Poems by Harsha

Cosmic Bath

a poem by Harsha

Diamonds envelope Mummy and tombs
Touch the beauty and perceive the will!
a lot diamond’s tales of fountains as well create
the paradise to fill,
the beauty and the proverbs till all on hill!
deep sea endless mines,
where dangerous belong smiling
secrets well and refined.
Diamonds are forever alone the great!
creative too, prospective views,
destructive few, however charming the blues!
A colourful garland and the legends
from the desk of historical sums,
diamonds conclude the love birds songs! criminals forms!
Human machine researched and shaped in their clever ‘C’ Forum,
acquired ideas and acts along,
it is traditional thrust of glory and songs!
Hunger and thirsts
what astrological researched suggest the first,
all hidden miracles enriched worth…!

Poets on earth state how diamonds move your aspects of your life and
harmony total networks
They are the wild passions when Lootmarr and crimes created sessions filled
only they are the artist of life
who knows the all seasonal births,
after all diamonds tested the treasures and
state of celebration Not status and ego with foibles of a lot greed,
sensations to feed with crowd of faint praises where need!
Diamond spark in the dark
Come dear have a stream of pleasure Cosmic bath near …..and near!

Noah’s Folly

a poem by Harsha

The boy stood by the broken wreck,
All that was left of his heart,
A million pieces scattered hither,
Of what was once whole part,
He’d strived, he’d sought, he’d wooed in vain,
the damsel was unmoved,
and though he would get by the pain,
his hypothesis was proved.
The female of the species, it’s so apparent to me,
has a block of solid stone,
yea one big block of solid stone,
the place where heart should be,
for life is such a merry fling,
they feel nary a single thing,
no joy, no sorrow,
to lend, to borrow,
no ups, no downs,
no smiles, no frowns,
no hopes, no fears,
nor bridal tears,
for emotion is a dirty word,
a filthy seven layer turd,
weakness emotion, weakness pain,
weakness compassion, weakness change,
weakness is death, death to weakness,
for bitter, for better,
for worse, far worse,
the female of the species might,
the heart of stone, the heart of steel,
but being male, I must write,
I Am therefore I Feel.