Poems by Madhura Dabholkar


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

His innocent face
his sweet smile
make my heart
go mad and wild.

The way he laughs
the way he talks
and when he looks at me
I am totally knocked.

My heart trembles inside
and my mind totally lost
and as we start talking
my heartbeat takes a halt.

I smile when I think of him
and miss him when he goes
I listen to all his stuff
and wish, for me they were his love woes.

I miss him when I am alone
I miss him in a crowd
I miss him every moment
with me is something wrong?

I want to run away from him
but want to be with him at the same time
and as we start talking
our conversation has a different rhyme.

Do I like him or it’s just a craze
and does he feel the same for me
I don’t care and don’t want to worry
as I enjoy these moments of bliss.


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

If breaking a heart is so unfair
then why everyday millions of them are broken???
The affliction caused is unbearable
but still the heart breaking continues for ever…

I see him far away, I know it’s an illusion of my mind
a coldness runs through my whole body
and there is calmness for a while.

Various emotions I start feeling
I stretch my hand for him
only an empty wave my palm holds
and his shadow starts disappearing.

The level of apprehension rises
and an expected uneasiness arrives
the restlessness continues endlessly
in a river of disappointment I dive.

I still stand there with a hope that
my eyes may see him coming
my ears may hear his voice
my body may feel his touch
I realize someone around
its my loneliness which surrounds.

I want to sense his breathe inside me
I want to feel his finger tips all over
I want to perceive that satisfaction
of having him immortally for ever.

My desires remain with me
and my loneliness all along
my emptiness fills the air
and the silence breaks the mourn

Divine truth

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Let the truth behold, but my heart unfold
the truth about love and life
let it splurge all over, let it splash and strew
as the wind blows flirtatiously during tide.

The divine feeling of love
and its celestial essence
Some call it fate
with supreme significance.

The sentiments the passion
are close like life and soul
the restlessness, the amore
they play game of fair and foul.

The eternal feel, the mortal impact
we set our boundaries, but still we cross
then it embraces us, we sense its touch
our heart immerses in it and we get engrossed.

The End

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

A beautiful story began, only between you and me
the pages turned one by one, with the beautiful breeze.

Every portion was beautiful, each episode was true
the base was very pure, without any lows and glooms.

We held each others hands, while we crossed every phase
there were turmoils, also ups and downs
but we fought them in different ways.

The tale continued beautifully, completing every part
but when it was time to end happily, you backed out sweetheart.

Our story concluded in despair, our love turned its back
every episode was colorful, and the end was grievous black.

Why me?

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

The warm sunrays fill up my room
I am pleased to see a new day
I thank god for all I have
and try to smile as I start my day.

Each day I count and wait
for him to come and take
me along with him
I constantly look at his way.

Days passed by and so has weeks
I just wait and cry for him
neither he comes nor any message
my eyes turned dry and very weak.

Time stands still and so is my life
I can see my dreams fade away
going far away from me
my eyes see but can’t stop them
I wish to have a peaceful life.

Lord embrace me with your love
and show me some ray of hope
my love has turned sour
Lord help me with life to cope.

My dreams have shattered
so is my life
I loved him so much
still he deceived me
he ruptured my trust
and he hurt me
but why God! Why me?


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Cold air touch my body
my soul can feel its peck
I wait for you to feel the same
but you don’t come and alone I am left.

I look around and see the path
in hope to see your smiling face
a pain strikes my mind
I remember you have left me and gone away.

I lie on the green grass
it soothes me from head to toe
everything around stands still
as the beautiful breeze blow.

I still wait for you each day
I wish to hold you tight
my love, you have gone forever
with no reason and no fight.

My heart feels the agony
I am left all alone here
the path we walked together
you walked off and
broke the promise to adhere.

My love I weep and cry
just come back to me
my heart suffers each moment
God release me from this pain
end this waiting and make me free.

Love gone far away…

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

A charming boy a pretty girl
both in love lost in their world.

