Poems by Jeet


a poem by Jeet

Where has life taken me today
With the rise in the sweet breeze morn
And the ray of the sweet rising sun
Realization came – its time ‘Rise Up’

Life is a smooth go
When you leave it loose, there is no worry
But when you put stress it’s a total hurry
A rush to reckon with “What is there in store for me”

How much it bothers me when I think of my future
What I have today, will it be there forever
Constant change, Constant revolution
Trust! I have to change with time

Stages of life all go through
So have I been too
When I am in the midst of it, its like on a sharpedge
Where I have to move through

Turnings in life came, with it came struggle
Friends and foes came and I cleared those hurdles
But look down and see where you stand today
Are you the perfect one that you dreamed yesterday?

Yes lot more to go, there is lots to do
I have to be one, and make all expectations come true
Time to rise up, and do the best.
For if not for myself, at least for my dreams to come true.


a poem by Jeet

What a down trodden word the world says,
True but there is so much hidden in it
So much portrayed in it
Its how you understand it and how you portray it

Relate yourself to the one you love
What do you see… Love or Lust!!!
If its emotional and virtual
You say I am in love and not lust

To look at the other side
If you had touched her
And put her virginity at stake
Gosh!! The world says it was nothing but Lust!!

Sex, lust and love
The three relation complicated
Dig your conscience and ask
What is your acquaintance?

Sex after marriage is lust
If there is no love, “for make love and not sex”
For the sanctity lies in your thoughts
Rather just you make the habit a must

So much is there in a relation
Beyond sex and lust
It’s the give and sacrifice
For one you love

Just a social binding call marriage
Where sex becomes no more lust
Is that a mask you put on
Or the relation loved?

Prick your conscience
Dig your heart
Pray with your folded hands
You are the judge:


Destiny of love

a poem by Jeet

Where is my destiny?
Where my fate has taken me
Never I had ever thought that;
That you will be my destiny

Where all I longed
For someone I can give my love
I went astray longing for love
But never realized that it was within

You were so near to me
But still I felt the distance
Then the anointed day came
I felt your heart

It was a feeling of unexpressed joy
A joy I earned for my life time
It was worth millions
Which cannot be compared with!

The wealth of this earth!
Nor the joy of heaven
Or any materialistic gain
For you are more then a life worth to me

Wish you were here

a poem by Jeet

When I was happy you were there
When I was sad you were there
When I was lonely you were there
When I cried you were there

But you were there, when I wanted you to be here

But most of the time it’s the feelings overlooked
Thoughts are meandering always
It has no bounds, its always misguiding
For the truth is never understood

You were so near, but still so far
Its the heart beat that brought us to this horizon
From far it looked as one
But hope not it was an illusion

But misconception it could be
For what each feel may not be true
For what it seemed was never true
Till the day comes when emotions touches you

But still I wish you were here
I am in the crowd but still so lonely
To be with is not company, but to be for!
Wish things change, I get back my lost destiny

Sorrowful Joy

a poem by Jeet

Why do you cry on the memories
It’s the past and gone
But the assets I have today
Is the memories bygone

When those memories hits you back
Takes you back to the future
Emotions of joy flows down
Wished time stood still

Gone were the days that were wonderful
It was a wonder in my deserted life
Like a drop of water in the scorching heat desert
An experience of an Oasis

The more I try to hold on
More it went apart
It was the sands of love that I held!
Alas! I opened my palm, there was none but sorrows left behind

For with every sorrows I have
There was love within
With the sorrows will I live
Till my dyeing day


a poem by Jeet

When tears of joy dries up
When the sense of belongings cease
When the unexpected happens
That’s when the heart tatters.

