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And I came back to You

And I came back to You
after so many years,
The dawns as witness,
Winds’ savaged,
Seasons’ ravaged;
Knocked so very softly,
Hoping you won’t recognize;
Those watery eyes
That unknown lump of fear,
A single refrain humming-
Should I be trespassing?

But I have always known You,
Haven’t I?
You’ve grown,
Old, haggard and
A wee bit frail; Down
but not down,
As in ‘over’.
Your smile still lights up
the crinkled corners of your eyes,
That once spoke without a word.
Laid away dreams – you bring back alive.
Those I never cared to visit
till I came back to You,
Those I never cared to think,
Existed in You, besides.

And yet ‘I am the same’
You say…
Maybe or maybe not;
You still have that habit of confusing me,
And eliciting warmth on cold wintry days.
Winds’ savaged, Seasons’ ravaged,
Am I Him?
You putter, you stutter,
As you reclaim that day
when mortal words died
Like wounds healed, the
scars afresh each time;
When the gales of turmoil
could never still
‘Those our Times’
Now forgotten far behind.

Cruel soul, why me, coward?
Why rip away my hands and
Show me my face, today,
That I have tried so well
to hide from thee?
Morphed reflections stain the hourglass of
my Life,
Like dust streams down a window pane
Lashed suddenly by a jolt of morning rain.
In my helplessness, then
Why yoke me now, friend?


I asked the night, last night, where was I
The moon replied, in the high tide
The swelling mirror of waves
The unruly pulses
In the plebiscite of likes n not much likes
In the wait for morning stars to lead me out of me
Is it that I cannot be me
Or can’t be with me.
I asked the night, last night, where was I?


It makes you feel apologetic
It makes you feel great
With memories most vivid
And thoughts most innate
Judgmental and biased, Critical or bizarre
May hit you bad leaving wounded and scarred
May gravely effect temperament
When we spare time to introspect

We explore ourselves, know us better
The nasty brain is always their to deter
Flaws look enormous, Qualities seldom prevail
Truth leaves you shaken good enough to derail
May look like one man of misery or an angel of grace
Emotions and sentiments occupy the space
Relies on the past, torments the present
When we spare time to introspect

Callous or serious, carefree or sensible
Your deeds bog you down, fissures and voids become visible
Makes your head spin, can even make you grin
No one to attack, no one to rescue, no enemy, no kin
Can make you calm, May make you lose your cool
Flamboyance subsides, regret rules the roost
Tryst with your conscience, actions on the stake
Our unrealized dreams, our guilt keep us awake
Makes us repent, makes us lament
When we spare time to introspect

It’s never too late yet it’s never prescribed
Aftermath of it, can hardly be described
Clashes keep echoing, turbulence perturbs
Radical upheaval and commotion disturbs
It may cause decline, may decimate,
It may instigate, it may sedate
It may revive or resurrect
When we spare time to Introspect.

My home, My cage!

In my home, my cage
The Door is ajar,
But I remain closed
Suffused with rage.
The light shines through
Pings me in the eye
Oh! Had I dozed?
Maybe, but not long before
Comforted perhaps
By the status quo.

While sleeping dogs lie
Tigers do not rest
Restless in the wild
And in their cage,
Ready to fight
But if hunted,
Ready for flight.
Here I am,
Secure at home
Four walls and a dome
Discomfited by just light!

For outside
It’s not all sunshine
There’s hate,
There’s hoax, there’s hurt
Some think is necessary
And is just fine.
I, I wonder why
And I cry.
Then I see that they are attached,
To what they have
To what they don’t
With strings so strong,
They’ve twisted the strands
Into all that’s wrong.

Is it I, I wonder
Am I that tiger?
If not I, then who?
I ponder.
Can I pull those strings?
This way and that
Till they detach?

I worry,
Will I be hunted?
Have an encounter?
Be put in a cage
And up till the end, flounder?
Please, the time’s not right
Don’t ping me again
That I may wake
And wander out
Of my home, my cage…

Something Beautiful!

It was ecstatic, it was mesmerizing,
Not for others but for me to see you.
Your wave of hand while I walked in the bus,
Yes, it was a moment that became just.

It was awesome, awesome to be with you,
You feel that smile comes back to your face.
Since it’s been a long time you smiled,
It wants to live on your face for days.

