Seasons of Love

a poem by Chetan Bhatia

Life is dead and slow,
When you are not around,
And as you are about to come,
Birds chirp and flowers blossom,
And a new era is born,
For me, you are energy and inspiration to just go on.

With you being near,
Giving so much warmth and light,
I feel so luminous,
You touched my world,
And changed you and me to us,
People call it summery,
I just say marvellous.

As it rains,
Moisture dampened the show,
Everything just stagnate,
As no fresh air blow’,
But then as you came,
Life began to kick and flow,
And world turned to you,
To paint the ever beautiful rainbow.

During winter, I was missing you,
As I was surrounded by cold and fog,
And air so thick,
And the world that cries,
But with your smile,
You melted the ice,
And flows within me and all around,
Only your love,
You gave my world,
A new flavour and aroma,
Of sugar and spice.

My addiction for you is not good,
What will I do when you are gone,
How I will pass my time without you,
Which doesn’t pass soon,
But I was a fool,
For you reached and touched me anyway,
As you reflected yourself through the shining moon.