Daily meetings sweet promises
mad in love a crazy case.

Dreamy nights and beautiful days
strong commitments in different ways.

Time passed by its time to earn
boy heads to city to earn some bucks.

Sad girl left all alone here
wait for the boy to come back to her.

Days pass and so are months
not a single call, even once.

Unfaithful her lover the girl thinks
what went wrong the girl tries to link.

She heads to city in search of him
helpless she feels and nothing she seeks.

On the road she walked
at his workplace she went and talked.

He’s left for his village
before an hour, she gets this clue
she runs back for home and wish to flew.

For the journey back home she boards the bus
she feels impatient and her mind anxious.

Her eyes search him, her heart in fear
what went wrong for him she cares.

On the way a huge crowd she sees
a big accident someone met
outside her window she peeps.

A familiar face someone she knows
her sweetheart in blood lay on the road.

She runs out as she cries and screams
this is not true, maybe a dream.

His body numb he lies dead
her love lost and away it fades.

In his fist she sees her chain
he was returning back to marry her and retain.

Her love gone all alone again
the poor girl now in pain.

She screams loud and look at the sky
tears flow down her face as she cries.

She lost her love away he’s gone
their true love, now bygone.

That night…

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

I sit and watch him as he suffers the pain
he lay on the bed with needles in his vein.

Helpless I feel I can do none
Time we spent was so much fun.

Though we knew where to set our limits
We didn’t think or controlled our feet.

We went there to the place not good
Where lust existed and words so rude.

A lady big seemed like the head there
Told us to select any girl dark or fair.

The option was ours, we select or not
Either to move out from there or get caught.

We chose to stay and satisfy ourselves
A mistake we were doing ignoring the consequence.

Night we spent in separate rooms
For that night we were the grooms.

Morning arrived we came back home
We forgot that night with the girls alone.

Time passed my friend looked sick
The mistake we did, played the trick.

The medical reports proved him AIDS
Each day I saw my friend deteriorate.

Nothing could be done to save his life
I saw my friend as for life he strived.

A lesson I learnt but soon lost a friend
I regret for that night at the brothel we spent.


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

I loved you so much
and gave you all of me
I trusted you by heart
then why did you deceive me.

Take me out of here
this is not the place I want to be
they don’t treat me well
nor for days I am given a proper meal.

I am treated like an animal
very helpless I am here
I am beaten very often
and thrown in the dark cell to bear.

All the vows we took together
now dissolved in a legal way
tell me why you loved me
or was all your love a fake.

This asylum is very hideous
only pills and shocks I gain
you don’t bother or care for me
I endure heartache, grief and pain

Every morning they tie me up
and force me to bear the shock
the process goes on for up to an hour
I am mad and insane they abuse me and talk.

Even death does not pity me
only pain and affliction I suffer
my eyes search for you everywhere
though I know unfaithful you are.

My heart still refuse to believe
there is another women in your life
you betrayed and proved me insane for her
and to get out of this hell I strive.

My love you proved our love wrong
the faith I had in you has gone
my love for you is no more
but the torture and sufferings go on.

Mortal sin…

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

I lay on the floor, thoughts surround me
tears flow down my cheeks
few days left
and then I will perish.

A mistake done in a spur of a moment
now I am all alone and no one with me
mind filled with guilt and shame
but nothing can be done, regret I feel.

No one talks to me
no one comes near
disgracefully people look
and some with fear.

I remember the night
when I was hanging out with friends
carefree and casual attitude
and fun in the air.

We were discussing women
their body and curves
talking about sex
our passion and lust.

Eroticism filled our mind
with the urge to satisfy
the beast within was awakened
we didn’t hold back our emotions
nor we tried.

A little girl on the street, poor and hungry
begging for food approached with hope
our intentions wicked, our mind foul
we shut her mouth as we pulled her close.

She screamt she cried
she struggled for release
we held her tight
as we dragged her and seized.

