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a poem by Anurag Barman

Beneath the left surface of the soul
Exist a place from where life begins

Making ups and downs in the ECG
Depicting life not to be ideal

Lost into the outside world
Forgetting to listen to it

Reminding only in times of
Fear and loneliness

But be it any situation or time
Still keeps on making waves

Because a beeline puts the soul
To an end

Living for that day

a poem by Anurag Barman

Living for that day
When the world will be mine,
Not like today,
Being like a drudge.

Living for that day
When I will be free
From all pain and tensity
Which I embrace today.

Living for that day
When people will listen to me
Instead of hearing them
Recognising my worth.

Although it seems futile
And tends to put an end,
Still kept awake by wit
Just to live for that day.

The Virtual World

a poem by Anurag Barman

Lost into yourself;
Exist another parallel world
Where only you exist
Leaving the real world behind.

A world without boundaries
And happenings to your instincts;
From past to future
Changes in tune with your will.

A place almost like a mirror
But everything is virtual
Where you can take the best form
And wishing it to be real.

Make believe

a poem by Pooja Sharma

We knew not who we were
Our parents told us who we are
Never did we ask where we are headed
But ran with friends so far
If blindness was a virtue, marriage would take the cake
As every bride bids a tearful adieu when she crosses her fathers gate
A child can smile, wash away your blues
The clock doesn’t turn back time but memories stay
We live in a world of make believe
So till you live make hay