Poems by Marwah J S


a poem by Marwah J S

The journey we complete,
In which we compete,
With life and death,
To reach the far off ambitions,
Ambitions are the human thoughts,
The expectations to prove our ability,
Once we think of it,
We try to achieve it,
With full concentration and meditation,
Which may lead to catastrophe or creation.

So for trying we need something,
Something to achieve, to gain,
Or all our efforts will go in vain,
And living the life would seem to be pain.

Being Yourself

a poem by Marwah J S

Being yourself is very difficult,
As world has become critical,
Full of various identities,
against which we are unable,
to stand on our knees.

Being yourself in this WORLD,
is like an ant under a crane,
or a turtle in acid rain.

The one who is able to do so,
has, I think, in a storm a boat to row.

To reach his destination,
he should have full concentration,
and will have to cross miles and miles of difficulties,
which he will be able to cover with meditation.

Heart Broken

a poem by Marwah J S

First time, I made a mistake,
Second time, I spared you,
But this time you have made me
Like lock without a key,
Where there are no leaves on a tree,
Broke my heart and let our bond free.

The more I saw you the more I loved,
As no one except you were seen,
By my eyes, but your love
Proved to be fake
And I want to ask you “Why did you choose my heart to break”.

Your eyes were my weakness,
And your soul was mine,
Then why did you make my heart
An isolated ivy vine!!