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I Hate You

Middle of nowhere
Sitting alone… near no one
Not wanted to be cared
Not wanted to be loved
Not wanted to be anything at all
But still hear prayers rhyming
And still hear bells clinging
And still hear them calling
For their mouth full of
Pride and reputation
Wanting me to know their kingdom of
Unearthly wisdom
I wish they knew its much easy
To be fallen than to be raised and
Consequences of a way thats least travelled


Assured by life and riddled in wealth
Your soul is old or young as mine health
I’ve waited this long to be serenaded by a song so fine
For one so far away in his time
To show me just what dwells in one of fun
A mystery they say of some

You left me in an awe-misdirected shot
But left me at the gate I think not
I can reach high are low and still
Your stifled mind with ease I fill
There would be way more then I could show
As I punch out words on these little keys another blow

But lest you forget who I am
I am a woman, mother, aunt and gram
Accustomed to life’s questions of joy
And up to the challenge my nimble boy
So dig down in your roots of old
And produce for me golden words from your soul

And dash on with your life and riddles for neither
Will you become a king’s jester either
For in me you have found a just foe
And for that I do thank you so

As my paper goes thin
I leave you with one foot left in
Eeni meinni minnne moe
Raising the question of which one should go

One who can appreciate a good juggling of the words
One who leaves nothing for the sanctity of birds
One who will still remain your friend
But for now one who’s letter must end

Puppets of Clay

On the big stage plays unfold everyday,
When in different hues come puppets of clay
But at the end all hues shall be one
When mounds of clay returns to clay!

Farewell, my dear sister

Farewell, my dear young sister.
To the lap of mother earth, shall you go.
Wolves howl, the wind whispers
On this night cold and cruel,
You were killed, and buried as a bane.

Farewell, my dear naive sister.
Our mother who begot us both,
Those eyes, in which were warmth and love.
Today there is no mercy in them.
Or perhaps, the tears don’t reveal.

Farewell, my dear poor sister.
We, both are of the cursed feminine form
I, being already a burden.
You are sent above, but why?
In guilt shall I perish, if this world allows.

Farewell, my dear dead sister.
As souls we shall meet; I shall
Seek forgiveness for my helplessness
On this night cold and cruel,
You were killed, and buried as a bane.

Insane Highways

Shadows lurking in the shades
darkness has so many hues
and within these labrynths
there is light.

The walk through the lanes
is the worth as everyone
pretends, they have been
where no one has been before.

Strangely though everyone
touches the similar base
and that is the link
between the sane side walks
and the insane highways.


I wish you all good night
I wish you all good night
Do you want to know my plight
My night is fright night

There are no ghouls around me
There is no ghost haunting me
Its my room-mate’s nasal anarchy
You guessed it, he’s a snoring porky!!

A week since I have moved to this house
And by no means we are each other’s spouse
Every night he snores down the house
While hide in the quilt like a mouse

There is no place safe in this building
Its like a game of cricket where elephants are fielding
My efforts of waking him up are unyielding
Let me try to wake the Gods with some pleading

What to do when the room mate’s like him
Stopping his blowing trumpet- chances look dim
Which implies- chances for somnolence is slim
Some day I’m going to murder him (Do not take it seriously)

The only way to Nirvana that I adore
No way I’m gonna stop this noisy boar
As he sleeps and starts with his chore
I’ll be snoring with him in-tune with his snore

It’s a simple case of adaption
The only way to bear this commotion
Is to play along in this game
Simple… If you can’t stop them- join them

Harry Potter

Harry is his name,
The scar is his fame,
Hedwig is his tame and,
Quidditch is his game.

The Dark lord came,
And was well caned,
Now he is sad,
With his dark powers mad.

Quirell is dead,
As harry had said,
Now Harry may feel sleepy,
But still his heart happy.


As I walked down the street of life
I met you around a bend
Then I knew not what from you to expect
Would you be a tyrant?
Would you be nice?
Fingers crossed, I continued on the trail

As we walked along the path
I knew I had found a guide in you
A firm hand as we walked through the storm
A gentle arm when the path wore me down
Together we shared many a laugh and tears
Your booming voice put to rest many fears
You always brought to our faces sweet smiles
That lingered along through the many miles

As we approach the fork along the path
Hearts grow heavy knowing we will part
But we move on with faith in our hearts
Carrying sweet memories in our minds
We wish you the best in whatever you do
We pray that great peace and joy be with you
If the path gets rough and worries wear us down
Don’t you worry AKJ dear, we’ll give you a call

I seek thee to be my mentor

Please take me under thy angelic wing
Be my teacher, philosopher and friend
Across the distance, I hear angels sing
In praise of thee, flowers they descend.

