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When the contours of imagination expand far and wide,
The hackneyed tools of available words become frail
And show a certain reserve to accommodate new ideas.
There arises, then, a need for forging and smithying of tools

That are flexible and pregnable like a womb…
To bring forth new profiles for public consumption.
It is not that there shall be a sudden influx of
Fresh vocabulary into the native tongue,
But, a favourable disposition to change
Breaking the ice if insular conservatism.
Like all objects of Nature, words, too, have their own cycles,
Enjoying summers occupying coveted seats of learning,
And fall, groping in the dust of rejection and neglect.
Some exceptional words, though, devoid of ego, will be alive
With their gift of camouflage co-existing with myth and folklore.
Over years, they absorb the essence of the culture they roll in
And assume a wide lattice of fine shades of meaning.
They may dress-up like an immaculate Victorian,
Or a frolicsome masquerader at a Spanish Carnival.
They may brag junk like a boor got sot in a nightclub,
Or, speak spice and pepper in the alcoves of academia.
Whether they prefer a quiet interment,
Or have a second coming to bless the world,
The womb of language is always fertile
To deliver a fair expression to every dream,
To every hue and notion – a suitable acronym


Life on earth is never the same again
A mass of happiness and grievances
One cannot refrain
One way will never be
The same as another
Likewise ones life can never materialize

God always proposes mixed blessings
Many can call one a divine
Many can detain others
But everybody suffers
Like a raft
It can reach safely to the shore
Or stagnate and strand alone
One can overcome all obstacles
One contemporary man can release
All knots himself
From impossible situation

Our mind is a highest one
Optimistically, if moved forward
One can feel the glories in life


The agony of my body
Only my mind feels,
The agony of my mind
Only my soul knows.

The distractions of the world
Attract to deviate the soul from focus.
The goal is lost astray
That is the agony of the soul.

It knows the unknown
That is trapped and entangled.
The struggle for release is a war
In the cage of body and mind
That is the agony of the soul.


A restless night after a tiring day
Sleep should have evaded, but I’m still awake
An unknown itch has caught on to me
Taking my thoughts into captivity
A fountain of questions emanate in my mind
Answers for many I seek not, incase I find
I try philosophy; it just makes me worse
For the river of questions takes a different course
And when I try to shut my mental doors
These questions increase, adding on to my woes
At last I give in and mellow down fine
I sink into the ocean of questions in my mind
They become formless as I sink really deep
Sinking just as I wanted, into a dreamless sleep…

Whims of the Restless

Fragile like a crystal is the mind
A slight crack will ruin the bind
So vulnerable it is to commotions
Only the heart can understand its emotions

Beneath every layer of feelings
Evolves a perplexed ambiguity
Rest of a second is not in its glossary
Every moment dishes out new query

Sometimes innocent like a baby
Sometimes violent like a storm
So are the whims of the mind
Slave is the body to the command

At times the frame of mind tears apart
At times it brings a smile athwart
Who can control wings of the restless?
Which keeps changing course in scurry

The Mind

The mind is a beautiful thing
It holds your blueprint, your information, your knowledge
It holds your defense, can block out offense
The mind is a beautiful thing
It can work against, but it can also work in a team
The mind is to cherished
The mind is the real deal
The mind is what can make you heal
The mind can make you feel
The mind is a beautiful thing
Your mind can make you shine above all things

Cluttered Mind

Characters wander in search of words
Words wander in search of sentences
Sentences roam in search of paragraph
Paragraphs search for the right theme

My fingers beg to pen the thoughts into words
My lips plead to mumble the sentences
My eyes long to hover around the paragraphs
My self yearn to bathe in the shower of my script

My mind is a scene of total chaos
Ideas come and go by without any concrete form
Thoughts flutter in urgency to be heard
From where do I begin the flow of my writing?

With too many pictures forming in my mind
I try to shut the door of overflowing opinions
Mixed feelings, numerous dialogues
I simply stare at the frenzy with a wry smile

Oh mind! Relax please; let the river of thoughts flow by
Once the turbulence of chaotic emotions move past
Clarity of the inexplicable will surface
Making way for the beginning of a new chapter

Me, myself

Me, myself all alone
trying to find a way
to get out of this darkness
the loneliness of the highway.

Me, myself with all my emotions
turned into tears rolling down my face
I see a spark in my life
a sign of happiness.

Me, myself and my attitude towards life
turning from pessimism to optimism
facing problems with a negative attitude
never really got me anywhere.

Me, myself all alone again
smiling and laughing today
don’t want to look back again
now facing new challenges everyday.

Me, myself sitting here today
wondering what sadness was yesterday
laughing and joking and smiling
this is me, myself today.


