Poems by Vipina Unni


a poem by Vipina Unni

As a bud, I saw you around
Nourishing me and watering the plant all the time
You were the gardener you were my protector

From a bud, I blossomed into a flower
Tiny young vulnerable flower
I had no fear as I had you as my protector

Flower knew gardener as the protector
She knew she can call him for help
He will be by her side all the time

But what happens when your protector is the biggest threat
No one had told her…
She knew she can run to the Gardener for anything
She didn’t know where to run from the gardener

She was stuck as she was rooted with the plant
Would she rather be plucked and taken away
Taken away to be admired and cherished by someone
Or should she just stay and live in the fear of the gardener

She chose to stay…

Dream on

a poem by Vipina Unni

You are my favourite
As just like me you are a dreamer too
There is no comparison but we dare
So Dream on
As dreams come with no expiry date

In all the confusion… disillusion.
Amidst the chaos
There is peace as the dream never ends
So Dream on
As dreaming is believing

It’s true
The world is here for the ones
Who dare to dream
Don’t stop… as there is no destination
It’s the journey that makes us
So Dream on
As dreaming is an ongoing engagement

Your strength is your vision and passion
In no time you have had so many join hands
Take all that you have become
As the positivity, they bring to your world
The ambition and aspirations they sprinkle around

Stay grounded… stay pure as you are

Your dream is the only truth
The rest just fades away
So dream on

Tender Trap

a poem by Vipina Unni

Last evening I was on a flight back
I looked down on to the clouds
Not as a photo opportunity
But just to admire them

I found them just like me
Rather like my feelings
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

Nothing in their control
They just drift around
Wandering around
But nothing changes the way they are
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

When the clouds are heavy
They just lighten themselves
By letting off a little water
Just like me

I kept staring at them
Hoping I had wings
Just for a day, want to fly
Fly along with the very same clouds
So dreamy so gentle
So white so pure

I wonder who holds more power
The air or the cloud
Air for it forces the cloud to change its shape
Or the cloud itself for it never loses its charm come rain, storm or thunder

I know it’s the cloud
So dreamy, so gentle, yet so powerful
So white so pure yet so delicious

Next time on a flight
Do look at them
Admire their beauty and the grace with which it wanders

They wander by choice
Let the air be fooled
But we wander by choice
Like Frank Sinatra famous song
“they are all part of the tender trap”