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To quench the thirst
Of the poorest of poor first
On mother earth
You burst

You burst on the plain
The sun tries to dry you
But in vain

A little child sees float
His long-cherished paper boat
In the water of yours
Gathered in a moat

Lazy boys reluctant to school
Disobey their parent’s rule
While you are unconcerned
And cool

You must come again
To relieve us
Of the summer heat’s pain

Now as you sleep
Between the dark clouds I peep
And pray to you for thoughts deep

So rain
You must come again
And flow through my nib
Which was till now bane

The Silence after Rain

a poem by

Dust has been brought back to earth
In the little liquid pots of rain
Silence has come back
We can hear our hearts again.

The rumbling streams of water
Trickle their way to the pond
To meet each other
And form a stronger bond.

Tears are brought
To the eyes that longed for rain
Tears are washed away
From the eyes that cried in pain.

The Silence after rain
Has brought us back to life
To listen to our hearts’ call
As an interlude to the strife.


a poem by

The heat to humiliate, climate horrid
Rain the ruin, clogged the dreams
Nature so violent earth erratic
Sun to burn, sky to desolate
Birds to disturb, wild to attack
Rivers to stink oceans to kill
Traffic a menace, air polluted
Rules to ignore rulers to loot
Days a bore nights wicked
Prices so high, politics to corrupt
Bribes inevitable, greed the counterparts
Rich the worst, poor voiceless
Life a misery, men the cruel
Mean the mind, only to contempt


a poem by

Dance with the wind,
Dance with the waves,
Sing with the birds,
Run with the days.

Enjoy today’s song,
Sing with it all along,
Tomorrow is just another day,
That will soon be gone.

Ode to a bitch in heat…

a poem by

The wretch looked on with wicked eyes,
foaming like the devils sighs.
She stomped him out, to the floor,
bitch on heels, she wanted more.
His blood flowed down through the drain,
she pursed her lips, to cut through his refrain…
He smiled gently and then said,
“enough of you, get off my bed”…

Mid Summer’s Daydream

a poem by

Streams of sweat
Bringing sweet relief

Sizzling city streets
Scorching hurried feet

Temperatures rising
Flaring tempers

Scowling sullen faces
Drowsy with sleeplessness

Bare upper bodies
Shimmering in the sun

The days go on
Nights are long

The rich escape
Hills and misty air

It’s the poor
Who bear the brunt

Summer’s here
Every year

Will it rain?
If ever, when?

The Hermit

a poem by

He stood on a raised rock.
His eyes taking in the scene before him.
Crows flew low in the sky, vultures circled in the upper strata of the heavens.

He bowed his head in sadness.
“The scythe of death cuts large swathes,” he thought to himself.

His eyes found and followed a lamenting woman.

“My husband, my father, my child!
Is there no mercy in the hearts of men?” she shrilled out to the heavens.
The clouds remained silent.
The vultures stared coldly.

She sank to her knees in utter wretchedness.

“Where are you oh Darius, warrior of old”
She cried tearing at her hair and rubbing dust on her face,
“Where are you?”

A little boy with the tear-streaked cheeks stared at the hermit.

” ‘Tis Darius!” he cried in wonder, ‘Tis Darius!

“Darius,” she cried incredulously rising from the dust.
She ran through the village calling to the people, “Darius is here”

“Come all Darius is here!
The gods are merciful!
He will avenge us.
He will make the blood of our enemy flow like the waters of the river Tigris.
He shall make them tear at their hair and gnash their teeth.
He shall make their women widows and their children fatherless.
He shall plant the bones of their youth in the fields and
Sow dark memories of them in history.
He shall.”

The hermit raised his hand silencing her.
The people gathered at his feet.
The throng gazed at the cowled hermit breath held in expectant silence.
He stood high on the rock and spoke thus.

“I was Darius the Slayer
Sword of the Nation
Bringer of Death
Bane to the Enemy
I fought for my people
I slew many in their name
Too many to count
Blood soaked my sandal
And stained my tunic
Battle cries filled my dreams
Piteous cries my nightmares
The smoke of battle my nostrils
I loved it O how I loved it
My enemies feared me
In distant lands they knew my name
And trembled
But that is past now.

I looked into the eyes of youth
Sword raised to dispense death
I glimpsed into its soul
And saw who I was
What beast I had become
All in the name of my people
In the name of my country
In the name of my King

The sword is broken now
The shield rusted
The armour covered in dust

Peace is better than war
Love the armour I now wear
Mercy the only sword I carry.
The Darius of old is no more!”

“Coward!” she screeched and spat in his face, “Darius is dead!”
“Yes,” he said silently to himself “Darius is indeed dead!”
The little boy gently wiped the spittle from his face.
“Darius lives…” said the little boy with the tear stained cheeks, “Darius lives now.”
Thus spake the boy with a wisdom beyond his years!
Thus spake Darius the Hermit!
The body of the hermit was found in a cave that morning.
Murdered by the woman some said.
Murdered by the devil said others.
“Murdered by Fate,” whispered the boy with the tear stained face.
“What is your name boy?” asked the old chief
“Darius” Replied the little boy.

Dear Light

a poem by

You are the light as I get,
Whichever is the source;
Be it my Sun, Star, Moon,
A fireplace or just glowworm.
I like you changing habits
In diverse ways of hues and feels
And take me a medium
Inspired and interacted
Through reflections and refractions.
Imprinted in mind you shall stay
For without you I have no spirits,
My chemistry goes berserk
Affect what is left of neurobiology.
I pray for your rays to appear as I rise;
Spare me when I call it a day.
Please tell your palls ‘the heat’ for one
To keep me warm in winter
And I am not under weather.
I venerate you as His avatar
And shall live the life of the early man
in my eternal cycle with time on my side.
I am grateful, you sustained my life
And hope you shine on my ashes completely.


a poem by

Where do we go from here?
The road has ended,
We are deserted,
Helplessly looking here and there.

Its a deep dark night,
We are looking at the moon,
At the bright twinkling stars,
And how they form the Big Bear.

Waiting as we are for daylight,
Arriving in a few hours or sooner,
Secretly we wish to remain,
Lost forever, in this unknown terrain.

It Does Matter

a poem by

Is in me, it is in you.
It is in the core of all,
That is living and non-living.
When matter hits matter,
It is the living that is hurt,
By living or the non living,
When the non-living is hit,
It doesn’t matter, for it is not hurt.
It does matter.
One needs to know the difference?
Matter is matter.
One is hurt and the other is not.
Why? Why?
It does matter.

Joy Tea

a poem by

Come with me
Walk a mile.
Brew you some
Joy Tea
You may smile.
Hot or cold
Drink in the name of
“City of Joy”
Pour the same
Joy storms
In teacup unfolds.
New, old
Learn, test, taste
Know fresh flavour
Tea leaves, their finest aromas.
Drink happiness, enjoy, the chants.

Silver Enclose

a poem by

The King of light graciously,
Departed the palace of stars
There stepped the queen of night,
In elegant demeanor and delight

Carpet of lucid sky greeted,
The splendor of this extravaganza
Brilliance of the natural phenomenon,
Surpassed the radiance of lazer wonder

Drowsy surroundings transformed,
To a glistening paradise
The silver beauty played hide n seek,
With streaks of grey, enchanting the nature

Athwart lovers, swung her magic wand
Passion rose to peak carving for more
The blissful night trigged feelings many
Forlorn hearts longed for camaraderie

Nature stood mesmerized in the spell,
Of this dazzling moment
Numerous dreams weave continual
By simply gazing at the damsel

Eyes could not drink enough
Of this cup of magnificence
Words fall short to explain this glory
Oh full moon! Freeze there perpetually

Elemental Stuff Chemistry

a poem by

Organic evolution it is not sorrow?
However, an unpleasant emotion
Experienced in anticipation
Of some misfortune-
Insults and humiliation
Relatively permanent-
Tired unto the bone marrow
Anxiety occurring in a variety
Of vague mental simulations
Doubt and suspicion-
Horror act of giving a false appearance.
Which is causing great anxiety?
A fertilizer derived from living organisms
Chemical compounds
Constitutional in the structure of something.
Your physical makeup
Characteristic properties of fear unbound!
Involving or affecting physiology or bodily organs.

Cosmos in Kamasutra

a poem by

L F 7 6. Letter, number Mathematics.
Biological, Algebra Genetics.
Love Fine Seven Six
Say it rather Seventy-Six
Godliness in Sacred Sex
Hypo Minor Hyper Major
Cardinal passions
Human race – Venus.
Exclusive mammals
Love, ambition
Blood affiliation
Community spirits.
Ascent, descent
Inversion, unison.
Study research
Scholars and students
Activities engrave, M and S
Materialism, Spiritualism!
Green grass, ample red
Stop and go, last not least
While in procreation
Our very own duties.

Try to decipher the picture of Shiva in Meditation
so simple, yet complex, liberal yet disciplined.
My personal impressions; not necessarily to be taken as gospel truth.
The truth is for the individual to experience
in his/her very own way – without impositions.