Poems by Jayaram Chetty D G

Friends Forever

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

Not ones to come and go,
Nor acquaintances of long ago,
In all our thoughts and needs,
They are partners of good deeds.

In spite of all the miles
That lie between our homes,
The heart is never far,
From those for whom we care.

The risk is never so big,
The time never so scarce,
No hurdle so high to dare
For those, who’s love we share.

There’s no dearth of joy,
No moment that is slow,
In the midst of loving friends
Whose presence makes us glow.

Search mountains high and low,
In lands far and near,
With pride I do declare,
My friends are beyond compare.

What are Friends for

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

To love and to care,
To give and to share,
To laugh and to cry,
To fret and to sigh.

To rise with our ups
And to fall with our downs,
To smile with our joys
And to weep with our pains.

To give us strength
When we are low,
To fill us with warmth
And make us glow.

To set us right
When we are wrong,
And never give up on us,
Be it however long…

A true friend is one,
Be it woman or man,
Who does all those things
That my friends can.

Ode to Friends

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

I stand before the sea of life,
Counting all the waves gone by,
Waves that made my heart so light,
Waves that made my life so bright.

The years gone by have left a mark,
The years to come can never mar,
The beauty of these years to fly,
Surely my stars in the clouds of sky.

Now I stand before the shore,
The shore of life which has in store,
Joy and warmth mingled with grace,
The journey of life yet to race.

This is my time to say Thank You,
To all my friends who stood me by,
I pray to God, the Lords of heaven,
To relieve them all, of all their burden.

I hope to see their faces with smile,
As they move along many a mile,
This is my wish in thousand fold,
To all my friends as good as gold.

When things go wrong

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

Sometimes in life when things go wrong
   As usually they do
When loved ones too don’t hold your hand
   And friends don’t stand by you.

When threatening clouds engulf the sky
   In dark and sombre hues
You want to cry your dear heart out
   In lonely solitude.

These are the times when we must seek
   The strength to bear our pain
From deep within our forlorn souls
   And come out whole again.

For life is but a mixture of
   Some bitter, some sweet days
We’ve got to learn to take them both
   Each in its special way

I Love a Girl

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

I love a girl and I know that she knows about it.
But she doesn’t say any thing,
She keeps me in dark,
But I know one day I shall win her heart.
She is so good,
She is so nice,
I dream of her all the time.
Her eyes makes me furious,
Her smile makes me crazy.
The day she says the precious word ‘I LOVE YOU’,
She would make my life full of ecstasy and euphoria.


a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

I adore you far
beyond the extreme.
Not just because you are
Always in my dream.

Because you have broken
My illusion’s knot.
And reminded my real evaluation,
“The Naught”.

In fact, right since the birth my actual
Value was a naught.
But being a forgetful
I just forgot.

Then you came as a holy river
To change my lot.
Drifted away my illusions forever
And ended the drought.

I did not trust it at the beginning
Due to my rot.
‘The existence is ending’,
Then I thought.

But you told me thereafter
And taught.
‘Life starts when you savour
The vigour of naught’.

Just a Dream

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

Last time I saw a dream,
It was about the same thing,
I saw before;
It wasn’t much I was asking for,
Just a few billion dollars and little more;
Great mansion in Miami,
And one in GK 2;
BMW, Alfa Romeo, Safari,
Pajero, Rolls and a Ferrari;
Models from France, chicks from Italy,
Dancers from Brazil and stars from L.A;
All these became my girl friends,
Including few good ones from Delhi, Bombay.

The only country I belong to,
Is called of Boeing 840;
I have my own fleet of airhostess,
And some of them are really naughty.

I woke up kissing on the Sydney shore,
In Tokyo I sat for sunrise strip down show,
Did heavy workout in Singapore,
With a hearty breakfast in Bangalore.

I reached Moscow for my noon snack,
Taking care of my business from my plane;
After minting few millions from here and there,
Went for a Lunch in Rome, and siesta in Spain.

For evening coffee I was in Sweden
Then in Vienna I saw the setting sun,
After dusk Moved around the free zone in Copenhagen
Before my dinner with the Royal Family in London.

I cross the channel in my boat,
Run my empire through a remote;
With money I bought so much power,
I end up vetoing Security Council’s vote.

After my night walk in Paris,
Shake a leg in the disc of Rio;
After a late night snack in Vegas,
Slept with someone famous in San Francisco.

After a hard week of work and work,
Thank god it is Friday,
Now I can take life little easy;
Go out, have some fun,
Get lost in masti and in party get busy.
Just 60 hours to chill out and grind,
Cocktails so exotic and chicks so hot;
I just travel, cruise and surf,
In my own private titanic yacht.

Moreover all work and no play,
Will make me a dull boy;
It is only once in week,
I get time to enjoy.

Kargil – The Aftermath

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

Having boldly chased the enemy away,
Our proud tri-colour was held to sway,
Now try they must to keep them at bay,
Looking ahead to yet another day.

Victory indeed is ours to celebrate,
But only to those of us who are left,
Not to those who have bravely gone,
Who have lost their all and so bereft.

Aging parents having lost their son,
The one to give them all and ton,
Etched in their memories that unlucky date,
Now left to brood in their sorrowful state.

Young brides stolen of their selfless mate,
All through the happening of bitter hate,
Before given a chance to blush and bloom,
Left to blame their cruel fate.

Sweet innocents woefully left behind,
Yearning for a father’s loving care,
From them to learn and then to dare,
Now tied alone in a pitiful snare.

To scores of others who have lost their home,
Their daily bread and all that they own,
Left helpless in the midst of raging fear,
With none, their shattered tales to hear.

If they are all not safe,
Then so are not we,
If they don’t rest in peace,
Then restless our lives will be.

For they have each made a great sacrifice,
To give us this day and whatever lies ahead,
Left by their loved one for us to care,
To give them a life and with them to share.

So let us pledge with our purest thought,
As long as our breath does faintly last,
With allegiance to this land be sworn,
Dare we will not to let our warriors down.

He’s the one

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

You can’t hurt me now
try as you may
‘coz I’ve found peace within myself
I don’t care what you say
sticks and stones may break my bones
but words cannot hurt me
no use trying any further
why don’t you just let me be!
‘coz I won’t fall for your tricks
I know what you want from me
but I won’t give it to you
‘coz it already belongs to someone else
it’s no use now, whatever you do
why don’t you just give up
you’ll never win anyway
why don’t you just accept
that he’s better than you any day!!

I bow in gratitude

a poem by Jayaram Chetty D G

When I gaze from my gallery at the glen
Lo, myriad diamonds all over strewn;
Every glade a glistening gem sparkling Sun,
Speechless I stand… dumb struck!
I bow to the creator a dawn;
In gratitude!!

When I espy, from my gallery at the lea
Lo; flowers in fantastic colours sway in glee
Wooing butterflies, bees, a dazzling galaxy
Motionless I stare… awe struck!
I bow to the creator at noon,
In gratitude!!

When I glance from my gallery at the garden
Lo; star spangled doth appear, foliage, fence and fern
Twinkling eerily glow worms, fireflies in abandon
Wordless I remain… wonder struck!
I bow to the creator at night;
In gratitude!!