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In pursuit of eternal happiness
The heart wanders across
Silvery glares of seamless deserts
Every mile traveled
Add miles of miraged disillusions
Scorching sun displays its wrath
Blistering drops of sweat
Created and dried again
Leaving cracked odors of
Clinging destitution
A whirlwind,
A sandstorm
Threatens to offload
The uncanny efforts
Solitude sought in desperate resorts
Where the sand, the storm, the whirlwind
All seek rest
Allowing the journey to destination


a poem by

Holding rusted memories
In my palm, I look into
The mirror of my poems
The mirror smiles away my lament

A second look
Into the mirror and
I smile away the mirror’s lament,
Of time racing past
Leaving only a barren trail behind

I, my poem and a new emerging I
Now grief, solace and strength
Resume our search
For a slice of happiness
Only to dissolve
In the flow of life
Alongside barren lands

A thousand moons hence
We continue to remain
The progeny of time


a poem by

Journey through metamorphosis has left me spell bound,
Evolution materialistically has been a constant hound!

Unending race with and against time,
Gravity had shifted from what was prime!

Cages around me changed shapes and sizes,
Garments wrapped in accordance to prizes!

Layer after layer buried all illumination into ‘dusk’
Reality lost to virtual, perfumes covered by musk!

Hurt, pitied, Healed and nursed,
Everything so shallow but thought well-versed!

Intoxicated and high with love, once tumbled deep into self,
Deeper the excavation, faster the realization that remained (so far) on shelf!

Breaking free from self imposed shackles of emotions,
Soul settles at ‘dusk’, the cages, the garments, the layers… vanish, banish all notions!

The ‘dusk’ stands illuminated from all myths and erosion,
Immunity towards all ‘hurts’ without confusion!

Assaults have been on the garment ed cage,
Blood runs from the buried layers of rage!

‘Dusk’ is pure as it used to be,
Pity the souls unable to lead,
The book is open for all to read,
Literature is sublime, illiteracy the only crime which has nothing but guilt to plead!


a poem by

A silent storm
Behind the deceiving skies
Shimmer in the air
Life’s a lie
Secrets of death
Inevitable to be
The glamour shits them all
Our eyes can’t see
Blind machines
These frames so devised
This world of glass
Every reflection comes to life
A maze in my brain
With shades of grey
Running hay weird
Can’t find my way
It all comes into being
From where we originate
A journey of voids
Human’s faith
Leave it all here
It’s moving you need to be
Millions of software
A wicked reality


a poem by

He lay against the aging wall of a garret,
His fingers scrape across the canvas,
A charcoal stick uncrushed,
His brushes, drained of their ability to bleed
A plastic heart that could never beat to its own rhythm,
And an evanescent muse,
Whose worth was realized a little too late

Fly, Fly Butterfly

a poem by

Fly, fly Butterfly
Up to the blue sky,
High, high I wonder high
When I see with naked eye,
From the moth you built by,
Came out with your wings fly.

Shine in the sunlight,
Fight like a brave knight,
The world is not as you like
So dare to face all the night.

Fly, fly Butterfly
Free your wings to go so high,
Fly, fly butterfly,
Say goodbye to ‘bitter’ guy.

Lost Happiness

a poem by

I came to this place to make my life better than others
But at the destination the happiness is passing by
Its age is countable, it is short of breath and its steps are already unsteady
Spring was supposed to be on its way but it seems like it’s already over
May Queen was supposed to smile but its seems like she already smiled
And Among other things, happiness should be on its way but it seems like it already passed
Too much has happened that was not supposed to happen
Anxiety and pain was supposed to leave the valleys and so is my heart
Happiness was supposed to finish before sadness
Now, about to enter the world where there will be no laugh for stupidity
No irk for sarcasm
No coax for sulking
And no sensation for silent love
God was supposed to fulfill my dreams but its seems like it’s already fulfilled
And biggest thing that I regret is that I didn’t even realize it.

In Search of the Other

a poem by

Two eager travelers set out from home,
One from the East, the other from West;
Carrying only a cheery world in their breast,
Till their fates crossed in the ocean’s foam.

Here a reason the wanderers found to stay;
Knew they well when flitting together,
Without one, there would be no other
And yet, each should soon go their own way.

One seeks to kiss the ends of the bluest sky,
One only to touch the magic of darkest night;
Where one’s path ends, the other takes flight,
They may be grey when in foam again they lie.

Two true travelers now too far from home,
One from the East, the other from West;
No cheery worlds allow them any rest,
In search of the other, they forever roam.

Just a Road

a poem by

Ask not where I turn and lead,
Near, far or whether you shall bleed;
Ask not where I begin and end,
Others may wait beyond my bend;
Ask not who shall follow with you,
Those that stay will be but a few;
To write my story, that is your load,
I am just here you see, just a road.

This Glass Cage

a poem by

I toil in this glass hall
With tiled floors and snug walls,
Glowing screens and polished people
All they talk is of plants’ time-
Ticking clocks and
Monsters belching smoke.
When I look for stars,
All I see are Hawkers;
Lucre is the only wonder.
Cool air is everywhere and yet,
My head is hot and I yearn
To be out gulping hazy air.
Free your mind and
Think out-of-box, they say;
Surely, they know this is a cage.


a poem by

And the farmyard faints dying for
All pain being old
All localised
When seen through Gryphon sighs
Dark cries
Permanence with fever
And if all time is a sign of
How hard we want to push
Recognition stillborn from visibility
Here on our way to our marketplace
All sound quietens you

What happens to the waterfront
I thought that maybe you forgot that all
Strangeness is degrees of
Globes of truth
Being fulfilled
Through trust
Shunted through the doors of sleep
Exhaustive days spent
Through our beautiful
Where winds are denizens
That cringe before us
Osmosis sucking on
The future’s brains
And evil begs
To be carried on your back
All languidity is cloying
Through its languor
I smell the foretaste of the sunrise


a poem by

We come to the world
Again and again
Scattering the seeds of our deeds
In vain.
And water them with careless hands
Aspiring to become more than plain.

Our lives are like a flower
Which smile when it blooms,
And spread its fragrance
Here and there
Till the time when it swoons.

Almighty Time laugh out loud
When we are still young and gay,
Expecting much to gain from the world
We work hard night and day.

Always hurrying, towards the unknown
We neglect dear ones and friends,
Till the day we reach the end
When Time stab us from behind,
All our dreams,
Those happy dreams melt away
The remains of which no one’ll find.


a poem by

The pages of life unfold,
Speak up a story so far untold,
Its a serious, engrossing, unpredictable saga,
Sometimes warm sometimes cold.

I congratulate myself, I’m tolerating,
The dosage…
of this hostage drama – captivating, encapsulating,
At times it settles at others aggravating.

Sometimes I feel enough is said,
So much of it I have already read,
Not fully a black and white script though,
Lots to be deciphered between A and Z.

To reach the nth, I’m going with the flow,
Sometimes with a pat, sometimes with a blow,
Un-ceased, even though if un-eased the show must go on,
At any pace- fast or slow.

Finally, the geography where I reach, will create history,
Trivial or monumental will have to see,
Weathered seasoned, ripened at last,
Sure with all seasons on my resume I will become an experienced old tree.