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The crimson East delivering the Sun
Gaiety all around: now the day’s begun
I look at the blue lotus in bloom
Before my eyes something would loom-

My lady love- her native name
To me it’s all the same
At the break of day
As she’d wake up for prayers to say
Her beauteous eyes, still heavy with sleep
There I can see love for me so deep
I stoop on her to peep in those eyes
Only to find myself laden in sweet surprise
Beyond this I won’t narrate nor would I write

As the day’s begun, keep it for the night.


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Man is a great mystery yet to be discovered in the world.
Discoveries and inventions of Nature and machine are a fig.
For some the end is important and for some the means.
The end or means, aim is the deciding factor in all.
Rationality distinguishes man from beast here.
Art, Science, Religion and Literature are the output of his mind.
From God’s Nature developed man the Art in the world.
By understanding and controlling Nature lost he the fear.
Writing, painting, sculpture, music and dance imbibed in his life.
But between man and man the evils remain the same ever.
Lust, anger, fear and jealousy are hindering man’s progress.
Confusion, competition and conflict burn the mind of man.
Confidence, cooperation and creation grow the culture of man.
Only man to man understanding comes of kindness to friendship.

Free Man

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Free man, free man, free man
No wife, no children he has;
No friends, no foes he has;
Free man he is the free man!
This everyone has to know to live well in this world.

Dreaming eyes, a pair of dreaming eyes
Free man has of the entire care-free world’s peoples,
Dreaming of a free world with plentiful things
For the bodies, for the minds, for the spirits,
Loving free, working fee and living free.

Devil’s disciple howls horribly in cunningness;
But god’s disciple sings happily in sweet tunes.
Attached are to the materials the hypocrites;
Detached are to the ephemerals the high hearted peoples;
But the workers for the humanity are the selfless free men.

Free man, free man, free man
He is the free man of all the men
Who has no worries, cares or concerns,
But minds his routine missing no time
Like a tree, he shelters and gives shades.

He lives simple life but thinks high;
He likes no wealth and has no money;
He has no relatives to cajole him for his wealth;
He meets the simple, honest and the sincere;
And he is visited only by the truthful men.

Free man is the simple man among the sophisticated men
Who lives alone in a small room in the upstairs;
And his thoughts are high above the common views
That he is not understood by all except the thoughtful;
And he has less problems and more freedom to muse over life.

Life is simple because he is a man of conscience;
Times have changed but truth remains the same;
He worked sincerely without any lofty ambition;
Now he is retired and lives by the pension he gets;
His days are counted but his deeds are much noted.

He is the free man as he has no debts;
The services he has done he has earned many men
Who are ready to help him in whatever way he needs,
For, he is the friend to the grand father, father, son and grand son;
And so, he is the good old grandpa to all men around him!

Free man is the symbol of simple man;
Free life his life is as it is a simple life;
Free heart he has as there is no vaulting desires;
Free mind he has as there is no big ambition to achieve;
In short he is the man who knows how to live in the world!

The Great

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Nobody bothers about who is great in the world;
But everybody likes to know who becomes great;
How one becomes great is all time suspense here
That can’t be decided by power, position or possession.

By birth or status one may become great;
By intelligent efforts one may become great;
By luck also one may become great;
But the greatness of a man depends on his principles
All great men are the followers of great principles;
Principle and practice make them great in the world.

Great men make great promises and also fulfill them without fail;
They live in deeds and silence but not in time and speeches.
The heart but not the head that reveals the great from the elite;
Out of love the great do things great before they elate to the sky.
The achievements they leave behind ever talk tall about the great;
And inspire everyone to aspire for the great in the world.

Temples, churches and mosques are the achievements of their greatness;
Schools, hospitals, gardens and so on are the extensions of their achievements.
Love, culture and civilisation are their way of life in the world;
Wisdom, justice and truth are bases upon which they stand tall ever;
Arts, science and philosophy are the scales they use to measure truth;
Love and truth are their foundation upon which they build their empire.

Inspiration nothing but inspiration is the first and the last thing of a leader;
Inspiration gives determination to think great things and do great things;
With inspiration great men do everything from first to last in their lives;
The inspiration they propagate people make success many a project;
With inspiration they move the people and move the world as they wish.

This stuff is the snuff poets, prophets and leaders take and teach mankind;
Even death only destroys the body but not the spirit of these great men.
These great men show honour to love and courage in the world;
Also, whoever men may be they give and take respect in honour.

