Poems by Satish Kakri

Memory submitted

a poem by Satish Kakri

A human ability priceless
Without good memory life is a mess
You learn from book better by experience
Weak memory always make you tense

Shaping character in direction desired
Help may be sought from experts hired
Serving always in time of need
Memory reflects no cast or creed

Machine memory gives benefit more
Greater the memory performances score
Accelerated progress in capability higher
Strong memory makes you high flier

Your Words…

a poem by Satish Kakri

Human speech is a gift unique
Unavailable to other living beings
Taking as our right
We don’t realize
Value of each word
We create to be heard
By the listener keen
Seeking knowledge
Why should we waste
Humble in haste
Words that are curt
Without use, these hurt
Weapons innocent
Words can win
Maul mortal sin
Expressing intent
Use words with discretion
As these are god sent

Aspire Beyond

a poem by Satish Kakri

Heaven brings happiness
Sorrow pervades hell
Hold yourself high
Above heaven and hell
You achieve real bliss
In God’s abode you dwell.

Complete the Job

a poem by Satish Kakri

How often do we ignore?
Rules bringing efficiency
Saving time, lets performance score
Sooner success knocks your door

Prepare plan, complete the job
Value time, else it will rob
Hurried, half cooked food is waste
Spoils the stomach, has no taste

True for task big or small
Hasty handling makes it fall

Aimless Boat

a poem by Satish Kakri

Girdle your heart
Illuminate the soul
Let the body play
It’s desired role

Live your life
Let it not float
Like in Ocean
An aimless boat


a poem by Satish Kakri

Disciples are many
Master one
Like the stars
And the sun

Keep in mind
Master will find
Sins and follies
Don’t turn blind

Light inner-light
Throw darkness away
Pursue knowledge
Ignorance destroys the day

Driving Yourself

a poem by Satish Kakri

Drive your self as you
Drive your Car

You start your car
With destination defined
Initial movement
Needs gear first
That brings into
Action it’s greater thrust

Having overcome the
Inertia initial
And with the momentum
Of its movement
You act, now, and
Step up the speed
Changing gears to lead

Driving daily in and out
Following it by bit and bout
Without your conscious efforts
Or scout

In life when you set your objective right
Start planning with all your might
Always keep in mind your goal
To your destination happily you stroll

Personal Prejudice

a poem by Satish Kakri

When a question arises in your mind
Allow inner conscience to find
Your heart will favour answer you desire
With personal prejudice it will conspire
Activity you like to do it will inspire
Such actions are likely to backfire

Listen to your head not your heart
Deciding is difficult for heart is smart
Your decision your heart will entice
If you allow heart to give advice

Results of such actions often excite
Foolish emotions blinding foresight

Devi Pilgrimage

a poem by Satish Kakri

Her abode is far from the madding crowd
At the holy hills of Himalayas making people proud
Of her presence among them
The longer your journey greater you focus
While travelling in plane, train, or bus
Conflicting confusions that reside in your mind
Vain vanity vanishes, pure thought, you find
The pilgrimage refreshes your mind, body and soul
Spiritual strengths wake up, play an important role
To restore clean clarity of character
Which always remains human benefactor
You attain courage to fight trying times
Diffusing darkness around
Blinding wisdom sound
You can start your Journey but with
Only mother Her Grace
Dirt from bad deeds gets washed
The pilgrimage cleanses your thoughts
Your desires, your body and your face!


a poem by Satish Kakri

Walking in the accumulated heat
Of the sun that started moving down from its peak
He stood at the stall
To make a phone call
Middle aged man with beard long
Sat behind the counter singing his song
To an acquaintance of his clan
Stressing strongly to follow his plan
The subject was unknown
Nor any interest shown
He finished the call
Was about to leave the stall
The bearded man
Concluding his plan
Gave his final verdict
Impassioned mind he did depict
“Never be under the false impression
That except you mother anyone else would avoid expression
Detesting, condemning your wrong actions
Even if these comprise your natural reaction.”

Basic Fears

a poem by Satish Kakri

Insecurity; thou are not liked by humans and beast alike
You are the first basic fear of living being
Fear of death comes second on the list
Once you win the first two
Of your success, progress or mission
You have significantly gone ahead
On the path of progress as a wise man
The fear of criticism is handicap, hurting most
Doesn’t allow you to act though a fake ghost
Fear of success is one you don’t realise but it works below
The surface of consciousness and makes you slow
Fear of what will happen next
Works at your cowardice’s behest
Fear of opening an avoidable fight
You must dispatch away on first flight

Every high has a low

a poem by Satish Kakri

Why does the storm beget calm?
Does nature too gets tired of action?
What does it signify in life?
Why do some ships sink in storm?
While others are saved.
Why do people die doing their best?

Every high has a corresponding low.
At times situations more fast, at others, slow.
Waves come to the shore,
Only to move back, bringing home the point to the fore.


a poem by Satish Kakri

Any important negotiation
A legal petition
Taking a position
Or an intended mission

All require regulated research
Else sooner than later
You will be left in the lurch


a poem by Satish Kakri

Should you dare to resolve?
Turbulent task or evolve
Plan to meet enemy strong
Fight a battle that may prolong

Develop strong will
With best of skill
It’s your determination
That denotes dedication
Which alone culminates
Bringing success ultimate

Known Devil

a poem by Satish Kakri

No one is independent
Life cannot move without dependence
Depend on someone, and if not
Trouble to yourself, you have brought
Known devil is better than angel unknown
You can prepare to face devil not unknown
Critical zone