Universe is Great

a poem by Christuraj Alex

Just because I wear black glasses
Does it mean the universe is black?
Just because I find thorns and bushes
Does it mean all face the same too?
Just because I see one side of the globe
Does it mean there’s no other side at all?
When the Red signals stop our movements
Don’t green signals allow others to move?
The universe is not a little textile piece
To measure, slice, saw and showcase.
It has gold, yet, it’s not gold;
It has diamonds, yet, it’s no diamond.
It’s a mixture; an amalgamation –
Of colors, forms, shapes, flavors,
Rhymes, rhythms, humans, beasts…
It’s a treasure of philosophies, theologies,
Truths, myths, anecdotes, fables, epics…
Only having removed our color-glasses of
Likes and dislikes; and made our minds
Clear, clean, white papers unsoiled
And perceive through the light of faith
Can we fully know its sacred secrets!
Isn’t true discernment of deserts and
Deserted paths the magic of wisdom!
Yet, no tree can be fully fruitful
In the ever wide wild orchid of wisdom;
No seeker gains absolute enlightenment
In the endless school of experience
The universe, so far, has never opened
Its doors of secrets entirely to anyone…