Poems by Shivaji Pandhare

Fruitless Freedom

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Fruitless freedom-
From solitary reaper
To band wagon creeper
As common man I never breathe
Scared and hold my soul in fist
Speechless dumb in crowd
Unbelievable, strange gazes on each
Uncanny faces labeled as if wicked
No reactive rebelling blood in my
Veins detected
I muttered in bathroom
World must be changed
And feel words while brushing teeth
Shit on my head
That carrying worried thoughts as burden
For insecure future

Hate my all acceptances as slavery
I am searching lonely for words of truth

A nominee to stand against to stop all this evil
TRUTH– whomsoever concerned lonely like me
These all damnable scenes eye soring but
I have to salute and smile before them
Who never deserve it.
How I stooped my neck before my nation’s flag?
And I don’t know where my soul fly
And humanity died in heartless massacre in name
Of religion
JUSTICE it maybe snoring after late night feast of
Or it may be vigil whole night worrying for happenings
With Useless remained sensitive heart sentimentally.

Drop of Sea

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

One day, a drop was lost from his
Old sea father’s finger
Drop replied him by message
Don’t try to search me anywhere
And worry about me or cry for me
First time I face the death but with
With my freedom
No matter where I live and how
And how strange peoples meet me
Under what circumstances?
Whether I may die in soil or burned by hot summer
And lost somewhere in air I don’t
But overheard by others, like people
I also unknown but never afraid of it
That is also, I do not know.
Or I maybe crying sad queen’s tear drop
In her palm or wiped out to hide me in
Pocket by others proudly
I may be helping to cry on death of relatives.
Or may be last drop of love affair to quench
Thirst one of them
Their ego of self existence never care me to
Preserve but somewhere in their memory
Must I come back even not valued much
I do not cry but for my little life but I
Could became drop of their last glorious
Golden rendezvous
I know they would also never try to search me
Because they very well know
I cannot be found like a moment
But I must be there somewhere in eyes
With no special sign to recognise me
Like their faces
Nobody there like to live faceless and common
Like me
I like to vanish for them because they are dying
Crazy to gulp me as true moment of life
How their world, eagerly waiting for me for many years
Then father, do you like to bind me close to you?
Don’t worry about me one day I will come back
Home certainly, but cannot say when?

Little poem

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

The little poem born inside me
Let it bloom and blossom like
Palm tree
And give peace serenity to all visitors
Strangers who stops exahausted near
Show them indications of eternal beauty
And signs of infinite in little fist
All one side mighty strength of positive views
Cherishing all emotions and day by day losing sensitivity
Joy, happiness heavenly showered on all like rain
And drench them to vanish bitter thirst with sprinkling
Thousand shades of colours on every cozy suffocating
Suppressed mind in this festivals of love
This dark side of our bitter history and subtle enemity
Of venom wiped out
Hug them heartily, hold them by heart with flowing tears
Nobody treat like wretched slave
Everybody breathe splendor of freedom breeze
Nobody tries to victimize others as prey as creatures do
We obey and follow what valuable messages gave our
Fathers, saints, masters hoping transformation in our
Holy hearts as human being.
That sun ever rise to vanish this wide spread
Darkness? Think think think!
Not tomorrow, initiate now.

Kumudh – A Phenomenal Personality

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

This pounce of leopard with agility
Eye lid open and shut erased all
What we could say, that cruel beast
Only memory remained now and then
I realize value of once
How true one must be with life
Throw these thousand faces away
And be original like you
I do not remember now that simple
But lyrical dancing sentences,
This void of rhymes remained unfulfiled
Look at fathomless sea what leaves on coast
I muse that tried much yearn lot that odessy
Somewhwere god also morbid I felt
Or is it one kind of blessing of him?
I have the cheerful photo of elder sis
You taught me how life flows in our veins to heart
And what is invisible lives, always in infinite
Don’t fear my dear, I am always near you.
Hear me in birds chirping, in blooming flower
My smile and enjoy
I love not because you still love me.
That flow never stops inside me to love.