Power corrupts one but not the really great;
Wealth makes one arrogant but not the really great;
Knowledge makes one feel proud but not the really great.

Once to power unlike others they never forget their friends old or dear;
Once wealthy they repay their debts and help others also become wealthy;
Once knowledgeable they never feel superior but make others also knowledgeable.
Great men are ever great even though they become low in life sometimes;
But that is the hallmark of the greatness of a great man in the world.

Human being

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One cannot understand the feelings of others;
If one understands he is called the human being
Who has the human mind to understand the human heart-
Joy or sorrow, love or hatred, fear or courage, etc.

Not the intellect but the emotion is most important for a human being;
Understanding the heart and administering the work is the mark of man;
Religion, literature and art all highlight the importance of human heart;
Identity of a human being is ascertained not by his head but by his heart.

Pleasure or virtue, for living material wealth is needed;
To earn wealth, dying man has to live;
But when he starts living, he has to die;
Living or dying, human nature changes little.

Human nature at the lowest is animal and at the highest is divine;
To maintain poise between the two is man’s perennial problem;
Hell or heaven, it is man’s mind that makes or mars;
So, man’s mind ever under control only makes him a human being.

Emotion is the very stuff of every human being;
Sentiments and passions keep alive all human beings;
Sympathy, kindness and love raise human value to divine level
And cruelty, arrogance and hatred reduce human value to animal level.

Fight between thought and feeling burns the light of spirit in man;
To choose between the two is the endless dilemma of every man;
The ambiguous state of man keeps his soul look for peace and liberty
That he tries by perfecting human nature in something ever lasting.

Neither animal nor divine man is ambiguous and incomplete;
To confirm or contradict he needs the company of someone,
With whom he can communicate or commune to make himself complete;
And that is the cause of creation of man and woman in the world.

All by instinct animals and insects act everywhere in the world;
Thirsty and hungry for food, water and sex they are very aggressive;
In fulfilling their needs they forget all in carelessness and laziness
Feeling nothing about the feeling of the prey they have tortured.

Desire directs man to live free and comfortable;
If he succeeds he jumps in jollity and celebrates;
If he fails he drowns in misery and mourns;
But conscience before and after his deeds pricks and controls him.

By intuition he understands the indwelling spirit, his real Self;
By mysticism he communes his Self with the All Pervading Spirit;
By this experience he is capable of enjoying a pleasure called bliss;
And he is able to live a divine life in this world itself.

Such a powerful human being may be comical or majestical or mystical mainly in nature;
And whose mental power functions in sub-conscious, conscious and super-conscious levels,
An in-built mental system helping man to overcome his imperfect nature in the world;
And the perfection he achieves not in the other world but here itself in Art, Woman and Nature.


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Clean habits we appreciate. Washing cleaning stays fit.
Clean specs clear vision. Clean window reflections.
Clean corridors of missions. Clean clothes good impression.
Clean Clinic hygiene indicates. Clean mind concentrates.

Clean breath brushed teeth. Clears throat peppermint.
Skin clear is good health. Wash self before worship.
Wear polished shoes clean feet. Protect from dirty streets.
Sweep clean residential floors. Clean habitats, cities, roads.

Clean offices, methodical. Neat, clean services provide hotels.
Clean tips earn gratitude of guests. Dust clean museum pieces.
Follow convenient clear road signs. Vehicles clearly reach destinations.
Clean debris after storms. Clear uprooted trees, poles, fallen on lanes.

Clean kidney machine dialysis. Clean mountains, land, air, and seas.
Control pest clear diseases. Monsoon showers, clean, fresh, ease.
Wash hair clean, head shampoos. Chemicals, clean head of recorders too.
Laundry is the best place to clean clothes. Wash machine clean, spare times.

Vacuum clean of carpets also does. Wash stains spot clean surfaces.
“Beautiful Launderette” film clean box office. Hit makes S. Jeffrey a clean knockout.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, man and his are misuses.
Who would ever imagine wash clean could be vices.

Extreme unclean devices wash dirty linen in public.
Brainwashes produce fanatics. Ethnic cleansing
Pogrom, laundering money, profits earn. Our world forests,
Oceans, reptiles, and mammals sterile clean bacteria make infertile.


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It’s a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptation’s strong

Into the boundary
Of each married man
Sweet deceit comes calling
And negativity lands

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

And it’s no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It’s two hearts living
In two separate worlds
But it’s no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It’s no sacrifice at all

Mutual misunderstanding
After the fact
Sensitivity builds a prison
In the final act

We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns

Woman Monster Man

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The monster came
Between mom and son
Holy face
Short fat and round, none could
Ever imagine.
Him to
Be the monster, one.