Who was I to whom I cared
You were just an wonderful acquaintance
A joy I felt when you were beside me
To be among one I felt

As time flew with the winds of change
I felt I too move with time
But by the time I realize
I had gone much ahead of time

You know all that I have
And all I have was always yours
I found you what I never thought
But time was bad that all I loved was slew

I had tried my might to give you the best
I did all with a hope of no return
All I wanted the smile in your face
That you are happy with all worries gone

But Alas! The dark clouds never ceased
It pounced on me, and swallowed me down
Before I could realize what went wrong
I was drowned!!!

Nothing I wanted from you
Not even a word of love
But not accusation on me
That all I did was wrong

My emotions have no value
I know that well
But still I shower them with a hope
That I would be adored

If not word of love
If not a simple smile
But not an accusation
That I cared for you

I am in chains

a poem by Jeet

I was not true to myself
Situations were such
I was born free
But was always in chains

What I had, I never cared for
What I did not have
I always earned for…
A greed to have more

I never wanted materialistic gain
All I looked for was love
But never realised I had all
Still the ambition never did halt

I was loved so much
I never acknowledged it
But still I was adored
Though I was not the worth

For me wrong happened
For me all wrong was accepted right
For me accusation was made
For me all right seemed wrong

But never love cease for me
It was showered more on me
Still I stood where I was
Unheard and stone

I am not worthy of love
I longed for the wrong
For I never valued what was true
As I looked always what was untrue

That’s the paradox of my fate
But why blame so, The truth is…
I am not worthy of love
I am not worthy of love

Expectations, why we have?

a poem by Jeet

So serene life was!
Like the tune of the harp
None was to bother!
But it was just emotions unearthed

With the gush of the wind time flew
And with me emotions grew
A longing for someone
A sense to feel others as own

Came across so many that went by
Few have left their prints behind
And you were one among the few
Whom I adored as my own

Till I gave a name to our relation it was fine
When I placed you next to my heart!
There was a cry…
A cry that you can never be mine

All I did was selfless
For all I did was least I could
Never I wanted any thing in return
Just wanted to care for you

But Alas all went astray
For I expected not what I got
I never expected even the same affection back
But I got the worst unexpected

If you had no care for me
I never would bother
If you have no affection for me
Least I would bother

But please not that what you gave
You gave me that you cannot take it back
If not love for me!
At least not the hatred you shared.

Why I feel you are only mine

a poem by Jeet

A dreamgirl used to be only in dreams…
But when I had my first glance, all changed.
A sense of truth I felt
That you were the heaven sent for me,

A hope nurtured within my heart,
Wish we could be together…
Till eternity, I prayed, may my prayers be bestowed!!!

I get chills up my spine,
As you are in my mind;
Its a feeling, which only one can feel rather to express,
What you mean to me is still and unchangeable,

You’re all that I never thought I would get,
When I reflect of your beautiful eyes,
It makes me realize…
The depth you have within…

For your eyes reflect the thought you have within,
I found my heart throb, a prayer answered,
Every night when I pray before I retire,
I thank God for YOU because…

YOU are a hope which in an inspiration for another day!
This world has no meaning without you,
Now that I’ve found you,

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do.
All I am ready to give away just to be with you…
for you mean all to me,
You have changed my life…

For you are the God sent angel to me!!
For the past few weeks I’ve worked on this rhyme,
Even God couldn’t send enough words from above,
To really explain that you’re my one and only love true.

There’re millions of reasons I wish our love will never end,
But simply, you’re not only my girl,

And this is why I truly LOVE YOU

When you are in my thoughts

a poem by Jeet

I feel the oneness
Of love and desire.
Your touch I feel.
For you make me feel,
The thought of yesteryears,

Your love I need,
To feel that I still care!
For your touch I plead.
For without you makes me feel

Abandoned in the wilderness,
I need your love and desire,
Be my soulmate…

For destiny knows… what’s in store
For all I can do is just to…
Love you, Love you
and Love you…

I am there for you

a poem by Jeet

It was an acquaintance with you.
A meeting unexpected…
No wonder in lieu of a situation but…
We did meet…

