Poems by Sudhir Kumar Dwivedi


a poem by Sudhir Kumar Dwivedi

In more abstract, life is like a search-tree.
We’re supposedly here to search something,
Some search postponed or search from scratch…

The single input, only clue
Thats our requisite hidden somewhere.

The Tree is trapping itself, nothing straight there.
Only mirage, no mirror image.

Cross-roads and narrow alleys, decisions and exams
No other way… assume failures as indirect success…
Often pushed back to root… no surprise.

Often distracted, deviated repairing cruse,
We forget to search… and postponed for next time
And… pause the journey…

And… The End.


a poem by Sudhir Kumar Dwivedi

Light makes the significance of presence of the worldly objects
Light signifies the truth
Light is required to remove darkness
Light is knowledge to judge good or bad
Light is the feeling when hearts come closer
Light is the dissemination of divinity
Light is to understand complexity
So, let the light continue wherever it is.