The feeble sun crept under my skin
The morning song escaped the air
All went quiet for a while
As my eyes slowly opened the world

I cry all day, and run all night
Through the roads I used to roam
Let my mind go, insanity
Cold is your grasp, and today I’ll be free

No one will see me today or tomorrow
I’ll stare into nothing, in my mind I’ll weep
Behold a young man who wants to die
Scold the old man who wants to live

Appetising Flavour

Asian value
Australian retrieve
European discipline
American spirit
African exquisite;
Preparatory ingredient
For knowledge
Spicy aromatics
Water our taste buds.
Food for thought
Whet our appetite.
Enjoying delectable palate
The awesome and fantastic;
Rejecting, intense anxiety
Inferiority complex;
Let’s savour the terrific;
Treat, taste, sample.
We’ll progress, comfortable,
From the petty unruffled!


Keep rotting in your soul
My eyes they reflect the bulls rage
My heart intensifies all of digression
I’m insane, keep to yourself, you’re insane too

My blood boils over the suns trot
Our minds blinding truth
If that’s insanity my friend
We are all insane beyond the reaches of soul

Bleed you dog, stain the floor
Stain it with your intolerable ignorance
I’m insane; I talk to the blackness that is myself
If that’s insane, than we cant breath

Hold me I’m insane, keep me I’m real
Don’t go, stay and die with me
I’m only insane, stay with me
I’m alone with insanity, but were all insane


A century of text
Born from thousands of thoughts
A paragraph of heart
Bearing a silent war
A word of love, sweetening our breaths
A letter of pain, telling hates tale
With paper stained in purity’s blood
Millions of minds forced onto a single page
May the poet choke on his voice
A simple sound blotted, a mirror to silence
Take away all walls of thought
Put up ages ago, blocking all reason
Remove the windows of spirit
Un-clogging the stagnancy of ignorance
Remove the floors of death, and disease
Halt the base of blood, so it soak
Scrub away the sky of tears
To stop the falling sorrow, washing away hope
Remove the sight of all dimensions
An empty wasteland, vacuous of mind
Take the ground of rock, no solid landing
Though no placement for your feet, your planted
On your dreams you stay, with nothing or noose
Then reduce this into a human mind
Blacken the eyes, and clog the ears
Twist the tongue and shut the mouth
Open the mind, as well as heart
Place the fruit of words into soul
And then you have a poem.


A tisket a tasket, Ill laugh while in my casket
My mind is something from blood is born
Stained with insanity, I’ll laugh forever
Not knowing what to laugh at, for everything
Everything deserves the laugh of souls bound
Nothing is wrong but is anything right, stop me
My eyes obscured in ebony, the depth of sight
It’s so deep, will I ever reach the bottom
The rotten flesh clouds down there, parasites lay
They are the ones who could not find the bottom
They are the lost, and will hope to spell you also
They grab your heart to feed on the remnants
Then they latch to your soul, you are insane
Just to stop your screaming, you would die for it
So you laugh instead, ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha
The sky is falling, run for your life
They run in panic, but you stay, just laughing
The sky has crushed you now, your blank eyes stare
You now realize what you wasted, but still
Still you laugh, and you will so in eternity
Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha
Op laughing, please stop it was better before.

Tell me more…

Click clack,
sharp shod horses’ hooves,
a landau’s wheels struck hard
on shingles of fragmented memories,
a jig saw puzzle
with missing pieces
that leave a sense of melancholy until re-remembered.

Wonderful mind
telling lies on my behalf
and when the picture is whole
I can glue it on the inside of my eyes smile and say:
once upon a time
when summers lasted long
I knew of a happy boy!

“Tell me more, tell me more” the song goes
I will but the carriage from the past has to leave
so I can be free to invent my own childhood
where tears turn to smiles
and voices of despair turn into a breeze of love.


What a down trodden word the world says,
True but there is so much hidden in it
So much portrayed in it
Its how you understand it and how you portray it

Relate yourself to the one you love
What do you see… Love or Lust!!!
If its emotional and virtual
You say I am in love and not lust

To look at the other side
If you had touched her
And put her virginity at stake
Gosh!! The world says it was nothing but Lust!!

Sex, lust and love
The three relation complicated
Dig your conscience and ask
What is your acquaintance?

Sex after marriage is lust
If there is no love, “for make love and not sex”
For the sanctity lies in your thoughts
Rather just you make the habit a must

So much is there in a relation
Beyond sex and lust
It’s the give and sacrifice
For one you love

Just a social binding call marriage
Where sex becomes no more lust
Is that a mask you put on
Or the relation loved?

Prick your conscience
Dig your heart
Pray with your folded hands
You are the judge: