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Take your time Me Lion

a poem by

As I sit and watch you perform
I am silent in awe of your grace
I see in you a life of norm
And I feel that it has missed no trace

Your stature is true in this light
And your hold on the audience is tight
I am not worry for your fall
But impressed by it all

I consult with a friend of mine
As we are short for time
And all that we are about
Is put in a laugh are shout

As we are riveted to our seats
We start to feel a soaring heat
That will lessen with a breeze
As we wait again for the tease

I cannot laugh anymore
I am sure my belly is sore
So I say to you take your time me lion
For you have truly touched my mind

And again as you bow and bend
I have had a good time in
The End


a poem by

Wish to fly
In open sky
Beyond time
In cloudless clime
Where no birds frown
At my renown
Where everyone feels
Ok on the hills
Buds and tendril
Smile in April
Wind there sings
Wet air brings
Some familiar smell
No heaven or hell
Thoughts compel
On rooftop freedom sits
And you with smile greets
Every night gala
And days superhits

Adventure in Woods

a poem by

I remember my journey in a ship
Which moved in ocean very deep

Suddenly, it struck an island
Passengers went out to see the new land

I never saw such a peace
Just I could hear snake’s hiss

The beautiful waves of blue sea
Due to wind the moving coconut tree

Such a scene when I see
Makes me very happy

Jungle was seen on other side
I felt cold as I went inside

Suddenly I heard a water falling sound
That was a large water falls I ever found

The exciting and cold running water
Which filled my whole bottle

The feelings of fresh air
And down something I could stare

My feet felt something hard
Which had designs of star

It was a big box
Just hard as a rock

Opened and found treasure
I came up with adventure

To everyone I showed the treasure way
Looking at it, nothing could anyone say

My such happy face had no one seen
It was an exciting day in the woods of green

Here comes…

a poem by

Here comes the man,
Thinking of himself the God;
Having in his waist
A bloodstained sword.

Blessed by Minerva
Is his mind;
Sagacious in all
Deep and sound.

Ever with Caesar
Has he been seen;
Innumerable are the battles
Has he been.

Never he be ignorant
Of his duties;
Nor fail to praise
The deified deities.

Fly beyond the sky

a poem by

I told you to look in to my eyes
To look you better
Look in to my eyes to fly you better

I told you to hold my hand
If at all you have to fly
Hold my hand to fly beyond the sky

Sky is nearer to you now
You can even touch if you want
I will just show you, how

Just look in to my eyes, my dear
Or hold my hand to fly beyond the sky for ever


a poem by

Suddenly, I am not afraid

I am on high speed.
Radio is nostalgic
fusing new and old.

There is a slice of moon
stationed in sky,
eclipsed but smiling.

There is one in my heart
riding on mixed beats.

I had not known
that words could dance.
My words are dancing.

I had to go somewhere else.
I forgot my route,
but I am not reversing.

The fearlessness of this moment
itself is so frightening.

Life’s Run

a poem by

I ran to the bosom of another
I ran away from my mother
I was now out in the free world
I had run before I could become sterile

I was grown and could run away from relaxation
I ran into a new fixation
I ran to meet my career for life
I ran away from he who would make me his wife

I could sing and skip and jump to time
I could not run away from the secrets in my mind
I run exhausted and feel used
I run from being confused

I am tired of running in the wind
If I continue to run around the bend
I will find myself alone my friend
I will have run to my life’s end

My Hilarious Space Journey

a poem by

Wow! I was a tourist,
Invited for a space journey.
And all won in lottery
That gave my stomach a happy twist!

I boarded the craft,
Without the knowledge of space.
With bags full of goodies,
Eventually gone down with a sad
‘No Permit’.

I was among the ones,
All discussing in a language I didn’t know.
Throbbing was my heart,
To know when it’ll start.

I went straight to heaven,
In a hope to meet someone,
Wearing dresses in white,
But not suits in silver bright.

Up went my head bumping.
And down went the things crashing.
They called it gravitation ‘off’.
I thought it was a ‘weightless toss’.

At last they went walking,
Asking me tighten my string.
For them it was easy.
For me, all was fussy.

With the rocket’s zoom,
I came to beloved earth soon.
And embraced by dear ones,
I felt my heart was full.

I was famous, but tired.
I went in the car they hired,
Remembering that sweet visit,
I still cherish.


a poem by

Oh lord! As a babe witnessing the bulls fight
I cry aloud in lonesome fright
Entangled in the worldly plight
My soul is crying for the divine light.