As I touch paper to pen from now
Thy light shall glow within my soul
Let the finest essence of poetry show
Your hand over mine, makes me whole.

Be the shoulder on which I may lean
To become a better poetess as I pledge
Reawaken my consciousness deep within
So it may resonate with thy knowledge.

Guide me through my fears and indecisions
Using order, clarity and deep insight
With the power of a master’s precision
And confidence, let us soar into the light.

Please take me under thy angelic wing
For my highest good and greatest joy
May the angel of creativity then sing
Of thee to be my poetry Malach boy.


Just a nod of her head and she turned away
She looked rather pale and underweight
It was the first time we met and each other saw
Not a great beginning but not a bad one

A fleeting moment not meant to be the only one
We were here to work so soon time together began
She was indifferent, after all I didn’t matter
She was the babe out there her name was mona

When we started out the differences seemed profound
There was a cold war, ‘to hell with her’ I thought
The differences grew the reason knows only god above
A fiery volcano just waiting to erupt

Then came the time to see beyond
She wasn’t such a bitch after all
She was like a coconut actually not even that
She tried hard to pretend but was soft all along

When we saw her cry it broke our hearts
Her heart racking sobs made all feel sad
It showed that she could hurt deeply at heart
But she soon got up again and made us laugh

From there began our friendship as new
We got along so well it turned r**** blue
But we didn’t care our friendship was here to stay
When we were together all worry was faraway

With the passing of time each other better we know
We look to each other for support and more
Not a day goes by without a thought of you
I think to myself, ‘I wonder what that bitch is up to?’

She makes heads turn she likes it too
She can make you laugh or make you turn blue
She can be funny at times and silly too
That’s my dear friend mona for you

For My Friend, Hemant

Life brings in with it many surprises.
While some leave you happy,
Others give pain.
But some leave you thinking and wondering long after…

We met because it was meant to be
We spoke then, how else could it be?
You were kind to me it wasn’t necessary
You helped me, because you chose to be

When we met I never thought friends we could be
We are far too different I’m sure you’d agree
Different we spoke, different we thought
Different yes, but indifferent you were not

Time went by, each other we got to know
One nasty being, one a good soul
I tirelessly cribbed, you patiently advised
I know you like to, but you gave me your time

Times running out, I want to bother you more
If I need advice now where do I go?
If you believe ‘out of sights out of mind’
I hope thru this to always play on your mind

I pray you find goodness in whatever you do
May true happiness be yours and sorrows flee from you
I want to thank you for all you’ve said and done
I wish you the best with loads of love

The Prostitute

Chilblains of her emotions
festering sores of her passions
drain from her the virgin flush
of life’s dawn
the pallor of a dying ego
on her empty face
poor slave to erotic whims of tyrants
from whence her emancipation?


Associations are abiding
enchanting bouquet of flowers!

Some embrace lovingly
encouraging tender feelings

Some slither quietly
into your innermost recesses
caressing sensual spots.

Some play the coquette
teasing, taunting
‘Othello’ing lame ducks!

Some smile seductively
silently casting traps
destroying the trusted.

Some enrich every cell
energising endeavours all,
selfless souls!

Some unseen angels
sharing and caring
spread fragrance of friendship!

Associations are amazing
bounteous beautiful boughs!

Mysterious People

The night so dark and silent
Makes the mind of man so violent
It is people only,
Who get weird so early,
And destroys the precious things
Created by humans only!

I’m trying to let you know
About the fact that always grow
In the evil minds of some people
In the hope of getting more and more!

Though you know those people’s nature
They are simply heartless creatures
Still, be aware of the fact,
You will once get to know their shameless act!

Statutory Warning

Astonishingly, the ashamed factor
Prevailing is generating humans
One second, two more steps into earth
The artless equation
In the nook of different genus
Germinates the tissue with vibrant gay
Genealogically, its a wistful desire
But the count is of historical
And leads to sarcastic speech
The burden where even the god of earth
Cry to curb down
Yes, how much she can load
After all she is also human

Firmly sit to eradicate
And steer people to educate
Static increase will lead to ovation
If uxorious mind prevails
It will lead to starvation

Demographers can only count
With fingers and complex situations
Can describe the tedious act

Depriving is against democracy
Deriving benefit by people is praiseworthy