Poems by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Erotomania Unknown!

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

My heart melts
At your sight
Your bright eyes
Is a sight to behold

Your beauty is disarming
Words can’t describe
Your silhouette in moonlight
As your silky locks dance to the arial aria!!

Loving you is a sin
I know we can’t be together
Can’t think of anything but you
Your sight’s my prayer

I don’t know what the future
Holds for you and for me
You belong to someone else
But I stay obsessed for thee

When your hands touched mine
Though You don’t remember it
Is a constant reminder of my madness
Though I wanna forget it

Loving you is not a choice
It is now a flow of emotions
Loving you is a sin
A poison, a desperate dream.

My Erotomania unknown to you
Is what it’ll all finally be
A dream of lost love, a penance forced
My soul longs for you… eternally

My undying pain

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Water it is my nemesis in the night
Spilling alight in my lively pristine darkness
Shearing the top of my manic subversions
My mind and soul dance away in misery

Calling the empty nothingness to complete me
Wishing the imagery of inner fear to manifest
In the deep recline of my solitude
Asking only my sight of holy numbness

Domain of my nightmares is dancing in rapture
In the sunset of pain bequeathed to me
Its the legacy of the forgotten rememberance
As the moon lies witness to her madness

Blood lit vision impales my woeful existence
Minding its own way through the cadavered life
The flow of my emanating resistance to life
Is only a sublime chaos of passion in sickness

Poisoning the order of the living deads
The wraith of unknown haunts the undead
What dies and lives again and again
Is the dying agony of my undying pain!!!


a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

I sit still
In the evening
As I look to the sea
Into the horizon
You know what’s in my mind
If I travel into this sea
For many days and many nights
Straight, into these waters wild
I would get to my home
A weird though to have
As I see the sunset… imagining
Someone in my house… in the twilight
Would be staring at these skies too
Remembering the time we spent together
Someone would be missing me in the rains
When we held each other
All of this thought breaks apart
When the tides crash into my feet
Just reminding that we are miles apart
Awaiting to be rejoined… again

Its raining outside

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Its raining outside,
Lightning… wind… leaves are flying
Sound of thunder shivers my inside
Feel my numbness I’m not lying

There’s no one outside
All in the comfort their warm cozy home
Nestled and curled up inside
Sipping tea… or sleeping… away from the storm

Few friends… went out for a movie
I stayed home… good deed… you bet
Its raining outside you see
I hope they are not wet

Its getting dark as the trees sway
The thunderbolts light up the night
The rains don’t seem to go away
They’re putting up a fight

I hope to get up tomorrow
And see the sun shining bright
I have my book and the quilt for the night
I’ll see the sun tomorrow… as it rains outside!!!


a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

I wish you all good night
I wish you all good night
Do you want to know my plight
My night is fright night

There are no ghouls around me
There is no ghost haunting me
Its my room-mate’s nasal anarchy
You guessed it, he’s a snoring porky!!

A week since I have moved to this house
And by no means we are each other’s spouse
Every night he snores down the house
While hide in the quilt like a mouse

There is no place safe in this building
Its like a game of cricket where elephants are fielding
My efforts of waking him up are unyielding
Let me try to wake the Gods with some pleading

What to do when the room mate’s like him
Stopping his blowing trumpet- chances look dim
Which implies- chances for somnolence is slim
Some day I’m going to murder him (Do not take it seriously)

The only way to Nirvana that I adore
No way I’m gonna stop this noisy boar
As he sleeps and starts with his chore
I’ll be snoring with him in-tune with his snore

It’s a simple case of adaption
The only way to bear this commotion
Is to play along in this game
Simple… If you can’t stop them- join them

All that remains of you

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

(This is a poem about a terrorist,
who blew himself up and
I saw his scattered remains posted on some website.
Just a few words to describe what I felt about him.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I see you in front of me
Unfortunately you are dead
Just some mangled remains
I see your ear
I see your hair on the head
I see your eyes
They are closed
And I see a putrid mass of flesh
That’s all that remains of you

You came to kill
You came to bleed
You were ready to die
You thought you could be the hero of your species
Sorry!!! can’t say you are human
I don’t see you in shape
You are scattered
That’s all that remains of you