Oh! I remember what had I thought,
But after that moment I didn’t regret it about,
Coz the feeling of happiness had overpowered me,
It had forgiven me and asked me to go on!

Just how wonderful is someone’s presence for you,
And yet we want to live with ourselves alone,
God’s never unjust to anyone since He sees you,
For you to realize his presence, he sends his angels to visit you.

I did not feel bad about anything I felt,
Because that was a part of my process,
My process to realize the grace coming to me,
Enlivening me and embracing me with love and caress.

This evening is unforgettable, coz it brought so much peace,
God has indeed a perfect timing to enrich our lives with good,
Though things still seem hazy in front of us for now,
He shows up to make you realize that you are not alone!!

Carrying Men

Who said “Men doesn’t know labour pain?”

The struggle we go through
in conceiving and delivering the love,
because of, only for, YOU…

Will not be over,
in mere 10 months dear…

Consider being in never ending, total constant pain,
some may even become a monster of Frankenstein…

Remember to forget

Remember to forget
Those piercing words and
Shuddering scenes, deafening
Shouts and shattering cries

Remember to forget
The burning days and shivering
Nights, blinding darkness and
Shocking silence

Remember to forget
The perpetual pain and
Suppressed screams, oppressed
Dignity and vanished sentiments

Remember to forget
Those days with no mornings,
Noon and evenings but only dark
Filled frightening nights.

Oh Mother…

Oh Mother,
The avalanche of your memories
flood my mind again carrying me
away into the fog laden valley
of the past

Oh Mother,
Hanging on your finger like a
doll, struggling to make the first
step into life and the trillions of
steps thereafter have never been so sweet

Oh Mother,
When the leaves of time fell from the
tree altering and advancing my mind and body
yet, you were there without
any shade of change

Oh Mother,
When you went away like snapping of
a flame my treasure of happiness
too went with you to the unknown
other side of life

Oh Mother,
How I wish never to leave
the hold of your finger and how I hope
never to grow up ever and how I long
to become that toddler again.

Oh Luna

‘Tis but a humble request of a Loner
‘Tis but a humble request of a Loner
Oh Luna, I bow as I plead with thee

Granting my wish of thick rich darkness
Oh Luna, please dim thy shimmer and shine
As I embrace him and he engulfs me, tonight

Oh Luna, we have tales to be shared
Secrets to be whispered, promises to be made
Trails to be ventured and dreams to be realized

Please cover thy eyes and ears, oh Luna
For I long to cherish my date tonight- The Dark Night
As a loner to a loner, a friend to a friend and a soul to a soul.

Sweet Sorrow

Not all farewells are eternal, intense and sorrow in emotion.
A permanent goodbye to an illness has the utmost anticipation
There are casual adios, knowing to meet again, the following day.
And a mutual break up, for good riddance keeping the sulks at bay.

At times it is good to dispose objects from the cobweb of sentiments,
Which reflects the memory of a person or who you were once.
There are desirable good byes to enunciate,
Yes, truth is, harder to achieve while easy to state.

Anxiety and hope battle for space, when it is time to part,
The mind declines to accept spawning thousand questions to start.
It is time to fathom, the next rendezvous is just round the corner,
And this is nothing but, just a sweet sorrow of parting one another!

Indian Dreams

Friends we’re not… nor lovers true
Incomplete dreams that brew
In little mud cups you threw
Upon the platform after a cup of tea or two
Crushed under the mighty train
Swept away by the languishing rain
Of reality that is inane… mundane
Nothing matters in the end
Betrayal… feelings that rend
Your heart in two
Nothing left… no me, no you


Without argument life is no better
When it becomes quarrel
It creates a feeling of indifference
When it becomes misunderstanding
It drifts the attached hearts
When it becomes suspicion
It makes them fall apart
But when it becomes the ‘only thought’
It can kill any intimacy…


I found the Rose,
full bloom, in the mild pot.
I found the imprisoned
stem and gazed at its
destitute thorns.
I smiled and
brushed my feathers off and found
the bird sinking its claws
into frozen imagination.
I opened the fragile
eye and floated a dream.

Here and Now

Am I here,
Am I now,
There is stillness within,
The neons outside look foolish,
Someday they would know,
But till then let me blink in duet.

Many are gone,
Many more to trudge along,
Some moment,
When the wind blows fresh,
I’d be here and now!

Till the skylark looks back,
I am here and now.