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a poem by

His life asked him his identity
I say it’s an unseasonal drop on the pane,
Just a vagabond bard,
A silent crooner
Sans a meaning.

Meaning is a frame
A frame which defines,
But a drop is a drop
From somewhere up to somewhere down,
From a vastness to a vastness
A drop, a bard, a nothing…
When has a no thing been any thing?
His life asked him his identity,
I say it’s any thing that’s your thing…

(On my way to office today, amidst weeping clouds, to be something)

Art of Wings

a poem by

Winged art moving
Time as a poetic glazier—
It’s a music delighting eyes,
A dance that floats, stunning
The silence of eternity;
Watching them climb
Higher and Higher, their
Celestial robes having the
Precision of a mobile art
Gallery— I am standing
On the earth, while you
Open the art of an experience;
You disappear from my vision-
Yet you have chosen a destiny–
A white flame merging as a song
Of love, your breath now,
An ethereal cosmic whisper.

A Dream Walker

a poem by

In my solitude of life,
mind tries to walk the talk.
Flutter of images flock in,
flooding valley of silence.
I hear your foot fall,
softly on loose sand.
I listen to your feet tap.
It comes nearer and nearer.
I close my eyes.
My mind shuts down,
from all sounds of earth.
Sudden quiver of wings.
All my chatters flew away.
I await your presence.
your talk, walks in me.
I fall into your silence.
Your action in silence,
and silence in action,
Makes me walk!
I walk along with you
A dream walker!

A nobody

a poem by

Today I heard a unique sound.
Then I got a small letter,
a tiny cute alphabet of grace.
I kept it hiding in my mind.
I wonder what to do with it?
As time passed by; it glowed.
I blew air and fire by bellows.
It hardened,
turned into a diamond.
I tried to break it into pieces,
Cut to size.
Nothings worked.
I sharpened edges,
by my thoughts.
Yes I managed it.
Now it talks to me,
in clear clarity, cut and carat.
I opened my pen of mind.
I can see a flow of words.
I look so tiny at its feet.
Who created Niagra falls?
With a sigh I put my signature.


a poem by

In more abstract, life is like a search-tree.
We’re supposedly here to search something,
Some search postponed or search from scratch…

The single input, only clue
Thats our requisite hidden somewhere.

The Tree is trapping itself, nothing straight there.
Only mirage, no mirror image.

Cross-roads and narrow alleys, decisions and exams
No other way… assume failures as indirect success…
Often pushed back to root… no surprise.

Often distracted, deviated repairing cruse,
We forget to search… and postponed for next time
And… pause the journey…

And… The End.

A – Z

a poem by

At first I looked at her awkwardly
Next I started to love her blindly
I asked my heart to take it coolly
But seeing her and her beauty daily
My heart got charged, but not electrically

I never considered my Love as Folly
And tried to approach her gently
My Love for her is Holy
And I want her to be mine ideally

These are not words of jolly
As I have studied her keenly
And found her to be lovely

Her smile as what attracted me mainly
And never has she acted nastily
I want her to be, my one and only
Any my feelings are purely
Dedicated to her quietly
Girls like her are found rarely
That’s why I am moving slowly
Into her heart and soul truthfully
To live with her unitedly
In a wonderland spread vastly

With her heart opened for me widely
I knew what was Love exactly
So I celebrate this day yearly
By bursting crackers zoomingly

My Illusions

a poem by

As the empty road takes me along
Unless I come to fathom around
I see a jar filled with problems
House full of vultures
Couple of drops enough to drown
The dry earth about to soak me
Hiroshima’s nuke attack on me
Sound of pain travelling at speed of light
Ten weather seasons to experience instead of four
Bold souls in weak bodies
Myriad color combinations I denounce
Fate lines that now run across my body
Charred leaves with a long history to spell
A lonely child holding hands of an invisible mother
Running chariots with no horses to drive
Love definitions scribbled on the air platform
Laughter challenging the face of sorrow
The muse of my paintings on sale
Drugs to awaken not to put to sleep
The funeral of the stagnant river
Template of my body being incarnated
Loosened gravity to keep me high
Am confused and frustrated in delirium
Is this the end or start of my world?

