Poems by Jake Joss

The Celestial Enigma

a poem by Jake Joss

Is God an apparition, does he have a form?
Is he like the resplendent sun, or is he the ravaging storm?
Is he the ultimate master, the only one of its kind?
Is God just a mirage, an illusion of our mind?

The questions are a conundrum, but the answers are clear.
There exists a transcendence, to which we are dear.
He is the incentive, the stimulus of sagacity.
He casts our kismet and leads the way with vivacity.

Some find him in idols, some feel him in the invigorating air.
Some find his divine presence, in people for whom they care.
God doesn’t emanate from any temple or sacred book.
The real God is within you, and that’s exactly where you should look.

During a catastrophe, a saviour for we do grope.
If faith resides in our hearts, we descry a glimmer of hope.
Faith is the instrument bringing vitality even into a stone.
With faith in your heart, you can never be alone.

Faith, hope and love are the routes to felicity.
But love is the boon, granting complete equanimity.
Love is the potion, which thirsty hearts ask for more.
God without doubt is love, the answer you are seeking for.

The Perfect Friend

a poem by Jake Joss

A friend is patient, a friend is kind.
You do some misdeed he doesn’t mind.
He does not envy, he doesn’t boast.
He never leaves your side, and trusts you the most.
A friend keeps no records of wrongs,
He is not self-seeking.
He criticizes you in private, but in public he is eulogizing.
A friend is there to protect, he always perseveres.
With him you can be yourself, and drive away all your fears.
A friend has no hesitation, doing something for your sake.
At once he gets into action, with a smile that’s not fake.
A friend stabs you in the front, and corrects you if you are wrong.
He pushes you and guides you, until success comes along.
He shows you how to love, he shows you how to care.
He makes a true promise, that he will always be there.
He doesn’t mind, if you go ahead of him.
A smile on your face, is all that matters to him.
He may be oceans away, but the memories cut like a knife.
He is the best token to have, of your success in life.

(Inspired by the Holy Bible)

The Dragonfly

a poem by Jake Joss

Evening had cast it’s spell, the sun leaving it’s last rays towards the earth.
The rush hour had begun with all the creatures fleeing for shelter.
The distant clap of thunder, the rustling of leaves, the swaying of trees;
all marked the onset of another monsoon.
The heavens unsealed it’s flood gates, sprinkling everything with it’s cleansing splendour.
The showers showed it’s mystic charm, replenishing the parched soil with it’s long lost vigour.
Out of the thin air came the red-eyed monster,
fluttering it’s drenched wings and battling the frenzy breeze.
The only relief nearby was a dilapidated wall, offering some resistance to the soaking gale.
The dragon planted it’s sticky legs into the moss-laden structure of stones.
A sharp pain in the leg found the fly launching itself into the wet air.
The wall was a second hell, with tiny bloody beasts
waiting to dig their shrill claws into the unsuspecting victim.
The challenge was set-up for the dragonfly,
the other contestants being the downpour and the swarming ants.
It was a combat of tolerance, blended with patience and vigilance, a war with no life-lines.
The darning needle knew it had to hold on, until the deluge ceased to exist,
till the trauma would become a long forgotten nightmare.
The legs came down in a flash, the next second it went up again,
evading any chances of the fiery vampires
converting it’s torso into crumbling bits of lifeless waste.
The drama went on and on, till it’s wings became all jaded,
till every cell of it’s body began to scream for rest.
The dragon knew it was all over,
it soon had to submit itself to the ‘unwinged predators’,
or go crashing down to the ground, which had now become a thirsty ocean.
A glimmer of hope shone upon the dragon’s temple,
the clouds gave way to expose the majestic charm of the moon.
The ants went berserk, almost jumping up and down,
eager to have a chunk of the prisoner’s flesh, knowing that it would fly away soon.
The rains receded; the escapist went jubilant and gay.
The agony was all over, it could now see a bright new day.