All alone

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The flock of sheep
The singing birds
The playing dogs
And the hard working ants

I was just a mute spectator
Wondering about them always
For the happiness being
With them knowing no sideways

The giggling sound
Of the young children
The lovely sound
Of the young kittens

The energetic Cricket team
The hot boiling steam
The lovely flowing stream
While I was on the enjoying beam

Turned my direction slightly
Stopped the wonder temporarily
Happiness was nowhere
When sadness prevailed everywhere
While all were together
I was all alone
Without any bother
I was like a stone

Stared my hunt for friends
Went to the world’s end
Criticized God at all times
For committing this crime

My efforts went in vain
Got nothing but pain
There was no friendship rain
Nor there was happiness train

I was in the King’s throne
There was no one for me to cry
I will be all alone
Till the end, till I die