Let my soul be tuned to divine communion
In the utmost perfection, harmony and clarion
Again let me not enter a woman’s womb
Or trod the path that leads to the tomb.

Oh lord! The plight of separation is a sore
The bleeding starts at the very core.
The fire to be together intensifies
As the distance seems to be more and more.

Oh lord! The ever ringing radiance in symphony of sound
Hoping to hear the divine cadencies in hissing sound
I roamed here and there and all around
Searching in despair in sky and ground.

Oh lord! In the depths of sheaths I find
Thee in the symphony of sound
As the ringing radiance makes me spellbound
I see the symbol of Prudence around.

Mystic Chatmate

a poem by

Whose that girl, with lovely messages
Creeping me up always
One fine evening she responds with utter disgust
Hi, how come you have my ringing no
I betcha, I don’t know miss
Shouts she and then taken aback by my message
Days go by and then she calls up
We keep on chatting and finally she opens up
A christine, she dares to dream
Was in Mumbai till she jumped to Bangalore
Parents insistence, she can’t speak much
As in converse, she was thoughtful but childish sounded
Often she coaxed me, subject me to certain humiliation
But none to avail; I could never ask her for a date
And an accident occurred; she was hurt and made me hurt too
Alas! She could come back, but she won’t
She left me stranded, was with a Malayale Christian now
I stand alone and sing a song
The mystic chatmate that I never met


a poem by

Analogous are four sides
Colour en route History left

Right compass
White writes

Black fate
Brown drown

Blue chips

Saffron brigade
Green rate

Gold wealth
Pink is good health

Purple hope
Red carpet

Grey hair
Silver, lining

Unseen benefit
Yellow syndicates

Investigate universe. Magenta
Rose soars high, up navy blue sky.


a poem by

I am at mother of invention;
need to go to home to have my dinner;
hence I wind-up my scribbling right now;
brim thoughts come brimming at empty stomach,
when I chew my pan beeda;
even at dining table;
even at spreading bed sheets for my daughter,
even while washing hands and legs and face,
after reaching home
hence I bid adieu! God be with you.
Good night: good morning : good afternoon:
good for every time everyone!!!

Uptown-girl in a Bangalore train!

a poem by

Early winter and Guwahati station was brimming,
Here I stroll near the AC-3 tier, waiting for it to open.
Caught a glance, oom she breathes fragrance,
Siren starts and we move along.
Stations come one by one, till I get to see some fun.
Oh no! she had some fun in getting down from the upper-birth,
Whole of the berth was busy in helping her AXN stunt.
Well! the day went, and we met near the toilet.
We started chatting, though she took time to open,
both of us had a great time,
though she had lots of uncles to pay attention.
I somehow felt that we zealed well,
words unexpressed, untold were made in a quick tone.
But alas! we had to depart,
while I took the Chennai route, she went to Bangalore
I called her up, but in no vain.
Alas! she forgot me and I have a few words to say,
may be the Bangalore-Guwahati express would be forgotten by you,
But for me, it was a cherished lesson in disguise!

Sailing with you

a poem by

On this pirates ship I have confiscated your mind
I will attempt to embrace your humour for a time
I am only interested in your heart and your needs
I am here as your captain only to please
Let your lips fall this way
Let your head on my shoulder lay

Listen to the dreams we explore together
I just wish this cruise could last forever
Weak in my knees as the wave blows by
In my arms you surrender with a sigh
I opt to give you this love in full
As this leads us on the waters pull

I have rescued you for life
You have asked me to be your wife
I am in Glee
I know you truly love me you see
Covering you with the light of the night
As it falls softly but surely I am again alright

For I have sailed with the love of you my friend
I have slept with your heart next to mine for
Eternities End

Man Scour

a poem by

Search essence our lives.
Search for man in Mars.
Search for questions.
Answers to search
Meanings, love to make
A lot more sense.
Search for partners
Comfort our minds.

Search for treasure
Search for food.
Search through space
Researchers’ find proofs.
Concentrated beams
Of powerful searchlights
Controlling, patrolling
Care vigilance.

Thoroughly examine
Something to find
Diagnostic, searches of
Biological errors
Pathological search of our
Blood body fluid.
Forensic searches do
Thieves’ miscreants catch.

Authorised with a document
Enter and search a place.
Police officer sergeants
Searchers with search warrant.
Birds, animal search for prey
For a catch of fish, anglers pray.
Matching top all searches such are
Sure, the search engines of computers.