Your legs… mmmm I see one of them
Beneath your so called body
Over that red bloody land you died for
And I see a hand of yours
Unbenigned and charred and may be bloated with puss
Your wrist and forearm… hah all burnt and roasted
Let me tell you honestly, I feel like eating it
The sewage will be full of you tomorrow
That’s all that remains of you

You died… left your loved ones in tears
Ain’t that cliched
You died… your kins declared you a martyr
Rest of the world does not know you
You read that… you are not in existence
When you breathed your last… I remember (2/18/2005)
I was sleeping on my bed
Do I sound non sequitor
Well… I see your arm (left or right, I don’t know) in a shovel
That’s all that remains of you

As I hold your head with blown up mouth
Eyes closed in extreme pain that you did not comprehend
A scar on your forehead and bruise above your eyebrows
And your bone exposed from 14 inches of your vital remains
Burnt red… I cannot imagine your last moment
When you pressed the button of death
I cannot describe what you are now… flesh on gunny bag
That’s all that remains of you

Till I live on

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Time has flown
Like a swan in the
Heavenly blue skies
Into the horizon golden and mysterious
Never to return
Far away from my heart
Leaving the remains of the moment
To stare at
It’s feet marked
In the sands of time
Only to be wiped off by the Zephyr
Only to be the messengers of time again
Only to be desired again
As I desire your face
In front of my lost eyes
Been a long time
Since its rained in these eyes
A dream of sorts
Only true in imagination now
They say… dreams
Dreams come true
They never die
They never lie
They remain till
The heart beats on
Till the eyes look on
Till I live on…

My Third Birthday

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

When I was three
Someone asked me
Hey little kid
Tell me what you wanna be
Blinking my eyes
Thinking for a moment
Scratching my head
Looking here and there
Browsing through about…
Three things I knew then
I said I wanted to be a garbage collector
That someone who asked me
What I wanted to be
Was none other than
My sweet little mommy
The day was my third birthday
And I was in front
Of about twenty other people
Who had come to wish me
Tell me how cute I was
Wanted to know… ever if I grow
What I wanted to be
A garbage collector!!!
The whole room was in a state of shock
I almost felt… duh!!!… I am a kid
I have a legal right to be dumb
But there was pandemonium
My father was sweating…
I bet there was a chilli in the cake
My mom was grinning
And I was like… uhhhhh
What did I say
My friend’s father… who was very fat
Found it especially funny
He could hardly manage…
His bouncing (ever growing if I may add!!!) belly
Someone dropped his plate
On someone’s dog (ya there were dogs in my party…)
And there was the poor animal whining
It’s the end of the universe… (may be that’s what he thought)
My school teacher (ya!!… I used to go to school when I was three…)said
This kid has been especially crazy in my class
It’s about time he goes to boarding school
He has to be disciplined

We shall appoint a ten member committee to look into this (that’s a hyperbole)
Someone slapped me out of frustration (now that’s hallucination)
I don’t know who was that… and I got another one
What… was the boogey man in the house
Someone had eaten my share of the cake (now that made me cry)
I am sure there must have been calls to BBC and CNN
What was I supposed to say
I want to be a dermopsychoneurocrypotologist (whatever that may mean!!!)
Spare my three year old pea brain!!!
Phooh I had a bad time that day…
I wish I can forget my third birthday!!!

(Disclaimer – Rather a small apology to mom n dad-
this is a pure fictional piece of creation,
please do not get mad at it…
I am just kidding… and don’t slap me…
I am twenty five maa!!!
I love you all.and pardon me for all the spelling mistakes)

His death… Her Wait!!