If I were a humming bee

a poem by

If I were a humming bee, a honey bee of winter
I would not on rosy petals wander nor on any bower;
I would kiss not the lily for its honey nor the December
But perch in thine scented hair,
If only for a lightning while.

If I were a feathered angel as the glorious mina
I would chatter not on idle casuarinas
At break of day nor probe the fruits of the papal
But land on thine shoulders soft
Thine curbful shoulders oft.

And gazing at thine melting face I shall thus remain
Till tears of love run as a river to thy heart’s domain
And on every morn thou shall hear me pine
Till thy countenance descend
To hear me and to behold.

And alas! If I were a mortal and god has made me one,
I would thus eternally write, but for others none
And writing hear thy melodious tone
When at last my heart shall bleed
And bleeding pass to the unknown creed.

Say When Darling

a poem by

Say when darling
You shall come to me
I have waited from the time
You were sixteen
And I an infatuated teen
Say when darling
We two rivers
Shall merge into a sea
When shall we both stop existing
And in each others arms just be
Say when darling
I shall wait for you
The whole of my life
To see you as my wife
An if that does not be
I shall wait for you
With open arms and eager heart
On the doorstep of heaven
Darling just say when.

Love leads me on

a poem by

Complete silence engulfs me
As thru the crowded street I walk
I see them chatter but hear I none
Alone, dreadful silence all around

Many emotions cross my mind
The silent voices echoing still
I try run away from them but they blind
Fall I and rise, hearing their laughter still

Why do you mock me thus?
When all I have done is love?
In giving I have done no wrong
In return nothing I ask

The voices continue to mock
Helpless I in the crowded street
Then a hand reaches out to it I hold on
But his face I cannot see

He leads me on thru the alleys and lanes
Onto green grass and flowered plains
As we walk I see the darkness now gone
Rises the sun for me, in his arms dawn

Listen Boss

a poem by

Listen boss
This is to inform you that
I have had enough
You pathetic fool
You now make me laugh
Your shouting your firing
Is just getting tiring
You shout
Till your voice becomes sore
You are just one big bore
Listen boss
You are an animal
In the midst of humans
You are the worst
Amongst all men and women
And one more thing before I go
You may now remove those ipod earplugs
And come back to the world of
Meetings deadlines and coffee mugs.

To The Stars

a poem by

I behold you every night
Spell bound o shiny stars
To paint my dreams bright;

In the sky saw I none but you
But now the moon smiles at me
And fills my heart with its hue

O, stars I can see ye forever
Let me now see the smiling moon
Or else my heat will glow never!

Chromosomes of Creeds

a poem by

Chromosomes of creeds having been replete with
Seeds of retardation in turn breed more and
More mongoloids of ethnic obsessions, hence
Engineers of genetics may ponder over removal
Of pathogenic germs and the defective sperms
From the colloid of contemporaneity.

And after that an era of equanimity would dawn
Where science would have been made to dominate
Politics, eugenics meant to succeed restricted
Homogeneous breed, color hatred and racial
Discrimination dismissed as obsolete relics of
Primitive past, polygamy officially replacing
Monogamy, world government superseding
Neurotic nation states and the whole world
Becoming a family in this would be world
Nuclear arsenals will become irrelevant

Evening loves me

a poem by

I am in love
I am in love
With him? I don’t know
But still I feel the love

One morning when I look at the sun
He told me “I Love You”
When I saw the birds
They told me “I Love You”

When I saw a beautiful Jasmine flower
She told told me “I Love You”
When I asked with blustery weather
He told me “I Love You”

In the Evening I asked her
She told me “I Love You”, but
My friend at the time
You want to love with life

Evening continues her talk
You are like me
I am middle event of morning and night
You are in the same lane of life
With joyful and miserable


a poem by

As I am absorbed, minute by minute, into this vacuum,
I vanish into nowhere:
Nowhere, the land of emptiness, that is filled by me!
I create the space as I move along
Filling it with bright cheer
But as I move, the vacuum drinks it all!
It shreds my joy like fabric-glimmer
And captures it like mosquito-nets do the sunlight;
Then I comprehend the infinity of this vacuum
That cannot spread its emptiness, or radiate darkness
Or radiate its freezing cold
Yes, I comprehend the sad, sad infinity of this vacuum