Days rolled into months.
The monster was
At own reactions. In
The long run
Ate very own children.
Both his daughter and son-

Too late, make good.
His coming
Between ma and innocent son
Like a monster at
Behest his ex-woman-
Scientist of doom-

Created through a stupid hit list of
Hit Liar man dead and gone, circumstance.
However, monster changed to a man
Thanks to magic potion of his new woman.
Not only could she her own child save
But also his could live again!

Man Return Favour to Man

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No one gives jobs
Self-interest compels
Self or otherwise
Hence, hire and fire
Employer or employee
No separate bodies
But an amalgamation
Both providing
Pathways give and take
Or else
Shrivel in existential incompetence.

The Indian men go well with women

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Indian man gets his women
The reason for many to be jealous of him
He worships his mom dotes on his family;
To fetch her medicine will run alley gully
whenever down, sick from an upset belly.
With his first income, the pocket money
he earns
Younger or older, his sister he adorns;
Who’s still at home waiting for spring;
Her time to come, as and when
she decides, on a new life
with her groom.
The man
gentle responsible
makes all attempts
to know what the woman feels.
The young match in his nuptial clothes
Breathtakingly handsome
Beautiful in white;
Silk dhoti kurta, garland traditional
The charming man irresistible
to shun. Lover, provider, his life’s sacrifices unsung;
Understands protects, guides and chide, he can.
His wife, a busy ant
he never forgets to lend his hand
or find someone if he can’t.
The father, the brother, the partner and son
knows how to give, in life concerned.
Carrying his burden he toils and earn;
Call him a donkey, a mule, he smiles;
“That’s your problem, buddy, not mine.”
Symbol iron will; rustic or urban-
Example forging ahead humble
The patient half naked
fakir the father of a nation assassinated;
uttered; “Hay Ram”
The adaptable Indian man whether
“Amar Akbar Anthony, Rajeev Sajid Sam”
Fit well into the clothes he wears sweeper or “Bhagwan”
It’s but normal he’s unable to escape the envy of the world.
“Brahma Vishnu Shiva-Mahaishwaram,” man meditating through his work.


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Be a gentleman. Have the world
Lay at your feet with love and affection.
Yes, you can. Prevail. Not with coercion
Dwell in hearts of men and women but with genuine concern.
Be an opportunist
Grab a win. It’s no sin
With enemies, to shake hands.
Yes, you can. Control. Not with hate
Having faith to the universal law of nature
That say, ‘Give and Take.’
Be a pioneer. Provide
Food for thought
Replace, darkness, ignorance
With brilliance, intelligence, good word.
Yes, you can, conquer but not with arrogance.
Build a bridge, heart to heart, journey
Weary miles, wearing smiles.
Be humble, pay attention.
Be a gentleman.

A Terrorist

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A man is not born terrorist,
he becomes when his self can’t resist.
He too has dreams with kings and queens,
but he becomes nil infront of his terrorist, and destroy his teens.
He too remembers prayers at times,
similar to what a student recalls when he is not with his rhymes.
When he was a lad he too played snakes and ladder,
but his weak resistance made snakes all over and him scatter.
So we must not follow the bandwagon, and think,
that the thing to be eliminated is the terrorist-mind link.


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Human is nothing without name
without name no history can be written
without name no one can be remembered
one shines and one declines by name
breath is life and life has a name
good and bad both have names
but how long a bad can be remembered?
His memories are short lived
no one wants to remember him
even if he wins hundreds of wars.
Good is always remembered,
good needs no monuments to remember.
Neither war nor evil can defame good
every eye has some tears
if good hurts these tears fall from eyes
but for bad, eyes have no emotions.
There are many songs for good to sing
how many songs evil has?

The Big Apple

a poem by

New York
was evil struck
a sunny September.
Day will always be
remembered by
the heroism of
the common man
who made the assassins
look small and
insignificant and
thus telling us
that goodness
will triumph
over malice

What does a man needs to be?

a poem by

A gentle man is what
One wants to be,
A courageous man is what
One intents to be,
A powerful man is what
One tries to be,
Rich man is what
One thinks to be,
What he achieves matters the least,
The path he chooses make it matters the most,
Leading a resentful life leads to nowhere as
Peaceful life opens door to everywhere.