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Listening to my heart

a poem by

Got so much to say, but don’t know where to start,
Suddenly I heard a sound, was it from my heart.
Baffled in my mind, wondering which way to go,
I grappled my thoughts.
And in quietness I looked inside my heart,
I saw an overcomer,
It seems so overwhelming,
Was it really me or someone I don’t want to be.
Trying to listen to my heart,
I realized I was lost away so far.
Trapped in the rules of this world,
I forgot living for thyself,
My heart was pleading and screaming these words to myself.
I listened to my heart,
And I know there are many things to be changed,
Life goes on and there is nobody to be blamed.
Yes! In the quietness of my mind,
I was listening to my heart,
A heart that was meant to be healed,
And I was trying to be me.
Rebuilding myself from foundations,
I am breaking free from my restraints.
Now, by listening to my heart,
Do you wonder where I might be?
I’ll tell you now, just this once
That finally I am free…

Pieces of broken Mirror

a poem by

I always loved to view myself in mirror
Mirror of someone’s heart
The smile and affection what you show
Is reflected to you
I looked into a mirror
Awaiting my image to be seen
Seconds passed, hours passed, days passed and years passed too
But I never found my image
At a proper glance, I found that
I was looking into pieces of broken mirror…

At the window

a poem by

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
Looking outside the tree
We used to sit underneath
Dreaming the ‘tomorrow’ to come.

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
I see outside a corpse
Lying on the sand and vultures
Feasting on it – tomorrow!

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
I muse whether life is dream
Or dream is life!