Poems by Manoshi Chatterjee


a poem by Manoshi Chatterjee

Tears come rolling down
Remembering those beautiful days
I knew somewhere deep down
It wasn’t true anyway

I never though believed myself
Now with my shattered faith
Deep within when I delve
I see nothing but only pain

Those moments will not come back
It was a pure illusion
A mirage I thought to be real
In my state of delusion

That strong mind of mine
Is not strong anymore
Lesson that pain has taught
Every part of my being is sore

Still I cannot give up though
My strength to fight the truth
Why is reality so harsh
So hard to accept, so crude

Why was it so beautiful
Why it all seemed that way
All wrapped up in velvet
Reality cannot change, they say

Accepting the harsh truth
Though is not an easy game
However hard it must be
Time changes when nothing’s the same

So why to cry why to yell
I look within myself to see
The happiness is right here
It’s I who has got the key.

Never Complete

a poem by Manoshi Chatterjee

Never complete
Always looking for
A choice, the best
To fulfill the unfulfilled
Never true
Always in a world of illusion
Wearing a mask.

Try once
Stand naked
Bare without make up
And you know yourself
In this vast world
Totality is nothing
But completeness
A destination
Which you don’t go after,
A period after any dream.

Don’t dream and that is
The destination
Live now…
Now or never,
Feel now, fulfill now
Or never, ever.

To Be in Love…

a poem by Manoshi Chatterjee

The silver beam of moon light
Pierces through my heart
The twinkling stars send me
Millions of little sparks

The happiness dancing on toes
And sometimes the pearls of tears
I have been collecting
These priceless gifts for years

I bathe myself
In that light divine
My inner being screams
With joy and I shine

The pain gives me a pleasure
I surrender to give in
The music in my heart echoes
I dance with joy within

The world today seems
How so beautiful I wonder
I never noticed the beauty
How does life bewilder

How wonderful is, I realize
To be in Love
I found it after all
The priceless treasure trove.

Someone told me today…

a poem by Manoshi Chatterjee

I know today
I am not perfect
The golden illusion
Disappeared but
A ray of light
Reached me today
To show the right path
And I know now
I am not supreme
I can be defeated
The path showed me
There are pits on the way
But falling gives a hope
You will rise one day
When I fell I knew
There is someone to see
That I get up to walk
There is someone to
Give me the hope
And I know now
I am not supreme
I am not perfect
But I am me
Someone told me today…