bandaid it tight…
And then I saw you
Yes! I saw you
And the sadness of your face
I know you want me
To stop, to run, to meet you
You badly need to hear, love you too.
I too wanna run and hug you tight
My heart was racing you weren’t meeting eyes..
But I have to go away
Away from you.
Its not same anymore
At least in the real world we are apart but not in my heart…
Yes its the same, you and me together, our love is enriched and nurtured in my mind.
But the one in my heart isn’t same as in real…
No you aren’t the same, not the one I loved…
Its like your twin substitute is fooling the world…
Sitting in the class
Like a zombie
My mind still debating
Whether I would have stopped
Or moving away was right?
But how does it matter..
When its all over. Egos have drained the love out…
Hatred has built a wall between us
And tears are far gone
The care has far gone.
So its live like strangers with love engraved deep in heart.
I miss you
I love you
But we have to live apart…