Few have come across my life
And many went by me
Only special one have left their impression behind
And you are one among them

You have been so very special
Who made me fell so close
Whom I can count on…
Pray my distress not come

So much I feel I can do
But holds me back…
For its good to be away
Because situations may make my mind go astray

Dedication and truth I have always for you
You may think wrong at time
But always keep in mind
Even if you move away



A prayer of my heart

a poem by Jeet

You changed what I was yesterday
Deny I not… for its true
You made me realise what love is
A treasure you are for me that’s true

You realised not what you did for me
You made me feel that best I could not have been
You really have done that was not expected
To feel so much for me and love me as much

Not a single tear bother me when you are in embrace
For fear and solemn vanish with you are by my side
You made me realise that life is worthwhile
For you made me feel every time you smile

Its fate that I got what I never searched for
It’s your love and nothing more
Coz you have given me this feeling of contentment
In my life something I’ve never felt

I wish I could have all that you made me feel
But time has all to say
Wish all have happened, way you wanted to be
Alas! I am so tied up… all my fate has to say

Destiny has its own course
I have to move in my destined way…
If not this life but I do pray
Shall I not part till my dying day

Its nothing but The Winds of Change

a poem by Jeet

Its nothing but The Winds of Change
A change that was forbidden
But its the very truth that I see
An unfold mystery…

Life is a mystery… I was told
To solve it I tried
But as I went ahead
A cry was heard

A cry of the unheard
For when the heart weeps
It’s the pain unfold
It’s a pain untold

Dawn to dusk and with the night fall
Together we lived as one for all
Where has time taken me today
Probably waiting for a unheard call

Was a loner who seek for company
But knocked the wrong door
For it was forgotten!
To be a loner was the destiny

Why its happens always
Why the warmth grows!
To realize again and again
To unexpect the expectations

But as blood flows my veins
My heart beat says
Not to forgo love
But to love again and again


a poem by Jeet

Provoked by the surroundings
Or an innocence ignored
What ever be the fate
It’s the truth showed

From the vicinity of a virgin land
Did he come
A land so full of hatred and sin
To peruse his future and a hope to win

Ignorance and Innocence
Was the reflection of his eyes
Wish the anointed time comes
When he reflects the truth left aside

A family who adored him so much
Where love was the pillar
So much he carried with him
A care that he shared

So ignorant he was! when he saw the flowery world
All that came across seemed good
Till one day he realized
That truth was far behind

Then came an angel as he thought
But she was a shadow of the things never thought
Till realization was conceived
What he did was wrong

At the first glance it looked like love showered
But it was an eye wash where emotions were shattered
But never did he lose hope
For love was his only hope

With the passage of time
With the heal of the wound
Love did blossom again
A love which made his head held high

She was a beauty
A beauty of her heart that he saw
It was an emotional touch which healed all his wound
A touch that touched his heart

Never knew what love was
But he was in love
For all he knew what his heart said
For to be with her was his love

World looked so beautiful if we see through his eyes
All seemed so good, even enemies looked friends
For such was his love for he loved with his heart
As the heart is always pure

When he loved it was love from the heart
For he never thought from the mind
For when there is thought in love
Its not love but lust

Destiny knows where it will lead to…
All hopes it will touch the zenith
But what is in store no one knows
But its only HOPE the only road where all goes!!!

Can happiness be prolonged

a poem by Jeet

How mysterious time is
Never know what is next
For a moment its happiness
The next we are drowned in sorrow

But sorrow is also sweet at times
For it makes us realize
That there exists happiness
Sorrow for happiness to realize

But how happy to realize happiness
But sorrow is the shadow
It will be there always
Till you realize all that you know

All who were mine
Are no more mine
And who I think are mine
They were never mine

In search of mine and yours
Time goes by
Left with you is none
But only remembrance of old good times

In those yesteryears I find solace
For what I have lost is lost
But what remembrance I have, cannot be valued,
For the worlds amassed wealth: