A – Z

a poem by Linish N

At first I looked at her awkwardly
Next I started to love her blindly
I asked my heart to take it coolly
But seeing her and her beauty daily
My heart got charged, but not electrically

I never considered my Love as Folly
And tried to approach her gently
My Love for her is Holy
And I want her to be mine ideally

These are not words of jolly
As I have studied her keenly
And found her to be lovely

Her smile as what attracted me mainly
And never has she acted nastily
I want her to be, my one and only
Any my feelings are purely
Dedicated to her quietly
Girls like her are found rarely
That’s why I am moving slowly
Into her heart and soul truthfully
To live with her unitedly
In a wonderland spread vastly

With her heart opened for me widely
I knew what was Love exactly
So I celebrate this day yearly
By bursting crackers zoomingly