Poems by Karthikeyan V

Another Dawn

a poem by Karthikeyan V

We all meet here everyday
And share our joys and sorrows;
Surely there is no room for rows:
‘Cos Bliss is the order of the day;
Though our childhood is long past gone,
We firmly believe in another Dawn.

We know our end is coming soon
Burring through our lives:
Hell-bent on destroying our hives
With the fierceness of a typhoon.
Though chronologically we are not old,
Unfortunately are in Death’s hold.

Some careless mistakes here and there
Have cost us our precious lives
And they have become the fatal knives
Which have cut us beyond medical care.
Though we are forced to board Death’s cart,
Surely we are not sick at heart.


a poem by Karthikeyan V

She was looking beautiful:
I kept looking at her face;
She still looked very beautiful:
Even after this long a time.

People nearby were commenting:
Opinions flowed on Age and Beauty;
But nothing seemed to impact me:
Even after this long a time.

I felt like throwing the flowers
Away from her frail lifeless body;
Her beauty still lived even after her death:
Even after this long a time.

A Valentine message to you my love

a poem by Karthikeyan V

I don’t know why this happens:
My hear misses a beat
When my eyes lock into yours;
My senses unto me retreat.

My ears when they receive your voice,
Paralyse my timid brain
And take me to ethereal world
And my dreams flow sans any rein.

You have an aroma around you
Which sweetness none can fathom
And has none in Nature a surrogate;
Even flowers seem to me scum.

The only thing my heart knows
Is that my soul craves for you.
Oh my Angel! Appease this sufferin’ heart
With the eternal words “I Love You”.