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Birds share the morning
in bits and pieces equally

Trees share the Sun rays
in packets of leaves without trouble

Flowers share the rainbow
by pealing off layer by layer

Flowers too are shared by
bumblebees with hand-fulls of pollen

When will man learn to share?

(Bolloju Baba – Translated from Telugu)

Here and Now

a poem by

I was busy chasing life,
Trying to mend my every day.
My mind always a step ahead,
Sending me at times, into a dizzy sway.

Life revolved around the checklist,
The list never seemed to end.
As I scored out an errand from the ‘to-do’,
Another five magically raised their heads.

In a bid to make my life perfect,
I jostled through many days,
Planning from dawn to dusk,
Like a clockwork zombie working on keys.

Then one day, I halted.
Stepped on life’s brake pedal.
Flung the checklist away,
I felt free. I felt relief.
Like a horse, rid of its saddle.

I seized the moment,
Before it slipped away,
Like sand grains through my palms.
Merely enjoyed the beauty of life as is,
Letting go of all petty qualms.

Dishes can wait,
Dust can settle a minute more,
Life’s moments bygone,
Will come back no more.

Life is calling,
Here and now.
Live the moment,
Make it your own kind of WOW!

Light House

a poem by

Away in an unknown shore,
alone and aloof like a monument
of lost dreams, stands,
withering in time

The shout of the wind and
scream of the waves and
frightening flash of the waves
hardly making any effect

The flight of the sky, fire
of the sun and scream of the
rain failing to make
any move

Come the night when the
darkness spread its black
blanket and the scared stars
running for cover

When the black fog spread
its wings to engulf everything
and the waves humming a tune
to mourn the death of light

Throwing the rope of hope of
light and showing the path to
safety to those lost their
way in the agitated waves

Showing a ray of life for those
praying for a miracle and leading
them to the shore of safety

The ritual continues without any
change and time flies away without
any break which makes no difference
in the life or existence of a Light House!

Thank You:) :)

a poem by

Thank You for being there,
For supporting me completely,
For understanding me and
Tolerating all my nonsense and me.

I am glad to have met You,
In this journey of life,
Wherever I am,
I will always be there for You.

These years were great,
With You and I hope,
That a fairy tale,
Awaits You.

I am sorry for hurting You,
I am sorry for the tears,
And broken dreams,
But may be, a much
Beautiful journey lies ahead.

Thank You for being my strength,
For a shoulder to cry on,
And all the encouragement and
Support and Love.

You are an amazing person with an amazing heart,
And beautiful things are in store for You.

The Journey of Life

a poem by

Every step that I take is a struggle,
Nothing can stop me from clearing the rubble.
A long journey on a rocky terrain
Every part of my body is in pain.
With a song on my lips and a prayer in my heart,
I continue the journey of life with a fresh start.
I will not give up I have to strife,
I have to survive, I have to thrive.
Every hurdle every mountain enlightened me–
It is the journey and not the destination that defines thee.

The Inside War

a poem by

People go by all means,
No one stays in your life,
The only one to watch the screen
Not god; but you.
And your own strife.

God has many to look around,
You are no special,
Even if you have good deeds to surround.

‘To each is own‘ as people say,
One has their own world,
Living in a different way.

You sympathise,
You apologize,
You pray,
You prey,
You fight for a living,
Here you forget
The art of giving.

The world is egotistical,
For it is self-centred,
It is by far twistical,
Like devil had mentored.

God’s hell is his love for humanity,
The devil-angel war,
Some consider insanity,
I say, as lightening strikes.
Here enters THOR.

You have to survive,
There is no way out,
‘Justice and injustice ‘
Shouting the souls out loud.

No one can be as good as they want to,
No one can be as bad as they need to,
Its just a puzzle,
Of your side by,
Dark or light,
Your behaviour decides;
Devil or angel,
Your actions recite.

