Poems by Satheesan Rangorath

Thoughts of Earth

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

From millenniums and millenniums back,
I was a molten mass of a grand imagination,
Who had created an egg containing universe.
Time travelled enough to cool down planets.

One day I took birth from the womb of time.
Slowly life ticked and tackled into full bloom.
Seasons arrived in different lively forms.
Flora and fauna tuned and toned the nature.

Every creature made and makes history daily.
They left their DNA on each cell of my body.
Every inch on my body was explored and excavated,
Ploughed, pounded, mined and stampeded.

Dinosaurs implanted their stretch marks on my body.
Now extinct they live in the annals of past wild remoteness.
Humans infested every nook and corner.
Each lived and lives here on me as if on their ownership.

Tamed animals used to their advantage and slaved,
Killed and fed them with cruelty, Plundered, invaded,
And looted, treasure hunted every bit of my bosom.
I was happy to feed my children with ambrosia of my love.

But still I have my infinite treasure trove uncovered.
Those are the invaluable diamonds that I gave birth.
Who will live forever more because they are the salts of the earth
Seize not my treasures from me because they are my mighty hopes.
I am too great to crawl at your feet, rather would get melted again.

Cradle of Compassion

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I was fumbling in the darkness.
Tsunami of night was consuming me.
Wading I walked slowly in faulty steps,
Faltering my feet fell on unknown terrain.

Frustrated I looked around for a familiar sound.
No there is only louder drumming of fear.
Heart beats in faster and faster tones.
I closed my eyes creating more darkness.

Resigning to my fate I spoke in delirium.
A cold shower of emotions dampened me.
My spirits drenched in my emotions.
Stranded in my thoughts I cuddled to sleep.

I woke up as a little child so confused.
Suddenly I saw the light of a laughter.
Sharpened my ears I tried to listen.
Yes, I Had heard it before, far from depth of time.

Slowly I heard a footfall nearing me.
I got shuffled and waited anxiously.
A soft subtle aroma spread around.
I heard a clang of bangles in my ears.

Glitter of a diamond nose stud.
Then brilliance of a sweet smile.
I saw the entire world for a split second.
My eyes filled, tear was flowing instantly.
I was carried in the cradle of compassion
I was toddling holding the tip of Her Saree.

Face of Truth

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

World is a matter of light and shades.
Everything shines after brilliance of truth.
Darkness dips its brush in fluorescence,
Puts blush of a rouge on her face.

There is in the duality of world,
Evolves a black side and a bright side.
All love a world under flood light,
Shines showing spring flowers of life.

Nothing exists as single in this universe.
If one is real, the other is a reflection.
A shadow follows every matter no matter.
Ultimately consumes one another.

Sun eats away moon on an eclipse day.
It is Moon’s day to eat the sun on a lunar day .
Twins strike entire macrocosm each day.
Microcosm remains inside as seeds.

Masters who ascent to a higher realm;
Settles there in pure gleam of ecstasy.
Holy Mother of universe observes, and
Transforms each one into unique unity.

In the high realms of effulgence;
Remains none other than purity, the face of truth.
Fire sanctifies each life to knowledge,
Tongues of fire licks away impurities.

Whole of cosmic dream merges into one delight.
Enters into end of knowledge- into silence.
Wisdom dawns from the enlightenment.
Beauty of muteness appears like a dawn!

Pure Effulgence

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Trekking on a path of life to immortality,
Time moves in an eternal cycle of mystery.
Neither is there a beginning nor an end.
Those gets dissolved who rolls in the time,
Again appears somewhere somehow.
Cycle of existence continues until then.
Wise ones stay on time are the ones,
Who lives and sees beyond time n’ space.

Metamorphosis completes into human form,
as we float in the tide of births and deaths.
All who does not swim; the ocean consumes.
Those who are wise stay afloat among waves.
They cross sea of turmoil in repeated attempts.
Then transcend world to reach home of tranquility.
They takeoff and fly on wings of wisdom to heights,
and see the whole universe as one entity.