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

A blasted corpse of soldier
Lie in front of my eyes
Lament on the last moment of the martyr
In fiery silence of anonymity… he dies
Killed in a war…
He was paid to fight in
He knew he will be charred
An insane ritual… to be sacrificed in
He did not know how he felt
Just flash of light he saw
Felt his body dismembered in a flash
And then there was flesh cooked and raw
Disturbing thoughts in my mind
Play with the innocence of a toddler
Wounds of lacerations is all I find
Inflicted by the blind eyed killer
The flesh and bones
A portrait… a serenade
An epitaph on grave… some stones
With every moment they fade
When death comes with chill and fright
Violation of his right to live
His breath ceases in patriotic delight
The brave man is no longer alive
His beloved somewhere in the darkness
Prays the god that he survives
May he return… bring happiness
A smile and kiss brings passions alive
Thinking of the prince riding on the stallion
Her dark morose soul is lit up in flares of ecstacy
As his butchered bones wear skins tatterdemalion
Rotting in the times of no mercy
Remembering the times they were together
Lets a crescendo of passion prevail
The tenderness of erotic surrender
Her amour so strong and so frail
Her heart filled with memories
Of the day she first saw her
A smile on her face gives way to the pain
That moment when he first kissed her
When they walked in the rain
An urchin picks up the dust laden flesh
Paid a buck for the filthy job… he goes away
Her love… collected in a gunny bag… prospective maggot mess
His bleeding heart… cremated in a day
Blood freaks they killed him
When he should have been in her arms
For them he was a rejoiced victim
A cadaver… rotting compost… in their farms
Blood freaks they destroyed her light
In dark she smiles like the demented
She knows now he’s lost the fight
A mad mistress of the lost and lamented
It’s her good bye to the light
She took her life in bereavement
The letters flew in the winds of despair
The vultures in feeding frenzy devoured his remnant
Her eyes still long for him… in the grave

Between the devil and the God

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

In a murky night
The mad dogs of lust arrive
Mortifying the morals of the living god
Shame and putridity vilify their greed
They will never die
They are immortal
Humanity will cry
Innuendoes slit the throat… obscene
They never repent for their sins
They never remorse on blood they’ve shed
They never hear the screaming pains
Immune to all suffering… die!!!
Promulgate the gospel of the demented
Return to the primitive land of angels
Where the holy men were hunted
And their houses were red… red with their flesh and blood!!!
All the soldiers of truth
Militate to kill the light
Haunting the messiah till he dies
Oooo the wounds infect with dead notions!!!
Wishing all the demons would burn in hell
Missing souls outside that fornicate in moonlight
Chilly winds of the mountains cast the spell
Where the whispers by the devils enchant the night
Here he comes the black shadow
From the pit of rotting skulls he’ll arise
Behind the wall of purgatory
Will begin the moment of his demise
No rhyme no reason for their filthy rules
Hatred oozes from the eyes
Altered visions chronic distaste of the divine
The war won but nobody dies
The warlocks engaged in armageddon
The sufferers deny the judgement
The connection in the destiny
Between the depression and torment
The night will fall the sun will show its face
Empty hearts will fall
With the shine of holy grace
Everlasting cult of the serene multiply
With the cross in their hearts
The Gods will manifest
The darkness will be lost
The light will stay
The almighty blue shall fill the sky
Prevail… the Godly sway
Aeons since the war has commenced
Heaven and hell have been taking turns in winning the wars
Do not know when this conflict will end
Between the devil and the God

Marry Me

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me
Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me
Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me
Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me

Marry me o my precious princess
Do I sound crazy… ya I am crazy for you
Marry me… be married to thy stupid prince
Do I sound outta my mind… ya I blame it on you

Be with me… as long as you do not get fed up of my histrionics
Haha… I will be your slave… I will be your sweet fool
You are so beautiful… my rose in the garden of eden
Chintooo… you’re the best… o you are so cool

Let me present you with this ring
In your fingers it look o so pretty
There is no diamond to shine in it
Just a piece of my heart to remind you of me