For god is not munificent,
As he is just in his own way,
For him, we are merely toys,
Made with clay, for him to play.


a poem by

LIfe is
An embodiment of happiness and sorrow

Life is
A victim haunted by fate and luck

Life is
A concealment of love and affection

Life is
Seldom a mixture of obstacles and failure

Life is altogether
A stage where each artist have to
find their way out after playing their role…


a poem by

Life is a two way journey
Where every deed has its own controversy
But only one thing is single
It is Love
We have two eyes – To
Ignore the bad and see only the god
We have two hands – To
Hold the right choice and discard the unworthy
We have two legs – To
Back up from misleading and proceed toward one
But we have only one heart – To
Love only one person most of all…

The Joyous River

a poem by

I saw a river flowing through,
It flowed with great excitement,
It followed a curvy and strange route as to my astonishment,
I tried to walk with its swirling flow,
It twirled and gushed with merriment at morning glow,
I still feel its waters
Whenever I think of it,
That’s not all there’s more to this,
Experience of the River that taught me humor and wit,
It moved ahead in a joyous mood
Like a Human personified in it,
It now had become rapid with a waterfall ahead
And now my lines will be over read
As the turning point now comes,
For this swirling, twirling river,
To join the mighty sea
It’s a great view
To watch you O River, that flows without barriers,
To part with your waters
Gives me great sorrow and tears.

I want to bloom

a poem by

Wiry, dark, a clouded figure,
Battered hard by the brutal fate,
A wretched creature on whom passers snigger,
Dismal countenance and a soul frustrate…

His bulging eyes, his shrunken face,
Made me shiver like a blade,
When the heavens cried,
Like an ugly worm he wriggled by,
Under the a blazing, thundering, whining sky…

His heart longed for a cozy home or a loving heart,
I know not what…
But it was true, his eyes suffused with gloom,
Cried mutely, I want to Bloom, I want to Bloom…


a poem by

From the bottom I looked up at the sky, marking it
As my destiny I arise, as I reach the top, still
Not satisfied .
So without any destiny, I start travelling to the
West side and to my surprise, I feel happy and

At the window

a poem by

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
Looking outside the tree
We used to sit underneath
Dreaming the ‘tomorrow’ to come.

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
I see outside a corpse
Lying on the sand and vultures
Feasting on it – tomorrow!

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
I muse whether life is dream
Or dream is life!

Don’t forget to live!

a poem by

You wake up,
You eat,
You study,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

Do you realise that life is much more than that?
That just studying is not important,
But to gain Knowledge is what is important?
That you need to get away from your visual reality of your
mobiles and laptops and all sorts of technology,
And move to Physical Reality.
Because you know,
having sex is better than just watching porn.

You wake up,
You eat,
You work,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

You’ve become a Workaholic.
Have you ever realised that you’re in a relationship with your boss, colleagues and a laptop?
You Need to spend time with loved ones,
because it’s true what they say,
‘money can’t buy happiness’ nor can it buy time.
So run back home, give some love to everyone.
Leave the square box you’re caught in, go outside and breathe,
And this time breathe for yourself!

You wake up,
You eat,
You pray,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

You’re old now, grow up now at least,
Love yourself, but also leave some love for your family and friends.
Your life has probably been an average roller coaster ride,
so at least give the ending an edge.

Life is much more than just living like a robot,
you need to remember you are a human,
you can live, laugh and love.
Because at the end of the day,
you want to be happy and satisfied
Because remember, every second that passes by, brings you closer to your Death.

Inner Voice

a poem by

Which way shall I roll the dice?
The inner voice or the outer choice
Both are nice; but only one is wise
For both together I am not suffice

The inner is the ‘TRUTH’, they say
Through the heart it makes its way
Where the soul cherishes to stay
And God resides to hear me pray

While the outer is the mystic wonder
To which my bodies simply surrender
To please people and make self fool
And of world pleasures become a tool

I know, I have but only one choice
To shun the world and feel suffice
But I alone cannot defy the whole
The world in which I play no role

This is how I struggle and bother
To end strife amidst me and other
I cannot however, betray my heart
And set my conscience to thwart

It’s decided, this is not a place for me
It’s not distress but the voice of glee
This world, I cannot change but laugh
So into my head, I set the trigger off

(I am talking of ending the strife and not life)