Once reached on upper deck of truth,
Shall remain there observing fun of cosmic dream.
They are awake aware of reality; tries waking up all.
helping all to see and enjoy ecstasy.
Playing a role in the dreaming n’ deep sleep.
Yet, they remain in effulgence; unaware of day and night.
Holy mother witnesses and hears all states of life ticks.
She is the seer; seen; and scene altogether.
Oh! Mother wake me up from my deep slumber to light!

Elements of Grace

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

As she smiles Sun, Moon and Stars fade
Universe bows down at her lotus feet
Entire galaxies revolve around her love
Five elements of world create a canopy

Air that breeze around her gets purified
The sweet fragrance of love streams off her heart
Water she touches turns into holy river Ganges
She sprinkles her grace on all around

By a soft feel of fingers she fertilizes soil
Hopes and love sprouts in hearts of earth
New fine potteries ‘n’ idols are created
Then infused ticks of life by pouring air

By soft subtle speeches she soothed minds
Fire of wisdom burned away garbage of life
She lighted soft warm flames in the hearth
Heaping her compassion ‘n’ love as offering

Oh mother of all, let me pray that I be an offering
Let me offer a little space in my heart for you
Let me build a temple of gratitude for being with us
Oh holy mother consecrate this temple!

Oh! There

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Birth after birth, we go on spilling
Filth and dirt all though our walks
Then one day, we hope some one to lead
Hold our hands, to the promised land
Where births and deaths end
Oh there, I visualize a soft smile!

Hands across the Sea

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Hands stretched, Mother Earth awaits,
Embraces every being born on her lap.
From far and wide of each continent,
She feeds and nurtures each creature.
She never shows any long face to anyone.
Breast feeds her milk of love and grace to all.
Caste, colour, race, creed all same for her;
She adores her head with a rainbow.
She hugs the world across with passion.
Grace falls on each one incessantly.
Only one has to just drink it with awareness.
We arrive in this world as visitors.
But we make it a hell in a short time,
Bleeding her soul profoundly by our greed.
At least once for all, let us extend our hands across,
Let us be friends, brothers and sisters,
And make our stay in the comfort of peace.
Before departure, let us unite,
Make a United Nations of Harmony!

Symphony of Lights

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I want to feel.
Feel life raw,
blended to nature.
I stand alone,
flowing my senses.
I see beauty everywhere.
Each creature touches me,
teaches me.
I open my eyes.
Gape with awe.
Feel each heart beat,
the rhythm of life.
I am a part too.
I wish to cry.
Love to smile.
Laugh rollick.
Every sound is music to my ears
I shut my eyes humming a melody
I see night sky,
Litter with stars.
Moon wades in clouds.
Somewhere is a planet,
may be life ticks there too.
What a beautiful arena it is.
I wish I could flow, fly.
Flow my heart,
my love to all.
Light every heart a wick.
A spec of light,
dancing in each soul,
a dance of hope for all,
a song of compassion,
a long hug merges into heart beats.
Notating a symphony of lights and shades.

Mangalyaan (Voyage to Mars)

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

It is alright how we came.
But one cannot deny our presence.
We are in the Mars club.
found our way ahead in a bicycle!
No one helped us to be here.
It is our Vedic skills,
made way for cosmic dreams.
If you like it or not,
we made our entry silently.
We may have used a bullock cart,
a buffalo for our space ship.
Cow dung as fuel.
Does it matter?
It is not to conquer Mars.
Just to be there to do our bit.
Entire universe is a puzzling mystery.
The more we are in,
the more we entangle in the puzzle.
Depth is so deep.
Neither end is seen nor beginning.
But there is hope.
Hope in and for humanity.
Please wear your DESIGNER HATS
We wear our turbans.
Please do cartooning,
But do not mock at us in a cartoon.
It is not for mockery but for good taste.
Let us do something,
useful for humanity.
Not to make a Nuclear winter out of greed.
We chant a hymn.
a mantra that reaches beyond galaxies.
A couplet for our liberation.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
(Peace on us, Peace on us ,Peace on us)

