Poems by
Siddharth Bhattacharya

My undying pain

a poem by Siddharth Bhattacharya

Water it is my nemesis in the night
Spilling alight in my lively pristine darkness
Shearing the top of my manic subversions
My mind and soul dance away in misery

Calling the empty nothingness to complete me
Wishing the imagery of inner fear to manifest
In the deep recline of my solitude
Asking only my sight of holy numbness

Domain of my nightmares is dancing in rapture
In the sunset of pain bequeathed to me
Its the legacy of the forgotten rememberance
As the moon lies witness to her madness

Blood lit vision impales my woeful existence
Minding its own way through the cadavered life
The flow of my emanating resistance to life
Is only a sublime chaos of passion in sickness

Poisoning the order of the living deads
The wraith of unknown haunts the undead
What dies and lives again and again
Is the dying agony of my undying pain!!!