Fearless Shelter

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Death chasing me, I chase your beauty with
Never say die passion not so hard but delicate
Place of your heart,
But bad intentions spread all over
Not let one step toward each other
No sign of blinking is enough, to live on
Bonded beliefs signed on paper seems
Humiliation of relation
And ask anybody for a cup of tea and chat
Feels underestimating cheap like whore
And what is exposed and disclosed self bio
So both never dare to ask and uncertain
Of positive reply from, live safe in moral
Trap very better
Losing one unique chance of meeting of two souls
Like two planets encounter after thousand years
Yearnings only, found no shelter to die fearlessly

Love Plight

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Sojourn on this earth
To engrave two sweet words
On my heart
Full body tattooed but heart remained
And it has to wait thousand years
Because nobody believes on your
Sweet crooning
What you show, what you express
Is not really you
Faithless fathom of deep deep mind
Whom you not recognize well
All that your only assumption
And beside world’s illusions
No match to your private password
You yearn a lot but all ignored as worst
What you humbly beg or plead and apply
Serving anywhere at the rate global
So you scribble whole night, your bio-data
For job passionately
It seems otherwise no significant evidence
To prove I exist in the world
Except these scattered things on bed
Which hallucinating me
That I belong beside world
With zero tolerance and no hassles
That path may be underground and has
To go alone in darkness with risk of life
Same story of antagonist may arise in
Love with some difference
How horrible is outcome in this hell
You dare to face the death
Even so many loving peoples around you

Broken Flower Pot

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Broken flower pot
As delicately shaped beauty
A sensible body arousing fire
Fell on the floor by mistake
Scattered in to many pieces, tiny like neutrons,

Death takes place like this
Keeps hand on your shoulder and you frighten
By unfamiliar face with wrapped cloth.
As love birds roaming to avoid familiar faces in the crowd

This broken flower pot as I mused on paper
Heart broken
For a while, words standstill
Personified as character to it
Victimized by bomb blast
Mouth plastered with agonizing pain,
Like a raped girl
With perished heart of roses.
Life’s absurdities.
Destroyed mentality
Or stricken dumb
World without definition
Life filled with cruelty and hatred
Nothing valuable remained, to achieve here.
What is beauty and its significance
If it vanishes like momentous breeze.
Once gathered together artificial flowers
Enlivened by myriad colours
Spread away, long away to search again
The song of migrated bird,
What kind of long life we got?
Even together we sense nothing, realize nothing
Then how we could remember that song of migrated bird?
This always fresh artistic life as love sign only
We really fade up with this useless fake life
Which always welcomes with same smile
To others.

If it is possible…

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Bored with harassment of rats
Brought a cat home as a pet
After few days of her night vigilance
We slept without a worry

But one day the cat drank the milk
And got rewarded by beating
Next morning we kept the milk in a saucer before her
Later she used to it.
Rats rattling stopped.
After a month
We found rats slept near the cat
Thought the rat may be dead
About to shake them with a broom
But stopped and took photo of them
To post it on facebook

Worried that past days would come again,
If this coalition is true.
How this miracle happened
With no discussion, no summit, no protocol, no mandate
You don’t know what horrible days would come again!

Fortunately rats ran away
Took the cat by the ears
To throw away on dumping ground.

I sent message to my friend
That I miss today, one miracle of love
Which man could never do in his life

Planet Earth

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Waves of words abruptly
Knocking on my door untimely
Like flood
With agonizing voices of pain
But that odd time I lost my pen
No piece of paper near
Whole city drowned in darkness due to
War began with rivals
And person’s mind war never stopped
Like this odd time “take us out of this hell!”
Every scream interpreting me
Or is it my inner voice rising?
At last found a piece of paper
And my grandson’s k.g. pencil
Is it enough to write down their woes?
Paper was eager to tattoo on all his body
This one sign is enough to quiet all chaos?
I later found it was not my voice but very
Ancient historical thousand years old
Events recalling me and their relations with me inseparable
And once I felt that not only my self existence
Alone it is attached with cosmic super power
Like www.planetearth.com .

For a moment

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Come monsoon dancing my heart upskirt
Tears in eyes waiting for you with thirsty lips
Plough in my body to sow seeds of more than hunger
Let it ripe with my knowledge of barrenness
So the shadow happiness never hug me
And wind never blows in my ears cradle song

I tried to forget my mother in foliage
One day my sad identity buried in this soil
Sky lonely never cries as before
Because nobody witness my death as human being
It needs to gather all in one my thousand pieces
What is impossible for you now
Because I never lived like that before for a moment

Four Lines

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Who could not walk on street without help of others
Can he climb stairs of heaven alone in last days?
When death of illusions hides in this last encounter
Whole life lived as taken for granted
Now it must be salvation or pilgrimage but whole
Screenplay diverts to childish creeping for reality
Amusing words setting in obscenity this may be recheck
Of alpha perhaps they have hidden secrets of life
No any judgement was satisfactory to prove this love
Whereabouts of hearts of both
Visera of face and lie detector fails
My whole services and worries to protect and upbring
All of this home as garden, collapsed now?
I thought my result would be different from others
Yet everything is same story as others then
Why should I, ashamed to tell others?
In fear I may lose my dignity, status
Then what
All they would dedicate me on my sad demise
What they feel when not between them in four lines
As others do in newspaper