Poems by Madhur


a poem by Madhur

Today while analyzing myself I realized one thing sure.
In the moments that have passed by, I have become impure.

My innocent eyes that used to look for beauty here and there,
now have lost their innocence and finds lust and greed everywhere.

My kind hands that use to come forward to help others without caring for fame,
now hesitate to help anyone in need, gives me a hint how selfish I have became.

My beautiful heart which was in love with something called ‘Simplicity’,
has lost his love and is searching hard for that touch of purity.

My believing mind which had faith in me and hence never gave up,
has lost his belief and is dependent on situations and hence cannot develop.

With this analysis, here I am a ‘warrior’ with a situation difficult to cope.
But trust me I still possess one thing, my mentor, a fairy called ‘Hope’!

The Story of Life!

a poem by Madhur

Once somewhere in the deep woods,
some buds grew in a not so beautiful lake.
Most of them grew with a dream in their eyes,
which was about the destiny they had to make.

After a few days, when the dreams became faint
and reality became clear our story starts.
These buds give up one by one
and from their fellow friends they part.

We are ugly and the flowers in the nearby shrub
are beautiful, some of them thought.
Some thought the amenities given to them
were not adequate and hence blamed the God.

Some gave up because they didn’t realize their potential,
didn’t realize they could grow.
For some the surrounding conditions were severe
it was the reason enough for their lives to throw

But one amongst them was different from others
had faith in his eyes, was determined and willing.
Maybe he believed “Happiness is not a state to arrive at,
but a manner of travelling!”

He was the only one to grow into a flower
and every morning the breeze gave him a kiss
And everyone who passed by the lake used to say
“How beautiful ‘lotus’ that is!”


a poem by Madhur

Was on a journey with three friends of mine,
their company was enjoyable and hence the journey was fine.

One of them was full of experiences,
which were good and bad.
He was associated with my memories,
of which, most of them were sad.
I could have learned a lot,
from this friend of mine.
But there were some reasons,
which didn’t allow me to cross the line.

The second friend of mine had a lot of potential.
People told me that my other two friends
were like a myth, and only he was real.
But I liked my other two friends,
more than him, I guess.
May be, that’s why I wasted his friendship,
which I thought, I’ll always possess.

My third friend was strange,
but very special to me.
People use to find him different
from what I used to see.
Every time he came near me,
one strange thing I realized,
That this is not the same person
who lived in my eyes.

After few years of experience in this journey of life,
I realized its nature.
I have to give equal importance to each of my friend
i.e. my Past, Present and Future.
Hence to fulfill your dreams
And make your future stable,
Always learn from your past,
utilize your present and make this journey memorable.


a poem by Madhur

One fine day, driving my way,
I reached a square.
But just when I reached, the lights
turned red and I had to stop there.

I looked at my front, a little above me
there was a flyover very long.
Big enough with vehicles on it
was looking beautiful and strong.

On my side, my eyes stretched wide
looking a building tall and high
A man made structure, very huge
just touching the sky.

Skyscrapers, planes, Industries and money
everything we have got,
And I thought in this half century,
we have progressed a lot.

Suddenly a toddler, wearing no clothes
just came near me.
Indigent boy, crying and begging
was really pitiful to see.

Stretching his hand, he went to everyone
the situation was really bad,
What a life for this little boy
cogitation on this, I really became sad.

What’s the use of progress, if the line between rich and poor
has broadened up, instead of becoming thin.
Having this premise in my mind I saw,
the lights had turned green.