Poems by Pooja Rajeendranath


a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

Life – a mixture of many, many things
A vast multitude of surprises it brings
Any minute, any day, you never know
Which color of itself, life will show

A born musician, the piano I played
Success was at my fingertips, my life was made
Villas, limos and other riches surrounded me
A wonderful life I lived, a fantasy

Then came that fateful day
Which changed my life in every possible way
While driving my car, I lost control
Losing balance, I fell on the road

Both my hands were run over by a car
I haven’t used my hands since then, so far
Since that accident, my life has totally changed
But that is life, no one can be blamed


a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

They come in so many colours with a scent ever so sweet
Of them, nature has created quite a fleet
Something so speechless and yet has so many powers
Yes, we are speaking about nature’s own flowers.

You can always give a flower to someone as a gift
Relationships it can mend, sagging spirits it can lift
They create a happy bouquet on the day one is wed
They are also used in a coffin when someone is dead.

Mother Nature created them with so much care
Go to any garden, a flower is always there
They spread so much joy wherever they are
So small, so beautiful, but yet with so much power.

Women in Business

a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

Women are making their mark today
In commerce and the business field,
All their critics were proved wrong
When she swept the field and sounded the gong.

Take Indra Nooyi, the president of Pepsico
Her career graph zoomed from ‘no’ to ‘go’;
She made her mark in her own special way
When ‘Fortune’ magazine named her, the woman of the day.

Amul ads are a great treat
P.C.Kurien has made it real great,
His successor Ms. Patel is the queen
She is the best there has ever been.

House locks for security, what do we think?
Furniture and detergents,we don’t even blink;
Soft drinks, of course, are always there
Under Parameshwar Godrej’s loving care.

Beautifying lotions to make your face glow
The maker is Shahnaz Hussain, did you know?
Woman Entrepreneur of the year – does one hear right?
She is here today after a great fight.

She is here to stay, it is really true
You gave her a chance and she has beaten all of you.

Love – A beautiful gift

a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

When two children play, and one of them falls
To a safer place, he is hauled,
By his friend, who uses his only shirt
To bandage his wounds while playing in the dirt.
“I have nothing for tomorrow”, this thought he will shove
Between best friends, this is the bond of love.

A mother is nursing her crying child
Hungry and screaming, she was going wild;
She will stay up all night without a wink of sleep,
For she cannot bear to see her child weep;
The touch of a mother makes a crying child so mild
This is love between a mother and her child.

When his parents were tired, he took care of her
Putting her to sleep and seeing that she did not even stir,
A surprise birthday party when their parents were away,
Beautiful love for a sister in a brotherly way.

An embodiment of excellence, a bag full of care,
An ocean of knowledge she has to share,
When her wards are in trouble, she is always there,
The love for her students in a teacher is always there.

As the day ends and he waits for the sun to go,
He longs to admire her face in the moonlight glow,
She longs to be in his arms, for they are always there
To comfort her in trouble and shower her with care
Fun and laughter, they always share
Such love between two lovers is never so rare.

Love has many forms, as we have already seen
The cheapest gift to give, always remains so clean;
We all have love in our hearts
And someone to whom we can give;
Let us spread joy and happiness through love
And make the world a better place to live.

My Best Friend

a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

You rocked my cradle, when I was a new-born
Listened to my shrieking, louder than a blow-horn;
When I came into the world, you were six-years old
But on seeing me you felt, like you had found gold
“Thank you, Mom”, you said “I love you a lot”
“A little sister is the best gift that this brother has ever got”.
You held my hand and guided me
You taught me how to walk,
You were the first person in the house
To hear me laugh and talk;
You taught me to make paper boats
And sail them in the rain-water pool,
One morning, you also prepared me
For my first day at school.
Always there to correct me
When I did something wrong,
There was also the threat of a good spanking
With a ruler that was one foot long.
By the time, I turned six
I had learnt quite a few tricks;
You didn’t let me have my way, I got real cross
It was I who hid your geometry box,
You took me out and got me a popsicle
After you fell, when I pushed you off your cycle,
For my birthday, you gave me a plastic finger-ring
And using a rope, you made me a lovely swing,
“Who gets to sit first?”, we fought like hell
We sat on it together, and we both fell;
You soothened my bruises, when I fell off the trees
Even after I filled your badminton net with leaves,
Never once whimpered when I tore your blotter
Even when I blamed you, for pushing me into the water.
My personal confidant, when my bad days came
You could turn a sad moment into a funny game;
A person ever present to wipe away my tears
To console me and drive away my worst known fears,
A person I will cherish and remember till the end
Thank you very much, brother, for being my best friend.

Thoughts of a Soldier

a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

The clock struck, the time had come
We consoled ourselves, there was work to be done;
With a heavy heart, we bid goodbye
Hoping against hope that time would just fly.

We all set out to the battlefront
There were territories to clear and enemies to hunt;
Come on, comrades, let us all run
For in the end, the battle has to be won.

Will we return home? We do not know
Will we be able to see the broad river flow;
But, you, my countrymen should definitely know
That the bright light of our nation must continue to glow.

A Smile

a poem by Pooja Rajeendranath

A smile is something that brings you joy,
It makes you happy even though you’re annoyed,
It fills up in life, a really big void
It cleans the cloth of life that is soiled

When you help a person, make them smile
Brighten up their lives for a little while;
For when a person learns to smile,
He crosses a distance, longer than a mile

When a person smiles, his joy is shown;
If on the walk of life, he is alone
The road to friendship he is shown,
His world will never be sad or careworn

When you see a sad person, smile at him
Spread your love and joy through him;
From your hardships, it helps you unwind
Happiness is the greatest gift, from a smile you can find.