Destroyer of the light

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Life, an extremely maddening fact
Meeting and long lasting lives an enigma
Shall not clear with the rising sun
A dark shattering romance with no existence
Stare at the emptiness in the eyes of nothing
My roots call to the vacuum inside me
Thou shalt never regret the vehemence in the soul
Never shall be over thine suffering
When the sun sets in your world
Rage in the cold sighs of loneliness
Paradoxical words remind of the suffering
Thank the god for the sorrow and shame
Sordid blasphemies characterize my screams
Wasted years shine in torment
Heaven will have you in its arms
If ever you die in hell
War on the emotions lacerates the mind
Emasticate the weary body to pile of flesh
Longing for an eternal breath of pride
The shambles lightened the road to my amour proper
The eyes that witnessed gloom and dejection
Shall be testament to thine ritualistic abominations
What shall fail to fade away
Will be the everlast dominions of serenity
In the voices of the damned with the fright of happiness
A thing never meant to be what it is
Goes around the minds of the penitent
Days of sickening immortality
Need to be cremated in the alleys of dreams
Soul cursed with this life of morbidity
Shredded carcass of haunting nightmares
Embraces the mind with persistence of the dead
Altered thoughts infest the hope and depressing horror
Before it can rot the life of mine to corpse of mortality
I wish the cure to the curse was mine
Realms of death and gore manifest
Like the wraith of yesterday
Lurking in the blindness of the heretic
Will the peace ever be mine
Will the stars ever shine in the land of unholy angels
Cast down on the tempter’s paradise
The scent of the decomposing almighty
Corrodes the isles of black souls
Living a crawling shade of the hour
A gospel created from mean nothing words
Shall create my world in the reality
The truth far from positivity
Shall be the destroyer of the light

A Nightmare Apart

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Wake up in a dream
From the bed of thorns so soft
In the pool of blood
Stains in wall of torment
In the dark night
The moon bathes in sorrow
The howls of the forest
Screams in your mind in horror
Awake to the pain
The wounds of past distaste
Shame of dishonoured sins
Hang on the naked walls
Through the mist you smell the rot
Out of the room in hades
The emptiness is so fulfilling
The inferno lies in wait
For the arrival of the damned
The fog around your body so chilling
As the unholy greets with dismay
The darkness in the eyes so stark
See the tempter in glory
Roaming in the wilderness
The refusal to heavens persists
In chains of excruciating pain
The sinners are torn apart
Their dismembered body cry
As the devil feeds on their heart
O such sights to see
O such a pain to endure
O such a gory conquest
It’s just a nightmare apart

Sinner’s Moon

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Thoughts of the dreamers hurt me
In the strange light of oblivion
Staring at the peace that eludes me
Dominating factors need to be relinquished
Into the state of eternal distaste
Never share the whispering realms of sorrows
That dance in front of my dreamy eyes
Dazing at the benediction
Incantation of perversion by the unholy
Shimmering tears of sin flow away
Into the horizons so faded away
Slowly touching the thoughts of the bleeding heart
The smoke of the burning soul inhaled by the dejected
Her nights of silk and serenity strike the tones of the succubi
Rapture droplets bleeding from the sad prophesies
The shadows are born to die
Reincarnate in the minds of the maddening tranquility
Sinners obsequious to penance rise in purgatory
His cross forgives in vehemence
Asking the eternal question of morality
The ghosts writhe in pain in the violet haze
The moon witnessing the judgment day for the refused
The abstinence of the forsaken lies to the dreamers
The stars, an angel flies in ecstasy destined to be fallen
Snow glistens in to temptations in the mind befall
Grief of the farewell into the darkness spreads
Not knowing the thoughts of the paradoxical shines
Violent pacification for the fire in mourning palace
There is no god that lived in heaven
The golden pathway to hell is silent
Stifled to be the servant of the maligned oracle
Withers away into the evanescent nights
The shame of the ostracized epitaph
Haunting the dreams of confused lives
The dreams of the Sinner’s moon

Don’t get angry

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

My ears are down,
Just like a puppy freshly scolded
My eyes are looking to you
But they are scared to look at you
You are so angry
My tail stops wagging
I want to say I am sorry
But my voice keeps stopping
Look at my face
Don’t I look repentant?
I have no courage to face
Was I so bad and adamant?
How do I say?
That I love you
How do I say?
I can’t live without you
I have disappointed you
I am so sorry for that
I have broken your heart
I know it’s not easy to forgive that
Please do not leave me
This small puppy will die
Please smile at me
It’ll make my happiness go so… high
My happiness is in seeing you happy
Look… my tail’s wagging so fast
Hey… you’re smiling… I’m so happy!!!
Look at my face… and see my heart.

(I had written this poem to my girlfriend
when she got angry with me.
I had e-mailed this poem along with a picture of a small puppy
with a heart shaped toy hanging down its neck)