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Oh, How dreadful night is

a poem by

In the gloomy darkness,
Frightful sound of a nocturnal beast,
Sudden screeching of a owl.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Night, which is identified with
Death and horror; ghouls and goblin
Under whose feathered calm,
Without any spectra sleeps man.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Early in the morning by river’s bank
Splendour, sunbeam spreading the colours
Of the spectrum.
Starts, the unending struggle of man
To maintain and keep alive his
Very existence.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

In the noon, when Man is on the path of struggle
The glittering sunshine gives assurance of
Pleasure to man.
And Man’s quest identification
With his fellow
On the basis of the oppressed and the
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Whether it be gloomy darkness or it be glittering
Whether it be the terrific nocturnal beast or it
Be barbaric man.
Everybody is identified with night.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Be happy…

a poem by

Musical smile please
Be happy, blissful, all true
Why do we ever do else
Be ye all spiritual
Yes first realization
I am knowledge
That dispelling darkness calmer
We are living in one spiritual world
Observe the love and how could we find God
We are living under God colour sky
Yes, once more for wonderful god love
My love to you, poor or rich but one god
Be with you, small ice cube love
With ice hill, talk to me please
I see you and feel you
Be a musical tribute, ever smile

Musical and Smile

a poem by

Musical smile, we are looking in skylight,
All is true for genius smile for spiritual,
Be all spiritual, yes first colorful sky,
I am knowledge, that dispelling darkness,
We are living in a beautiful, natural world,
Observe the truth and path way to God,
We are living under one blessing tree,
Yes, we must pray only purify god love,
Green card poor or rich but butterfly freedom,
Be with you, small ice cube makes ice hill think,
Talk to me please,I will see you and feel you,
Be musical limelight lord blessed smile…

The Stars – II

a poem by

When the particles of dark clouds collide in the vast outer Space,
The central gravity pulls them in to produce heat and light;
The star burns bright till all the hydrogen turns into Helium!
Then the star swells like a red giant to Super Nova size and explodes!
After cooling, it shrinks to a tiny dense mass like a White Dwarf!

Sometimes the extinct stars with the unburnt central core are the pulsars
That send out radiation like the light beams coming from the light house!
The far away distant pin point light of the night sky is the quasars
That looks like the dim glowing lantern lights of the dark woods!

The collapsed Star becomes the Black Hole that sucks in
Everything at the centre of the galaxy with such a gravitational
Force that nothing including light can escape from that den!
A great natural phenomenon no laws of science can explain now!

Millions of years the Star takes to be born to live and die in the Space
And millions of light years the Star light takes to reach the Earth;
The life span of Star takes such a long time and distance in Space!
To the eye of the beholder the dusty atmosphere makes it twinkle,
A great wonder that kindles the imagination of the poets, the artists,
And the scientists probe to discover the secrets of the Universe!

The Stars above horoscopically decide about the fate of man below!
The Stars mean the symbol of quality to assess man’s achievements!
The Stars appear in the night sky to delight all with wonderful dreams!
So too the Cinema Stars appear on the silver screen to delight the fans!
So, the affairs of men are affected by the Stars above in the sky!

Moon may come and go but the Stars remain in the Sky forever
To guide the mariners to navigate the ship on the seas around.
The Stars are the diamond to delight and direct men of the world
And also to give hopes, dreams and visions of a better tomorrow!
So, Star gazing has profoundly changed the personality of man
Whether he wants to achieve best or worst things in the world!

Rockets sent to the Space after the World Wars
Only installed Satellites to spy and not to probe
And the well known cold war between Super Powers
Led to the worst developments of Star War Weapons!
That means wars will be there forever in the world
Not only on land and sea but also in the Space!

UFOs appear here and there creating situations
Stranger than superstitions and spirits’ visitations!
UFOs appearance raised doubts over some
Countries’ activities are not yet unearthed!
Likewise strange phenomena again have provoked
Space probes to ascertain lives of our type there!

“High or low, whatever you achieve, your aim should be always high,”
Man says to man using the Star as the mark of excellence in the world
As “hitch high to the Stars if you want to come up in life” is his advice!
So, Stars have been a wonder, are a wonder and will be a wonder ever!

The Stars – I

a poem by

Are the Stars the diamonds of the Sky
That make men to dream and discover
The mysteries of the Universe since long ago
And wonder at the new truths on and on?
Or are the Stars the flowers of the heaven?

So the poets write many poems popularly
And make the crescent moon a golden basket of God
For collecting the heavenly flowers for the poor souls
Who lie on the grass and gaze at the high night sky
To forget the worries of the world for a while!

Are not the distant Stars the Suns of other Solar Systems
With the planets like the Earth may be existing,
Where lives like ours advanced or not may be living
That could give answers to the riddles of our life here?!

Like the ideas appear and disappear in the mind of man
The Stars appear and disappear in the Universe of God!
Our Sun is also one such Stars of the Milky Way, our galaxy
Among many such island galaxies of the Universe!

