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Scattered Beauty

a poem by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh

And then
When the night nighed
Her beauty sighed
She looked again into mirror
Beauty scattered by any error
Her face is a piece of cheater
Expert as liar quite neater
Then smoke emanated
As if my wishes detonated
Glasses broke into pieces
Ashamed of reflecting her face
To my Love, this is disgrace


a poem by Nadeem Zia G

Femininity thy kind so fragile
Yet thine art so divine

Your nature sublimely so agile
For thine soul is His shrine

Thy name is embodiment of love
Yet your strength is of mighty courage

Though your tenderness is that of dove
Lest when exploited beware of your rage

Your morphing hues in life
Of a daughter, sister, wife and mother

Each full of passion and rife
Thou harbinger of life for further

I bow my head before you with humbleness
Oh thou essence of greatness

To rule over my heart

a poem by Amber Kumar

Her soft mocha skin, where glaciers slide,
her eyes with galaxies and nebulas within,
and her fingers orchestrating this heart of mine.

Her breaths like breezes adorn my rusty palace of tin,
her semblance, a canvas embedded with bubbly art fine.
The mountains and oceans are nothing but petty bumps and puddles compared to her,
for she is above all and everything,
seraphic deity, celestial delicacy,
a lady of unmatched beauty,
a girl with diamonds in her hair,
a lass with sempiternal dusk in her stare,
a fox with such tempting snares,
The only Queen to rule over my heart.

Her voice melts in my ears,
and echoes in my vessels forever.
My throat burns up with words,
words wanting to line themselves in front of her eyes.

You shall hear my pleas through the dusty winds and chirpy birds,
through shimmering leaves and crackling fires,
through chiming icicles and the clearest crystals.

For I have spoken, and I have spoken enough,
I would rather you look than hear,
for you see dear one,
we share the same sky and stars,
the same sun and moon,
that like mirrors shall reflect us from one place to another,
and I wish to see your likeness through them forever,
so cherish these few things we have in common,
for the differences are endless, and my dried up heart,
now lifeless.

The Whistling Waves

a poem by Siddhi Malpani

What do you think when you see the beach?
‘Endless happiness that we all are bound to reach’
‘Never give up attitude’, said the other.
‘Peace and compose’ murmured someone standing farther.

‘Forgetting the past and starting fresh,
Begin once again to race,
Live every moment like the waves’, whispered the girl.
‘The battle of heart and your mind
Choosing of sides ending at the same point’

Each one of us have our own interpretation,
Guess we all are lost in haze of personal confusions.
May be that’s we all prefer the beach.
Isn’t it strange how some us hate a constant sound,
Yet we love the gushing of waves all around.
That sight when you see orange merging with blue,
Try remembering your doubt; honestly it vanishes without a clue.

The taste of salty water makes us go nuts,
Still we find joy without giving a reason ‘but’.
Little stones and pebbles gives feet small scratch,
But the happiness in collecting sea shells is much above then those small rash.
Weird how we hate mud making dirty all around,
Yet the sands in our pockets reminds us the soft sea ground.

Our slate is filled with words,
Yet when we write on sand it disappears
Irony, isn’t it? We all here to leave imprints,
But those tides wash it away in few sprints.
It’s a message maybe things won’t last,
But hey its true, what’s the point of still living in the past?

Little kids build their huge dream house,
While young adults secretly wish for romantic dates with spouse.
The grandparents sit beside and share their experience.
Just one place and each age has different expectation.
But there is one thing common which we all want to find,
Away from reality, A place just be called ‘mine’.
Even though its filled with tourist and constant buzzing sound,
You will still manage to find calmness in the whistling waves surround.

O Maria!

a poem by Hiren Shah

All hell broke loose and led to pandemonium
When Maria Sharapova tested positive for Meldonium

She has always been pursued by many a sponsor;
Somebody as lovely as her; how could they censor?

She has been endorsing many a brand;
How can one abandon somebody so grand?

WADA(Anti doping agency) should not take such a rigid stance,
So what if a lovely lady takes a banned substance?

If she is punished for doping,
In her absence, men will take to drugs for coping.

She was not just the womens’s five times grand slam Champion,
She was many more times men’s constant virtual companion.

So what if she has fallen from grace,
Playing or not, she is somebody men will forever want to trace.

From their memories, Will the men ever be able to delete?
The prettiest and highest paid woman athlete.

Most men who love Tennis as a sport
Probably love her equally and should extend full support

Though she belongs to Russia,
Her popularity traverses continents; America, Europe, Australia, Asia.

Somebody with such a legion of male fans
Should be banned from such bans.

The consequences could be dire,
If she is prematurely made to retire

She feels that she deserves another chance,
If granted, some men will sing, some will dance.

High time my silly poetry ended,
Hope she returns to never ever end; she is only provisionally suspended.


a poem by Swati

The wind felt blistering, in ways I have not felt in a long time
As always, the roads remain empty this time of the night
I should have known better that to traverse this far
And yet the pull of snowy grounds
Called out to me in ways that anything else ever could

My fingers move gently across the broken fence
And the old memories of laughter and smiles twist in the wind
That had been such a long time, I think wistfully
Childhood that faded into wisps of smoke
So quickly

Winter, is of course, a constant
Like an ancient friend it greets me
The cold embrace felt foreign yet familiar
I took a deep breath, and chuckled to my self
Even after all this time, Winter- You are still the frozen beauty

I kneel down beside the fences, and run my fingers idly through the snow
The cold bites and stings, and I relaxed after a long time
The trees were naked and brittle- exposed
And the sky was a large canvas with diamonds
The snow- like an endless white desert before me

I bit my lip and drowned in silence
And enjoyed my time with my frozen beauty

Ice and Fire

a poem by Ayushi Singh

His words.
Sardonic, Sharp and Stabbing
Replaced the austere, fragrant garlands of letters
That adorned his speech, felicitating me with the love he claimed he had.
For two months he waltzed me around the dark ballroom of lies
Until the day came and he stood there, hands clutching my hair shameless and merciless
And pushed my naive face into a bucket of ice and water
Letting the truth of life and the depth of his betrayal
Scar and Bruise me until the end of time.

We were like two pebbles from the same stone,
Both rough, jagged and deformed by the merciless beatings of our past
We rubbed onto each other, at a time, when each where knocked out cold
Alone in the frigid, glacial interiors of a dungeon called life.
We collided hard and fast, trying to share the pain and keep warm
From the cold, calculating breezes of pain and isolation.
A spark ignited between us, marking the end of the whippings of torture.
We let go of our chains, wrapping our arms tight together,
As the spark swiftly consummated with the oxygen, giving birth
To a child so fierce, so driven, as fueled as fire,
Melting the glaciers and warming up the frigid winds,
And burning out the wounds and lacerations of a time less pleasant,
Wrapping us into it’s talons, vowing to be our knight in shining armour:
A Knight we named Love.

Fault in my stars

a poem by Aman Arora

In the midst of the night when the dark is sky
I look at the stars and feel shy.

The cause of that is I love a butterfly
And when I see her my heart cry out oh my… oh my!

She is cute and way too sweet
After looking her I can’t stand on my feet.

Is this love I do sometimes wonder
And then God replied yes with a thunder

Just like the drops of the rain
She hijacked my heart and my brain.

I always think is she really made for me?
I dint want my love to become a banyan tree

She is an angel who came from Mars
But sadly there are always faults in my stars