We tied her mouth,
her hands and legs
helplessly she cried
and mercilessly we raped.

One by one turn by turn
we forced ourselves on her
each one took, his own pleasure
as all of us satisfied our thirst.

This filthy behaviour
this immoral deed
we degraded our soul
our quest sordid.

On the ground she lay
moaning with pain
half conscious and half dead
crying with affliction
then the girl lay dead.

We all were terrified
a chill ran through our spine
we didn’t know what to do
an escape we made but nothing turned fine.

Her corpse was discovered
the news spread like wild fire
proof was found enough to prosecute us
behind the bars now we were in tears.

We deserved it and begged for lenity
just as the little girl had pleaded in front of us
no mercy was granted nor we were forgiven
a heinous crime committed
the law didn’t pity and ordered for our shun.

Now I lay on the floor and wait for my end
the day for me to be hanged until death
my family embarrassed and ashamed of me
I cry for my life and regret for my sin.

Hey Kombdi wats up!

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Hey Kombdi wats up!

Hey kombdi wats up!
is the opening line for him
we always end up fighting
to tease, he is forever very keen.

We both share a good rapport
since eight years we are friends
we enjoyed every bit of college
and went always with the trend.

He’s got a good sense of humour
but loves to misuse it
he wants to cracks a joke
on whoever he meets.

Kombdi is good by heart
but usually mess-up things
when things go out of control
he tends to munch on mints.

He calls me moti chicken
and thinks I am fat
Kombdi makes me scream like hell
and then say I behave like a cat.

We daily fight like bulls
but for each other we care
even for months we don’t meet
but great friendship we share.

Larger than life…

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

What is it…
that gives a mesmerizing
touch to my heart
when you say those three words.

What is it…
which gives me a feeling
like in heaven
when you hold me in your strong arms.

What is it…
that makes my heartbeat
rise up and up
when I wait for us to meet.

What is it…
when I feel terrible inside
for not having your sight.

What is it…
when I crave badly
for that special touch.

What is it…
when I feel the
larger than life intimacy
when our souls become one.

Is it you my sweetheart
or is it your love…
I think its a perfect blend
of you, your love
and me a part of it.

I hope you don’t mind…

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Today again you come home late
as usual you are drunk…
you don’t care about the kids so small
in the bed you are sunk.

The vessels are empty
there is no food in it
the kids slept empty stomach
in hope at the doorsteps I sit.

There is not a single penny
to pay their tutors fee
their future seems dark
with no love and no peace.

Our home looks shabby
with no loving touch
happiness has faded
you are not so worried much.

Their is no job for you
neither you want to work
our life is deteriorating
I just sit and sulk.

With no option left
I decide to put an end,
to our kids and my life
poison we had to intake
I hope you don’t mind.


a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

Oh my Love, come to me
Take me with you,
Is all I mean
Give me love, give me peace
This is what I asked the least.
Keep me happy, make me smile
Be with me all my life.

Eternal sin

a poem by Madhura Dabholkar

I look into your dreamy eyes
life seems like a dream
I want to enjoy each moment
like the ravishing moon in the sky.

The silky sand tickles my feet
a naughty smile on your face I see
you hold and lift me above the ground
the atmosphere up seems very sweet.

Tight we hold each other’s hand
and walk through the beautiful beach
the surrounding turns seductive
like rain on a parched land.

I feel your hand on my waist
a chill runs through my spine
my heart force me to come near you
our bodies meet without a haste.

We lay on the cold sand
twinkling stars watch us
cold breeze draw us near
the ambience looks very grand.

Our bodies meet like never before
a sweet pain I sense
we look into each other’s eyes
as we desire for little more.

As the rhythm begins
I feel you inside me
our body moves together
a pure sensation gush through me.

Our pulse beat rush high
as our bodies become one
we reach the divine apex
in our body it runs.

Though a sin to the world it seems
its a passion to complete ourselves
we know the feeling is very pure
truth in our love we mean.