The spiralling galaxies are the whirlpool of the Space
And the Stars without collision in gaps move with
Mutual gravitational pull in a wonderful way!
250 million years our star takes to move
Round our galaxy once with 250 km/sec. speed!

Steadfast the Stars shine bright in the night Sky;
True to their nature if Moon comes or not
They come to shower light in the dark Universe
Like the symbol of Stars hang in all the festivals!
Radiating heat and light waves Stars control
Comets and planets in their own orbits!

Twinkle Twinkle

a poem by

Gaze at the stars as they wander in the sky
Heavenly bodies twinkling in the night
See them make strange patterns in the sky
Exquisite puppets at the makers hands

High up there perhaps they watch me
Pondering on my actions watching my doing
Rocks they are with a life of their own
Stars we call faraway they glow

I watch them make formations in the sky
Try understand what is their plan
What do you say? Help me understand
Give me your amity in the calm of this night

As you glitter away bring to us all your peace
Grant us fulfillment with your magical light
As the sun goes down and you greet us again
Renew our hope in your exuberance let us lay

That Midnight Star

a poem by

It is a lonesome lovely night;
I spend with what an awful might!
A wholesome lonely fight I do,
When my position has almost become so.
In this troublesome loosely gait I grunt,
When I happen to recollect my unfulfilled plight.

A Star appears in the midnight sky!
And twinkles with red, white and blue light!
It stands on so in the same place
Till the red dawn appears in the East.

That midnight Star gives light to my face.
Its pleasant coloured rays come to change my mood,
When I am lonesome in my glass abode.
But that Star is also lonesome in the Western sky!

Its brightness cheers me up,
When I lie on my bed;
It’s the time I try to forget the world,
I seek for a temporary sleep,
I try to keep up my spirit.

My anxieties fly away to winds!
I see brightness in the darkness within me!
I am recovered by a tinge of joy from nowhere!
I can strike off all of my baseless fears.
I know it is all happening by the spell of that Star.

Though the Cosmos enclaves all galaxies within itself
That Star stands alone representing all in a single entity.
Its silent light shines with paramount beauty!
Indeed that midnight Star is a great wonder of God!

Dawn to Dusk

a poem by

A very good morning east wished the rest
Wait for me till I say goodbye
The west yelled at the east
East makes the world shining
And the west leads to the opposite
That we call dawn to dusk
When all of us say good morning
To each other
We are fresh for a new beginning

When the east wished the rest
A very good morning
West yelled at the east
Wait for me till I say goodbye
It’s not the end of the world
Even if you take over
East reminded the west
To refresh the world and to start all over again
I will rise again after a good sleep and rest
For a fresh start all over again
Like when we say good morning
Our tone refreshed with a fresh smile
Like what east wished the rest
Before the west yelled at the east
Wait for me till I say goodbye


a poem by

I made a move to a tower in the city.
I got engrossed in a reverie there in my stay.
I saw trees, temples, buildings and the sky.
Green palm trees gave me calm and cool breeze.
Buildings are built taller than the tallest temple.
The skyscrapers rose with the limit as the sky.
In that there is no colour to overcome the blue one.
I was escalated then to the blue heaven.
Through my inward eye I explored the Ultimate Reality.
Cosmos started coming close up to my view.
I wonder what an incredible thing it is!
I could not stop my urge to know how it happens.
I felt everyone ought to know this,
If they want to breathe the air of liberation.

Not even a speck

a poem by

Indeed our earth is one among many planets in the Universe!
I too feel the scheme of expansion is still open.
It looks for some the space is round and for some rectangle.
Some said it had limit and some say infinite.
What of us in that grand scheme of expansion?
We are nothing and not even a speck.
What of me? Not even to be considered.
I and you are nothing before the evolution of Cosmos.
We are part and parcel of this infinitely huge Cosmos!
The realisation of this truth should lead us towards development.
What are we doing? What have we to do?
Have we drifted from the path of development?
A critic has to judge our notion and action.
The end is not our aim, but the way to expansion is fine.

The Sun

a poem by

Round, bright and hot ball,
You are the sun,
A round beautiful red pot,
To the east or west,
And not north or south why?

Thirst and heat cramps,
A warmth and health each day,
A good round lamp,
Rises each day,
In the bright blue sky.

The sun, you are a wonder man,
Miles far away,
Goes to sleep,
And comes the next day like,
A ball of fire!


a poem by

There is neither an epoch
nor a deluge…
I am there all the while.

Staying where we are matters…
sustaining through sun and shade,
surviving all treacheries…
faith the prop in a perfidious world.

Number game irrelevant here…
position in procession matters not,
exodus follows influx.

There is neither pain nor gain…
incessant endeavour alone lasts,
compliant alertness too endures…
self knowledge alone prevails.


a poem by

Life is abstract and perfection
The determination to follow our universal goal
Duty “Karma” embedded in Universal Desire “Kamas” and “sutra” clue.
Try to decipher the picture of Shiva in Meditation
So simple, yet complex, liberal yet disciplined…
My personal impressions;
Not necessarily be taken as gospel truth.
The truth is for the individual to experience
In his and her, very own way
Without external impositions
Free to choose.