Poems by Gurdeep Kaur

In the Lap of Nature

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Amid the woods in the lap of nature,
With very tiny to bulky creature,
I want to play and live in gay.

Dew drops on the grass,
Greenery so vast,
Budding flowers available in every contrast.

Nature so wonderful,
From twinkling night to misty morn,
With bright sunshine the earth adorned.

Attention needed to treasure this charm,
Riches of nature under warning alarm,
Let us care and protect the nature from every harm.

A Heartfelt Plea

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Know not what should I do,
Know not what would I do.
My heart sinks when I ponder,
No escape from the labyrinth I wander.
Different is a world I yearn for,
Only You is I can turn for.
Lead me to the right,
And let me always be in Your light.

An Ode to Lord Master

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

How ungrateful to Him is ever I am
Yet His Blessings are always there.

When feel crushed listen to inner voice
Tis He who wants you to hear.

Not ever alone I cry
Along with, tears sear His eyes.

Life is smashed, as it seem
But His ways are extremely mysterious we can’t even deem.


a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

When there’s faith, there’s no doubt
When there’s no doubt, there’s total devotion
When there’s total devotion, there’s peace
When there’s peace, there’s nothing to worry about.


a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Do you remember the last time we met? Nor do I.
Memories fade away everything looks as if a lie.

As the day passes, so passes the night
Moon simmers and the sun is not that bright.

Flowers bloom, river follows the same course,
Birds fly in the old blue sky
All appears same but why don’t I.

If life was a…

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

If life was a vacation,
I might have enjoyed every occasion.

If life was a flight,
I might have flown.

If life was a golden evening,
I might have passed it dreaming.

If life was a song,
I might have sung it all the way along.

Only You

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Only one I can talk intimately to is You,
Lone friend of mine in horde of people to trust is You.

Who should I turn to in all miseries except You,
Which caretaker so reliable except You should I pursue.

I pray, I trust, I love is no one else,
It’s You and You and it’s only You.

Go away, go away!

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.
Don’t pursue me you will live in gay.
Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.

Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.
Without me your future will be bright and in happiness your life will sway.
Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.

Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.
Bliss will be your life and worries will lie at a bay.
Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.

Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.
Happiness will surely be yours I will always pray.
Go away go away and I won’t come in your way.

A precious gem of my life

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Here comes the birthday of my courageous friend,
What should I give her to abide by the trend?
Nothing could be so precious as she is,
I wish every moment of her life be full of divine bliss.
Very big is her innocent heart,
Away from every fray only love is what it impart.
No words are there to explain her individuality,
She is one of her kind a divine and humble personality.

Make your soul free

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Untie the little heart; break up all the strings,
Fly towards the utmost sky of happiness, wide-open the sewed wings.
Give color to your imaginations; create the world of your dreams,
Give your creative ideas a life; don’t worry let the monster scream.
Step ahead leave the evil behind, prove yourself and make the earth a better place,
Believe in spirituality abandon materialism, always thanks for God’s grace.

Mine two heavenly friends

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

O friend you are great, lovely is your ever-smiling face,
How many bewitching trick your twinkling eyes know,
Your alluring sweetness can take away every woe,
Mesmerize me your beautiful nature,
Definitely you are His ever-made best creature.

Dedicated to my friends

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Defend them; keep them away from every evil,
Make them happy; may they gleam like a priceless jewel,
No crux should come their way, if yes give them courage of retrieval,
May they be utmost winners; fruits come to their all endeavors,
May they be able to cherish humanity, without any of their favor,
May they acquire the zenith of honesty, and be the example the world has ever.


a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Here comes the monsoon, bringing rain, in which we played again and again.
Blue is the sky, with rainbow arc, children making boats in the park.
Crops are waving, shiny are the leaves, clear is the vision, cool are the breeze.
Lush green gardens with so many flowers, fresh is the air, birds playing harps.
Rivers and lakes come to life, nature sparkles, and our beautiful earth smiles.

Lonely Heart

a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Don’t remember the last time when I met Him,
Since then I am lost, in the swap of worldly things,
I lost my eternal friend, in the barter of materialistic dreams,
Dreams that are nothing but illusionary scenes,
He was my best friend; He gave me best out of everything,
I poor ungrateful chap, didn’t thank Him ever since,
My eyes are sore with my worldly dreams;
I want to revive them with His soothing glimpse,
Leaving every selfish means, filling my lonely heart with His zings,
I am going back to His world, His world of love, care, devotion and peace,
Making me free of all the mundane strings.


a poem by Gurdeep Kaur

Self-lost, heart hone
Faith illusion, friends gone
Who cares, hatred grown
Who is who, not known
Good prevail, bad is alone