A Dream Walker

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

In my solitude of life,
mind tries to walk the talk.
Flutter of images flock in,
flooding valley of silence.
I hear your foot fall,
softly on loose sand.
I listen to your feet tap.
It comes nearer and nearer.
I close my eyes.
My mind shuts down,
from all sounds of earth.
Sudden quiver of wings.
All my chatters flew away.
I await your presence.
your talk, walks in me.
I fall into your silence.
Your action in silence,
and silence in action,
Makes me walk!
I walk along with you
A dream walker!

A nobody

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Today I heard a unique sound.
Then I got a small letter,
a tiny cute alphabet of grace.
I kept it hiding in my mind.
I wonder what to do with it?
As time passed by; it glowed.
I blew air and fire by bellows.
It hardened,
turned into a diamond.
I tried to break it into pieces,
Cut to size.
Nothings worked.
I sharpened edges,
by my thoughts.
Yes I managed it.
Now it talks to me,
in clear clarity, cut and carat.
I opened my pen of mind.
I can see a flow of words.
I look so tiny at its feet.
Who created Niagra falls?
With a sigh I put my signature.


a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I painted a picture,
painted in all colours of the world.
Ultimately it turned out,
A messy sticky painting,
meaninglessly garnished,
tastelessly treated.
I found her looking at it,
closely with awe.
Her face turned into a pallet.
dripping down pastels.
My images vanished like a dream.
The canvas turned blank.
My face turned pale.
I became a slave.
My hands tied to easel,
unable to put my brush strokes.
I was crucified.
with paleness of life.
My colours litter around.
My head dangle sideways.
I wait for a kiss of life.
For my resurrection!

Let me pray

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

My heart is full and overflows, soon I hear you coming.
Heart beats faster and faster, soon I see your holy feet.
Oh! Mother of universe how do I express my happiness?
By oblation of my tear drops let me worship your grace.
Let me flow my heart and thoughts in reverence.
My wish is to fall at your feet and merge in sanctity.
My prayer is to become a thought in your thoughts.
I love to be a little child under your care for ever.
I wish if I could be a pride of your hopes and dreams.
O! Mother just make me a flower for your worship.
Let me be a drop of water on your lotus feet.
Let me be a wick burning ‘n’ yearning for liberation.
Let my mind burn as incense spreading fragrance.
Let me burn myself as camphor leaving, but a glow.
I wish if I could be a chant on your holy lips.
Make me be a song in praise of your magnanimity.
One day, let me merge in your nameless, formless glow.
Let me remain in that silence of your silence.

U. Sreenivas – A great Mandolin Musician

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

He stretched his heart to the strings,
creating soulful sweet tunes of music.
Streams of Carnatic music infused,
flowed in to his Mandolin as divine fusion .
Mind, body and intellect merged,
making soul as tune and tone of songs.
Mandolin cords spoke his thoughts,
melting him down to the core of symphony.
His fingers wove magic in each note,
then he abandoned his name and form,
vesting his soul on stings of rhythm,
turning himself as cosmic dulcet.
One day he dissolved himself into infinity,
freezing into silence of eternal euphony,
manifested into fineness of celestial muse.

So, help me God

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Oh, where am I?
Oh God, why did you push me down?
It is so noisy here.
I feel hungry.
Where is my yummy mummy tube?
My you tube!
It is not with me any more
What am I doing here?
You know God first time I made a strange voice
A voice of fear,
A voice of helplessness,
Of insecurity,
I learned to make the voice louder.
A cry of my heart!
Then someone fed me milk.
It tastes so good as in my tube
Oh it was my mummy.
She hugged me!
I was feeling comfortable.
God I think my journey starts here!
So, help me God.